Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tired of Winter.....

Okay, so I'm tired of winter. Actually I was tired of winter the day it began. I'm not a real big fan of snow and the cold lol. Its pretty to look at in pictures but as far as I go, that's about it lol.

When I was a kid, I enjoyed playing in snow but it all changed when I grew up.

Before we begin to see warm weather there's plenty of ways to keep us warm while we wait. For those who like to crochet, here's a few things I've made that I would like to share. I'm not that good yet in these areas so don't laugh lol. And size of yarn does matter I learned especially when it comes to the feet lol.

With a blanket on your lap and booties on your feet, you should stay warm. These booties were made using the granny square method and are pretty easy to make. 5 squares per foot. These were made a little big for my feet and actually fit my husband better. I made 4 rows so my feet should have been 3 rows. Two squares make the bottom of the foot. One square on top for the toes. One square for each side, then sew all the edges together. The back bottom square doesn't get attached completely to allow your foot to slide in. The full pattern can be found at or something like that lol.

 Here's the blanket. Its a lap blanket but you can make any size you want. Its a single granny square. I simply changed the colors as I went. Most granny square blankets are done by make many small squares and then attaching them together but you can also make one square and just keep adding rows until its the size you want. The look is endless with either way. Use your imagination. The great thing about blankets, you can use any colors. They don't have to match or they can if you want. You can even use just one color if you prefer.

This is my latest creation. Its a softer yarn and has little pieces of yarn fraying out of it to give it that fuzzy look. I used a smaller hook with these booties. I have this set backwards so you can see the strap.

I started out making a sock and when I got to the sides, I made my rows stop at the top and turned it around for the next row. When I reached the end, I folded it meeting the two ends and sewed it closed to make the heel. I used the normal yarn to make a button and made a strap. Make sure you make them at the same time so your booties are the same size lol. When I made mine, I did one full bootie and then took a couple days off so one is slightly bigger than the other one but you can't really notice if just looking at them.

The great thing about making your own things like all these, you can customize it to fit your needs, style, and look. Your own colors. Besides making them for you, they always make great gifts. And because you make it, it will be cherished a whole lot more than something you buy in a store which is really cool! Something to think about for next Christmas or a birthday! Right?

I know this is writing but its a pass time I enjoy which gives you another sneak peak inside my head lol. See you next time!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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