Thursday, December 28, 2017

Changes for the New Year

Christmas came and went. I was hoping to be ready for it but finances did not want to cooperate. As usual. I think everyone around me is used to that. I'm working on it though. Winning the lottery would be so useful right about now. It would be great too because then I could have my own publishing company being the one that opens the doors for small-time authors trying to break into print. I could be the one who makes people's dreams come true. And then I could help them along side myself getting seen. Hire build board signs and commercials. Place ads in newspapers and magazines. But its only a dream lol. Of course, there's more to do with a lottery winning. My children wouldn't have to suffer anymore. That's worth it all, right there.

So now, we have a new year slowly approaching us. Hiding in the shadows, waiting until we least expect it, and then pounce on us like a cat playing with a mouse. Boy, am I ready for this year to be over already. But I have plans. I want to be able to sell copies of my newest book. Get another one written. Spend more time with my kids. And my grand daughter. She crawls like she's already in the army like her aunt. Its so cute. She's trying to walk but her mother wasn't walking on her own until she was about 18 months so I'm sure she will get there. I'm in no hurry lol.

So with the new year, I decided it was time to make a couple changes on my blog. I hope you like it. I'm always on Facebook which is linked on the right side of the page. Feel free to come on over, like and follow. I'm trying to keep it busy so there's always something going on there. Until I post again, you all have a great day and I will be seeing you again soon!!!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Next Book: Mother of the Dragons

This is my next book and I'm excited to tell you all about it, as well as share some great reviews!

The price for the paperback will be $7.95 plus tax. It will be available through Amazon as well as many other places. I tried to create a price that was reasonable and fair, plus able to receive some sort of royalty. E-book will also be available through Amazon. Price coming soon.

First of all, this book will be released in or before Feb 2018, just in time for Valentine's Day. It is a Fantasy Romance for you women although I'm sure men will enjoy it as well because there are dragons, wizards, and magic all included with this story. Forbidden love and two lives changed forever. The woman is made an example of and she is transformed into the very first fire breathing beast man has ever seen, known to us as a dragon. Her kind and the humans go to war. All she wants is the man she fell in love with and to live among the people in her kingdom. Will she have a second chance? Can she find true love again? Its the only thing that can save her.

Here's what other people think of Mother of the Dragons.............

  • It's gripping and dramatic from the start.  One Hell of an introduction to the story.  Loved every line.
  • Really drags the reader into the world and makes you want to read more.
  • Nice pace throughout and it holds the reader's interest from beginning to the end.
  • Amber has a unique voice and a wonderful skill as a story teller.
  • Love the dialogue and strength and believability of the characters.
  • I love a good story that I can become lost in, and here not only was I lost, but I didn't care, nor did I want to come back.
  • Not only am I enjoying the mystical aspects to this, I am also enjoying the journey and warmth of the story as it unfolds and the characters are quite endearing...wonderful.
  • One thing, one of many, that anyone who writes wants to know is 'Is It Any Good? Now I can heap on praise and flowery words, but at the end of the day... is it good enough for me to put my hand in my pocket and buy it, after having read it on here first? Damn right it is.'These are characters and a story I want to read again and again.  How can you not want to buy it?
  • Modern fantasy all seems to want to imitate Game of Thrones, Lord of The Bloody Rings, or Harry The Sooner He Hit's Puberty The Better Potter.  It's all fad related. Amber's work is real.  It came from the heart and her imagination, not a clone of something else, which is why it's seriously kick arse.
  • Some books, such as this one, you just don't want to come to an end.  You always hope that there's a sequel, just because you come to love the world and the characters within it. And that's what Amber's done.  Created a world that a person can immerse themselves in. Nevertheless, a seriously Groovy story and one Hell of a novel.
That is just some of the comments I've seen so far. I let a group of people read the book for me, helping me smooth out the kinks through editing before the book is released. I didn't include every thing that was said, just most of it so you can see an idea of other people's opinions. I worked on this story for quite a while now, making changes here and there so it would be as perfect as possible for all the readers who would enjoy it. A few comments will also be shared on the back of the book.

Thank you!!

A.R. Grosjean

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Hello everyone

It doesn't happen very often. The two of us in one picture where we both look normal. Usually, he gives goofy looks or something. When he looks okay, something is wrong with the way I look. This is probably the best picture we took together for a long time. He has a goofy nature so I'm used to it but every now and then I like it when he acts normal lol.

So I've been a very busy young woman. I've been writing. I finally finished a round of edits for my next book Mother of the Dragons. I'm letting some people read it to get some feedback. One chapter at a time so it will take a while. Once it is finished and I've decided on a cover, it will be released but I am taking my time to make sure everything is correct. Editing is always the hardest part and always takes the longest.

I have been working on my Facebook page as well. It can be found at I am in the process of adding groups to the site for my books. The first two of which are Mother of the Dragons book group and Peterson Estate book group. They are both open to the public at this time. I don't want to add too many at once so it won't be too overwhelming. That's something I don't want to do.

I am excited about my newest book and so far, I've been getting some really positive feedback which I am adding to the new group site on my page. This will make for a good way to show others about the book which is something I need to do. And since the book isn't out yet, it gives me more time to reach as many people as I can. It will be available in paperback and e-book form through Amazon once it is released.

Then I can dive into my next book full force while still working on the research for Homeless Across America which is something I'm still working on. Nonfiction books are harder to write because everything has be right 100% of the time so things need to be double checked, then triple checked. And then I need to create a cover. I'm thinking of taking a picture for that one. It will be a while before that one is ready though.

So that's my newest update so far. Don't forget to check out my Facebook page and like it. Share it with your reading friends too. Thanks!!

A.R. Grosjean

Monday, January 30, 2017

Been a while. Update.....

I hope I'm not scaring anyone lol. Here's my most recent picture. Just got a new hair cut. I did the front myself and my darling husband did the back to even it out since I couldn't see it. Of course, I fold my hair behind my ears so its hard to tell but its all the same length. He did a better job than I did, I think lol. But I've never said I was a professional.

Its bee too long since I've posted anything on here so this one might be a little longer. There's a lot to say today. First off, I'm still writing just taking longer cause I want everything just right. My next book has to be better than my last one and I'm still researching for my homeless book. No, I didn't take off more than I can chew. I just want the information to be right. So it takes longer.  Being my first Non-Fiction, I wanted it all to be as accurate as possible.

So I'm on Facebook a lot. Yeah, its a good way to keep in touch with my children. Well, one of them because the other two are really busy with school and their lives. I have a stronger bond with the oldest and she just had a baby so she's always sharing news of her. My first grand daughter. She was born in October, a little sooner than the doctor predicted. But its okay. I was all too happy to hear the news! I don't look like a grandma and I don't tend to act like one either lol. Of course, I do crochet so maybe I will act like one just a little.

So anyway, I've been getting frustrated with my list of friends on FB. Many of them have been posting about politics. I'm so tired of them. Most of the time, I just pass by them anymore. But sometimes, one catches my eye and I will read it, sometimes making a comment. That is what FB is, right? Before, during the elections aiming at the current President (Obama) many people were complaining that there were too many refugees in our country and we needed to stop them and pay more attention to our veterans. And then we get a new President (Trump) and he signed something that had been on the President's desk for many years (before Obama) banning the travel of certain people from 7 different countries. Now these same people are complaining about it. I did leave a comment and one of my friends got offended and said "No, I said this...." which was the same thing I had said but in her own words. Come on. If you complain about something and the President makes it happen, don't get mad about it. You got what you wanted. Why complain about something you wanted and posted about? Its only going to make you look stupid and ungrateful. Am I right?

Now, I'm not into politics. Never have been and I probably never will. Its all labels to me. We're suppose to be a united nation but yet we're divided into groups. Get rid of the groups and drop the labels, and let's just be who we are. Humans. I know, its never going to happen. As a nation, we've lost our compassion, our heart. And until we find it, we'll never be a great nation like Trump says. I think I'm venting now lol. And I know not too many people actually read my blogs so its all good. I'm okay with that. Eventually, it will get noticed and I'll have to watch what I say lol. Until then, I'm venting. If you are one of those people who still has compassion for your fellow human, spread the word and get it out. We need to love each other like God intended. There's no other way our of our mess. Through love.