Sunday, March 30, 2014

Almost There--April Fools Day

One more day left of this month and guessed it, April Fools Day! Are you ready? One thing I've learned over the years, you almost have to expect something to happen and then don't fall for it. Easier said than done. It truly is. Especially when someone wakes you up right at midnight telling you something is wrong somewhere; the house, the neighbor's house, something on the news, what ever. You're not quite awake so you pretty much fall for it most of the time. At least I do anyway lol.

Its a fun time, don't get me wrong. I love seeing everyone else fall for the innocent pranks. As long as they stay innocent. You never want to see someone getting hurt. That's when the fun dies. So I'd like to wish everyone a safe and fun fools day!

There's always ideas running around. Buying a fake winning lottery ticket could work. Just don't do it if you're seriously needing the money though lol. You fell down and hurt something important. Usually people run up to you to make sure you're okay before calling 911 lol. Don't let it get to that point. I remember one year I told my little sister her butt was on fire. She was sitting on a heater vent because it was cold in the room. She jumped up and hit herself in the butt as she ran all around the room trying to put the fire out. If its cold where you're at, that could work for you. The list can go on forever, quite literally. And you want it to fit the circumstances in your life, something that relates to you. It makes it more precious seeing someone fall for it. When my husband and I worked together in a restaurant, our boss took some chocolate pudding and corn, spread it all over the bathroom and asking one of the guys to go clean it up before the place opened. It was gross but it worked. The guy thought it was real. It was rather mean but it was funny seeing the guy's face when he came out of the bathroom. Another idea? If you're good at cooking. Bake a cake (this would be for a guy) shaped as a bikini with balloons under the icing. When he cuts the cake, it pops. Someone did that for my hubby's birthday at the same restaurant. Everyone expect my husband jumped when the balloons popped lol. It was fun though.

Okay, that's enough ideas for you. Go have some fun. Just remember, keep it safe and everyone should have a good day. Don't be pranking the same person all day though, cause payback is never as much fun. Okay, you know the true saying, I hope lol.

Happy Fool's Day!!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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