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April's Author Choice: TL Cooper

T L Cooper is the author of All She Ever Wanted; and 4 books of poetry Strength in Silhouette, Love in Silhouette, Reflections in Silhouette, Memory in Silhouette. Her books are available through Amazon among other places.

You can check out her full website at

T L Cooper began telling stories when she was just on her grandfather’s knee. Her father had been complaining about a groundhog in his barn and her grandfather offered to kill it. She made up a story about why he couldn’t. Her grandfather asked questions to encourage her to turn it into a story rather than just a statement. He would get her to tell the stories of the groundhog to their family and friends to entertain them.

She is motivated to write by the need to use words to influence the world for the better. She prefers to write fiction because she believes a good story is more motivating in most instances than the dry facts. Her goal is to reach a wider audience by writing fiction than she could through nonfiction.

Her most recent book is called Red. It has been pushed to be released until later this year! More about this book……. In Cooper’s own words….

Police suspect Marissa Sterling killed her husband and her young children in a fictional small Kentucky town south of Louisville. Marissa suffers a mental breakdown in which an entity “red” blocks her memories and keeps her silent. Rookie Detective Azalea Kavanaugh refuses to accept the case as “open and shut” and teams up with Bryce Thorne, a reporter, to find the truth. The investigation is complicated as the secrets Marissa has spent her life protecting are revealed and Detective Kavanaugh must face her own past when mysterious packages about her own parents’ deaths start showing up.

T L. Cooper’s advice to new writers?  Read, talk to other writers, and trust your instincts.  Listen to what others have to say, but always stay true to your vision.

Cooper grew up on a farm in Tollesboro, Kentucky. She began writing when she was around 8.

She attended Eastern Kentucky University where she studied Corrections and Juvenile Services and earned a Bachelor of Science. She traveled the world to study cultures.

Other books by this author include It’ll Never Happen Again, and Connection which are both electronic books. You can download them on Amazon.

One review of many from her books ( this one is for Connection)…….

“What I like about this neatly written story of Tl's is her attention to detail. She has a way of putting you in the same room with the characters, almost as if you are a character yourself witnessing what is going on. This story is about connecting. Another thing that Tl does well is put vague, hard-to-define emotions into words.”  This review came from Tammy Ruggles in 2012. 

Besides Red coming out this year sometime, TL Cooper also has two other books coming out soon. One book is untitled at the moment and is a book of short stories. The other one is Vulnerability in Silhouette: Poems.


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