Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Issue, Coming in April

In the next issue, I'm going to be introducing the author T. L. Cooper, author of many books with some new releases coming out this year. Those titles are included in the issue.

In the "On Writing" section of my newsletter, I've shared a little of what I know about the difference between dialogue and monologue. Some writers in the beginning can get the two confused which can cause problems in writing. It doesn't make a person dumb in anyway, by the way. Writing a book can be easy, writing a good book is difficult and requires time and a lot of patience. Toning one's talents makes it easier but its still hard work.

You'll have to read the issue to see what topic I've chosen for "Something to think about". I'd love to hear from you on the topics I've chosen to share.

And to end the issue, I've shared a little about me.

That's for April. Of course, the theme for the design is Easter! So let's get those baskets ready and start painting those eggs. But its not all bunnies and eggs. Remember it is the day the Lord has risen!

Thank you!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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