Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello! November is here! The year is almost over

Well I just sent out November's issue yesterday. Its not too late to subscribe lol. I'm hard at work starting next month's issue. December, the last month of the year. Believe me it takes time to get each issue ready for your eyes. I'm having so much fun creating each issue.

Its really hard to believe that the year is almost over. Where has the year gone? The days went by so fast, I got whiplash lol. Can that happen?

Anyway, so far I've seen a lot happen , mostly on FB cause I really don't pay much attention to the news anymore. I get the weather and that's it. Got tired to hearing everything on there which is why I do that now. But who needs the news when you have social networking that can bring the news to you. Some good, some bad. Some of its actually annoying, to tell you the truth. I scroll down the page looking for something interesting, and usually I spot it. Its like people will put anything on their wall. Its truly amazing, sometimes frighting. And then I remember something. People respond to these things. May not be me this time, but someone out there will. And then you get a chain reaction with each friend and each friend's friend. The power of it is really amazing.  Kudos to the people who create such places. Interaction is very powerful. And you can make so many friends. Some of them really aren't true friends but that's not everyone on those places. You don't have to meet someone face-to-face to have a great relationship with them. Social networking makes it so much easier to keep in contact with people. Who needs a phone anymore!

But it does seem like I do spend a lot of time on FB. A lot of my friends are there. I can share pictures, ideas, play games, etc and all from the safety of my home dressed in any manner I want. And if you have the ability, you can even chat cam to cam on there which is a cool tool if you have a webcam lol. I haven't tried it though but I did notice the feature. And that's not the only network out there. There's countless others. I belong to a few. Some of the same friends in all of them lol. Either way, you can have a whole different life on the computer. Be who you want to be. And if you don't want to continue a conversation, you just have to close the page and no one's the wiser. Start an argument if you want--not that I suggest you try lol. We are truly in the computer era. What's next?

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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