Saturday, March 1, 2014

This Month's Author- Saundra Crum Akers

Saundra is a mystery/suspense author with books titled; Fear Treads the Mountains, Ghost Hunter, Joe White and the Seven Ghosts, The Wannabe Witch, The Tempest Rider, Bite of the Serpent, The Smelly Man, Whispers on The Wind, Spooked, Manifesting Destiny, The Abandoned Ghost, My Fractured Mind, Sins of The Mother, Guilty!, Dream Buster, and a series titled Questing Hart (Shattered Hart, Hopeful Hart, and Spirited Hart).

Check out her website to learn more about these books or even order them

Bite of the Serpent was her most difficult book to write because it was her first real “who dunnit” book. The easiest book to write was Abandoned Ghost because it didn’t require much research except for the location of the story.

She began writing in 2005. She retired from working with the state of Ohio in order to write. Of course with all her research and writing, she doesn’t feel so retired anymore. She always intended to write when she was younger. At 7, she told her mother and her mother told her to stick with short stories because she didn’t have the patience to write long ones. Her inner drive and having a lot to say motives her to write. Saundra has an active mind that’s always bouncing all over the place. She sets all her stories in Ohio where she grew up.

Saundra enjoys books written by James Patterson, Michael Connelly, Heather Graham, Robert Tanenbaum, John Lescroart, Lisa Jackson, and Tess Geritson. She enjoys movies and TV shows like The Mentalist, CSI, Lie to Me, Castle, and Medium.

Her latest books published at Sins of The Mother which is a historical suspense, Joe White and the Seven Ghosts, and the Wannabe Witch. Right now she is working on a comic adventure similar to Janet Evanavich’s Stephanie Plum series.

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