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Amber Rigby Grosjean was born Amber Rigby in March of 1976. She has an older sister (Hope) and a younger sister came along (Wendi). She began writing when she was 11 years old, while on a road trip with her grandparents. A story just popped in her head, and she's been in the writing world ever since. She's also known as A.R. Grosjean. Since that day, she has published 4 books: Cursed Blood, Stolen Identity, Spawn of the Curse (Cursed Blood's sequel) and Peterson Estate. She writes in multiple genres.

 Amber has always been different. She grew up in a small farm community, a town called Monroe, Indiana. Her school from head start all the way through high school was in one building. Adams Central. Amber was teased by the children at the school because she was different. Some liked her but didn't always say anything. Those same children are now friends with Amber on FB. She was able to discover her love for writing because of those teasings and even though it was hard at the time, she wouldn't take it back. Writing is a part of Amber and she enjoys creating new worlds and the people in them.

Amber's Junior year in high school, her family moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana, where she attended a much larger school, North Side (where she graduated in '94). Amber wanted to pursue her writing career even more that before so she attended classes to improve her skills: creative writing, Journalism, and typing. She majored in English. She wrote for her school newspaper. At the time, Amber didn't care if she wrote novels or became a true reporter, as long as she could write. As time passed, she knew writing novels was something she wanted more.

 Amber began writing Peterson Estate when she was 12 years old. At first it was only a short story which she sent to 17 Magazine, something her older sister enjoyed, and it was turned down. Amber was excited and quickly went back and edited the story until it grew into a novel. She intended it to be a series. Over the next couple years, she quickly wrote 6 more manuscripts for the series. Sometime after Amber was married in '96, she lost the entire set including the fully typed and edited copy of the first manuscript she called Mysteries of the Peterson Estate. But something wouldn't let Amber forget and she began rewriting the book from memory. Peterson Estate ended up being her 4th published book. It will always be her first baby though.

Cursed Blood is Amber's first published book. It was based on a nightmare that she had while working on another book (Stolen Identity). The dream was based on her own life. She had always thought she was cursed so it made sense that the main character would be cursed as well. Writing this piece helped Amber and she was able to come to the conclusion that she had never been cursed. She became a stronger person and hearing readers' responses to the story has encouraged her as well.

Stolen Identity was published a year later. It almost wasn't published at all. One editor turned the book down due to the ending she had at the time. She forgot she sent it to Amira Press and a different editor accepted it on the spot. The editor who rejected the story first was also the owner of the company and sent Amber an email letting her know the reasons of the rejection and since someone else had accepted it, she would stand by the choice in one condition, Amber make some changes in the story. Well Amber was glad to make those changes. This was Amber's first experience with the editing process and she learned how to make her stories better because of it. Amber had rushed the publication with Cursed Blood because she was so excited about being published for the fist time that she missed a few errors. She did not want to repeat that so she took her time to make sure everything was right. Amber's thankful to Amira Press for the chance to get her story told. It has sold more copies than her other books!

Spawn of the Curse was published a year later, through Amazon. It was self published. She really had no intention of writing a sequel but several fans wanted more. So Amber wrote the sequel. The publisher refused to accept this book so Amber found an alternative and self published with a company through Amazon. She has not regretted that choice. In fact, she has more say what to price the book for and she was able to make the book an e-book as well as paperback. She learned that from Stolen Identity which also sells in both formats.

All of Amber's books are available on Amazon!

Something most people don't know about Amber is that she's been homeless. It was rough on her but she knows she's a survivor, always has been. Plus she has a good man standing beside her. He's a fan of hers and he has helped her find herself. She hopes to write a book about her experience, adding more information about homelessness across America.

Other than writing, Amber enjoys singing karaoke (she can sing too, selective songs that is). She has also picked up crocheting, and has done some reading. She loves making new friends, and meeting her fans. And she loves to talk about her books. But of course, her husband (Jack Grosjean) does some of the talking as well. He brags about her to new people many times.

Amber also has 3 children, all teenagers now. Her oldest is beginning to follow her footsteps, writing her first book! She also brags about her mother being a writer!

That's enough about me for now........

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