Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Update to Share

I really didn't want to have all my clothes to have a fall feeling to them so I made something that would make me think of spring lol. They say when you're cold to think hot and you'll feel warmer lol. I don't think that's really true but hey the mind is very powerful so maybe it can be true, just not with me lol.

I'm still working on some of my books. Its taking me longer than I thought with one that's been taking my time lol. I don't mind because now that I've written a few, I just want my next one to be really really good, something you will enjoy! Gives me more pressure but like I said, I don't mind. I don't write 24-7 either. In the time I don't write I'm making clothes lol. It's calming and there's no pressure. I can sit there and think of what I'm going to do next and it give me some time so spend time with my grandmother who passed on. Okay in spirit it gives me time to spend with her lol. Sometimes I feel like she's watching me and that makes me happy.

I'm also busy at getting my newsletter ready for the first. Almost there. It has a Halloween theme since it is for October. So think black and orange, and witches lol. Anyway, I'm not going to spoil the actually issue. You'll have to read it yourself lol. Once its finished, I'll be ready to send it out on the first to those who have subscribed. If you haven't you can still subscribe to my monthly issues on the right. Then I'll be ready to get started on the November issue which I've already started thinking about. So with that note, I will see you in a few days!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Preparing for the weather change!

Well, its getting close to being over. Fall is slowly approaching which means winter will soon follow. I don't like winter so much because its cold lol. So I've begun the making clothes to keep me warm. Here's a couple things I've made so far.

 The red and white top was just finished a couple days ago. I made it with short sleeves because not all sweaters have to have long sleeves. I made a beanie to match. The green, orange, and black hoody has been undone because I really didn't like it and it was a little too big lol. I am in the process of making it over again. This time without the black. The black will be used for something else.

The yarn is pretty affordable. I only paid $2.88 per skein. The short sleeve top took 2 red and 1 white so for around 9 bucks I made something no one else has! And the other one was 2 of each color but only 1 black so it cost about 15 to create. Now, granted if I used those amounts on a new sweater in the store, I'd probably get something in better quality but by making them myself I get something new, creative, and time well spent. Plus it feels good when someone makes a compliment. Its worth it!

It took what it seems like forever to even learn how to crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was younger. I wasn't getting the hang of it and my rows were coming out uneven. Of course, now I know that I was dropping a stitch but at the time, I just thought I wasn't able to do it. I'm left handed and she was right handed so the whole process was just too difficult for either of us and I gave up. A couple years ago, I met a lady who had the patients to stick with it and taught me how to make Granny Squares which doesn't require the ends to be even because you're crocheting into a square. In about a week, I started getting it and I was making my first blanket.

Of course, I got a little bored with making a blanket so I started looking at pictures in books and reading the step-by-step instructions and taught myself how to read patterns. Now I can crochet in an even line! And I am making clothes!! I've shared many of the things I've made in the past on here and I'm enjoying it. Of course, I'm not perfect and still have problems in some areas, even after 2 years but I'm still learning and I've been practicing. I love making headbands. I've made several beanies, a few scarves, many sweaters, a lot of summer tops, shorts, and more. And I take pictures of everything I make so I can learn from the mistakes I've made with each one and to remember what my work looks like after its been given away.

Now, I'm still a writer. Nothing will take that away from me. But when I have writers block and just can't get my stories right, this is something to help me relax and get a lot of thinking done. So now you're learned something about me. And I'm getting ready for the weather change all at the same time! Thank you!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

September's Author of the Month-- S.K. Yule

 This month’s author has written books for the adults only. Her books are Erotica. Titles include; Darkest Hours, Darkest Desires, Darkest Intentions, Darkest Risings (all a series); Lycan Lover, Lycan Lust, Lycan It, Lycan Heat, Lycan Vengeance, Lycan Christmas, Lycan Contempt, Lycan Redemption (all a series); the Shifter Seduction series (a 6-book collection by several authors including S.K. Yule); Paranormals Anonymous; Melandra’s Men; Second Chances; Breaking the Cowboy; Demon Scorned; Jericho’s Revenge; and Three Lovers for Lucy.

Check out her website at:

S.K. Yule began writing in 2008. She had back and neck issues, and needed a career she could do at home. She chose writing and says she hasn’t regretted a day since.

S.K. Yule says she’s made many mistakes along the way and can’t really pinpoint them although she does remember her accomplishments. Just getting published was a big deal for her. Also, she won second place in a contest through her publisher. The title was Breaking the Cowboy. Her favorite genres to read are horror, paranormal, and historical which she has also touched in her own writing. Don’t forget the erotica lol. Her goals contain three simple words: write, write, write. 

 The most difficult book she wrote was the Darkest series because the characters were so conflicting and she needed to make sure they were still cohesive and worked well together. On the other hand, Second Chances was the easiest book she wrote because it came to her in a dream and she wrote it in a matter of weeks. The words simply poured out of her brain, she says.

What sets S.K. Yule apart from other writers? She hopes her voice is unique. She doesn’t think she’s predictable, which could be good and bad depending on whom you’re speaking with. One book could have “happy-go-lucky” characters while the next book could be “dark, tortured” characters. She writes a combination of straight, ménage, and gay characters. She doesn’t follow a general guide for her characters. She likes happy endings but it doesn’t mean she won’t make her characters suffer before finding that ending.

Her first choice for genres is Paranormal. She grew up loving horror. She’d sneak out to watch all the classics: Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula, etc. Nothing ever really scared her.

Right now she’s working on the last book for the Darkest series. She didn’t share a title with me so keep your eye out for that. She’s hoping to have it finished this year some time. She had a lot of emails from her fans asking her when she’d finish the series so she decided to get to it after fighting a heavy schedule.

Her best advice for other writers is to not give up.

 This is the last author I have for now. If you would like to be displayed like these authors, please send me an email and I'll get you started with an interview! Thank you!!!
 --Amber Rigby Grosjean