Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Blast from the past

Okay, here's how I look right now. I checked my email and received a notice that one of my memberships was going to be canceled from being inactive so I went on it and did a few things so it wouldn't be closed. While doing so, I stumbled across some of my old pictures. I really forgot about them and thought to myself, wow I've changed over the years. So I saved them to my computer and now I'm sharing them with you!

Forgive me because the shirt I'm wearing even though I liked it at the time makes me look a little bigger than I really was at that time lol. I have gained some weight since then but I still don't look that big and I am losing that weight now. About 6 pounds total so far!!! I'm proud of myself on that lol. Maybe its the summer heat and all the walking I'm doing. Plus I'm drinking way less soda although I haven't given it up completely. But that's a different story lol. You know me, its hard to stay on topic. But anyway, here's the pic. It was taken in Indianapolis, Indiana by my hubby. I can't remember the year it was taken though.

If you aren't familiar with Indy, this was taken on the circle, downtown. Its called the circle because the street forms a circle around a monument. There are steps where a lot of people sit and have lunch during the warmer days. I remember the shorts I have on. I actually decorated them a little one day when I was a little bored. I don't know if you can tell in the picture.

I love horses and we got permission to take this picture. The guy was a taking a break waiting for someone to want to take a ride. I believe its cost 50$ for like an hour or half an hour. I can't remember which lol. Don't you just like memories? Some things you can't remember and some things are hard to forget. Good or bad. And the older you get, the worse that gets. I hate it a lot lol. But I am glad there are good memories like this that can bring a smile to my face. There are a lot of old pictures that I've been looking for so its nice to find them when I do. I'm going to keep looking and hope for more happy surprises. I like seeing how I've changed over the years lol. Gotta love the internet lol.


I have added a new feature to this blog. Its a guestbook and you can find it on the Contact Amber page. Its actually an old feature that I used on my old website so the last entry was in 2008. I apologize for that. Please feel free to leave an entry if you'd like. I'm always happy to hear from you.

So that's it for this entry. Please stay cool and stay out of the sun if you can help it. Wear sun screen if you have to. I don't any more because I've been tanning now so I'm happy about that.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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