Monday, January 30, 2017

Been a while. Update.....

I hope I'm not scaring anyone lol. Here's my most recent picture. Just got a new hair cut. I did the front myself and my darling husband did the back to even it out since I couldn't see it. Of course, I fold my hair behind my ears so its hard to tell but its all the same length. He did a better job than I did, I think lol. But I've never said I was a professional.

Its bee too long since I've posted anything on here so this one might be a little longer. There's a lot to say today. First off, I'm still writing just taking longer cause I want everything just right. My next book has to be better than my last one and I'm still researching for my homeless book. No, I didn't take off more than I can chew. I just want the information to be right. So it takes longer.  Being my first Non-Fiction, I wanted it all to be as accurate as possible.

So I'm on Facebook a lot. Yeah, its a good way to keep in touch with my children. Well, one of them because the other two are really busy with school and their lives. I have a stronger bond with the oldest and she just had a baby so she's always sharing news of her. My first grand daughter. She was born in October, a little sooner than the doctor predicted. But its okay. I was all too happy to hear the news! I don't look like a grandma and I don't tend to act like one either lol. Of course, I do crochet so maybe I will act like one just a little.

So anyway, I've been getting frustrated with my list of friends on FB. Many of them have been posting about politics. I'm so tired of them. Most of the time, I just pass by them anymore. But sometimes, one catches my eye and I will read it, sometimes making a comment. That is what FB is, right? Before, during the elections aiming at the current President (Obama) many people were complaining that there were too many refugees in our country and we needed to stop them and pay more attention to our veterans. And then we get a new President (Trump) and he signed something that had been on the President's desk for many years (before Obama) banning the travel of certain people from 7 different countries. Now these same people are complaining about it. I did leave a comment and one of my friends got offended and said "No, I said this...." which was the same thing I had said but in her own words. Come on. If you complain about something and the President makes it happen, don't get mad about it. You got what you wanted. Why complain about something you wanted and posted about? Its only going to make you look stupid and ungrateful. Am I right?

Now, I'm not into politics. Never have been and I probably never will. Its all labels to me. We're suppose to be a united nation but yet we're divided into groups. Get rid of the groups and drop the labels, and let's just be who we are. Humans. I know, its never going to happen. As a nation, we've lost our compassion, our heart. And until we find it, we'll never be a great nation like Trump says. I think I'm venting now lol. And I know not too many people actually read my blogs so its all good. I'm okay with that. Eventually, it will get noticed and I'll have to watch what I say lol. Until then, I'm venting. If you are one of those people who still has compassion for your fellow human, spread the word and get it out. We need to love each other like God intended. There's no other way our of our mess. Through love.

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