Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August's Author of the month: Antoinne Evans

Check out this new author! Here’s the link to his website…..

Antoinne is the author of a book titled “Welcome Back to Self”. This book is about this life and his forefathers. He also co-wrote the book Beginning with Ground Zero Blues (a collection of tales).

The most difficult book he ever wrote remains unpublished at this time. It’s a children’s book he calls The Beast of Burdens. He was sick for the most part during the writing of this book plus he had to teach himself to envision how life would look through the animal’s eyes so he saw himself as the biggest obstacle. He was afraid that a “ruthless” publisher would get a hold of this book after he died so he kept the story to himself. His second book, Welcome Back to Self was published with Publish America which he admits was a mistake because they “stole” much of his royalties. Other than that, he feels writing is fun and he feels writing is the most honorable thing he has ever done.

The easiest book to write was The Beast of Burdens. He had a nephew who died at a very young age (15) and he was able to see all the sketches Antoinne had done for the book leaving Antoinne feeling that he had achieved much more than by getting it published.

Antoinne began writing when he was 7 years old, starting with a heartfelt story explaining why whales sometimes beach themselves. Just as some humans lose the will to live when they lose someone close to them, a whale may deliberately beach themselves from a broken heart.  Antoinne was raised by a single parent so his neighbor became a father figure to him, inspiring him to write. His motivation? He says everyone has a story to tell. He tells his story not only by the written word but also through his conquests and defeats. He is writing a new book about encouraging young people in the ghetto, in honor of his cousin who was murdered in Milwaukee in 2010……...

For new writers out there, Antoinne says this, “Get ready for the rain when the sun quits shining. Always share your good fortune with others and if you don't like our President just remember it took 400 years for him to get there.”

Antoinne’s favorite book?  “Aasop's Fables was a collection of fables that was orally passed on for several thousand years. Aasop was a slave that overcame the stigma
of being a slave just like I am struggling to overcome being labeled Black.”
In his own words.

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