Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello! November is here! The year is almost over

Well I just sent out November's issue yesterday. Its not too late to subscribe lol. I'm hard at work starting next month's issue. December, the last month of the year. Believe me it takes time to get each issue ready for your eyes. I'm having so much fun creating each issue.

Its really hard to believe that the year is almost over. Where has the year gone? The days went by so fast, I got whiplash lol. Can that happen?

Anyway, so far I've seen a lot happen , mostly on FB cause I really don't pay much attention to the news anymore. I get the weather and that's it. Got tired to hearing everything on there which is why I do that now. But who needs the news when you have social networking that can bring the news to you. Some good, some bad. Some of its actually annoying, to tell you the truth. I scroll down the page looking for something interesting, and usually I spot it. Its like people will put anything on their wall. Its truly amazing, sometimes frighting. And then I remember something. People respond to these things. May not be me this time, but someone out there will. And then you get a chain reaction with each friend and each friend's friend. The power of it is really amazing.  Kudos to the people who create such places. Interaction is very powerful. And you can make so many friends. Some of them really aren't true friends but that's not everyone on those places. You don't have to meet someone face-to-face to have a great relationship with them. Social networking makes it so much easier to keep in contact with people. Who needs a phone anymore!

But it does seem like I do spend a lot of time on FB. A lot of my friends are there. I can share pictures, ideas, play games, etc and all from the safety of my home dressed in any manner I want. And if you have the ability, you can even chat cam to cam on there which is a cool tool if you have a webcam lol. I haven't tried it though but I did notice the feature. And that's not the only network out there. There's countless others. I belong to a few. Some of the same friends in all of them lol. Either way, you can have a whole different life on the computer. Be who you want to be. And if you don't want to continue a conversation, you just have to close the page and no one's the wiser. Start an argument if you want--not that I suggest you try lol. We are truly in the computer era. What's next?

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

No Author for October but........

There isn't an author to share for this month but I thought I'd post a blog anyway.

I'm having fun putting my newsletters together so if you haven't had the chance to read one yet, you're still able to. Just subscribe to my issues on the right side of this page. Name and email is all I need or just your email. I don't need any other information because my newsletters are free. And you can stop receiving them using the same method. I'd be sad to see you go though.

In my newsletters, you will get a chance to see inside my mind, learn something new about me as a writer or just as a regular person. I also have a section where I talk about something to get you thinking. As for the rest of the issue, they are all different! I never know what I'm going to share with my readers lol. I like the suspense!

And of course, once I get more writers to share with you, I'll have that in my newsletter. If you're one of those writers feel free to fill out the questionnaire on my blog and send it to me. Its also free! Like I said before, I know how hard it is to market your books so I like helping when I can. The month it is shared in will also be displayed in my blogs for that month as well!

Well, I've got to get back to my writing! See you soon!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, September 20, 2014

An Update to Share

I really didn't want to have all my clothes to have a fall feeling to them so I made something that would make me think of spring lol. They say when you're cold to think hot and you'll feel warmer lol. I don't think that's really true but hey the mind is very powerful so maybe it can be true, just not with me lol.

I'm still working on some of my books. Its taking me longer than I thought with one that's been taking my time lol. I don't mind because now that I've written a few, I just want my next one to be really really good, something you will enjoy! Gives me more pressure but like I said, I don't mind. I don't write 24-7 either. In the time I don't write I'm making clothes lol. It's calming and there's no pressure. I can sit there and think of what I'm going to do next and it give me some time so spend time with my grandmother who passed on. Okay in spirit it gives me time to spend with her lol. Sometimes I feel like she's watching me and that makes me happy.

I'm also busy at getting my newsletter ready for the first. Almost there. It has a Halloween theme since it is for October. So think black and orange, and witches lol. Anyway, I'm not going to spoil the actually issue. You'll have to read it yourself lol. Once its finished, I'll be ready to send it out on the first to those who have subscribed. If you haven't you can still subscribe to my monthly issues on the right. Then I'll be ready to get started on the November issue which I've already started thinking about. So with that note, I will see you in a few days!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Preparing for the weather change!

Well, its getting close to being over. Fall is slowly approaching which means winter will soon follow. I don't like winter so much because its cold lol. So I've begun the making clothes to keep me warm. Here's a couple things I've made so far.

 The red and white top was just finished a couple days ago. I made it with short sleeves because not all sweaters have to have long sleeves. I made a beanie to match. The green, orange, and black hoody has been undone because I really didn't like it and it was a little too big lol. I am in the process of making it over again. This time without the black. The black will be used for something else.

The yarn is pretty affordable. I only paid $2.88 per skein. The short sleeve top took 2 red and 1 white so for around 9 bucks I made something no one else has! And the other one was 2 of each color but only 1 black so it cost about 15 to create. Now, granted if I used those amounts on a new sweater in the store, I'd probably get something in better quality but by making them myself I get something new, creative, and time well spent. Plus it feels good when someone makes a compliment. Its worth it!

It took what it seems like forever to even learn how to crochet. My grandmother tried to teach me when I was younger. I wasn't getting the hang of it and my rows were coming out uneven. Of course, now I know that I was dropping a stitch but at the time, I just thought I wasn't able to do it. I'm left handed and she was right handed so the whole process was just too difficult for either of us and I gave up. A couple years ago, I met a lady who had the patients to stick with it and taught me how to make Granny Squares which doesn't require the ends to be even because you're crocheting into a square. In about a week, I started getting it and I was making my first blanket.

Of course, I got a little bored with making a blanket so I started looking at pictures in books and reading the step-by-step instructions and taught myself how to read patterns. Now I can crochet in an even line! And I am making clothes!! I've shared many of the things I've made in the past on here and I'm enjoying it. Of course, I'm not perfect and still have problems in some areas, even after 2 years but I'm still learning and I've been practicing. I love making headbands. I've made several beanies, a few scarves, many sweaters, a lot of summer tops, shorts, and more. And I take pictures of everything I make so I can learn from the mistakes I've made with each one and to remember what my work looks like after its been given away.

Now, I'm still a writer. Nothing will take that away from me. But when I have writers block and just can't get my stories right, this is something to help me relax and get a lot of thinking done. So now you're learned something about me. And I'm getting ready for the weather change all at the same time! Thank you!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

September's Author of the Month-- S.K. Yule

 This month’s author has written books for the adults only. Her books are Erotica. Titles include; Darkest Hours, Darkest Desires, Darkest Intentions, Darkest Risings (all a series); Lycan Lover, Lycan Lust, Lycan It, Lycan Heat, Lycan Vengeance, Lycan Christmas, Lycan Contempt, Lycan Redemption (all a series); the Shifter Seduction series (a 6-book collection by several authors including S.K. Yule); Paranormals Anonymous; Melandra’s Men; Second Chances; Breaking the Cowboy; Demon Scorned; Jericho’s Revenge; and Three Lovers for Lucy.

Check out her website at:

S.K. Yule began writing in 2008. She had back and neck issues, and needed a career she could do at home. She chose writing and says she hasn’t regretted a day since.

S.K. Yule says she’s made many mistakes along the way and can’t really pinpoint them although she does remember her accomplishments. Just getting published was a big deal for her. Also, she won second place in a contest through her publisher. The title was Breaking the Cowboy. Her favorite genres to read are horror, paranormal, and historical which she has also touched in her own writing. Don’t forget the erotica lol. Her goals contain three simple words: write, write, write. 

 The most difficult book she wrote was the Darkest series because the characters were so conflicting and she needed to make sure they were still cohesive and worked well together. On the other hand, Second Chances was the easiest book she wrote because it came to her in a dream and she wrote it in a matter of weeks. The words simply poured out of her brain, she says.

What sets S.K. Yule apart from other writers? She hopes her voice is unique. She doesn’t think she’s predictable, which could be good and bad depending on whom you’re speaking with. One book could have “happy-go-lucky” characters while the next book could be “dark, tortured” characters. She writes a combination of straight, ménage, and gay characters. She doesn’t follow a general guide for her characters. She likes happy endings but it doesn’t mean she won’t make her characters suffer before finding that ending.

Her first choice for genres is Paranormal. She grew up loving horror. She’d sneak out to watch all the classics: Frankenstein, Mummy, Dracula, etc. Nothing ever really scared her.

Right now she’s working on the last book for the Darkest series. She didn’t share a title with me so keep your eye out for that. She’s hoping to have it finished this year some time. She had a lot of emails from her fans asking her when she’d finish the series so she decided to get to it after fighting a heavy schedule.

Her best advice for other writers is to not give up.

 This is the last author I have for now. If you would like to be displayed like these authors, please send me an email and I'll get you started with an interview! Thank you!!!
 --Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Update and a little question...


           Okay, so which look is better? Blonde or Brown hair. Just curious to know what you all think?

For me, its the Blonde. It just looks healthier to me lol. I love wearing my headbands and keep making new ones because its fun and its a good way to kill the time lol.

My next newsletter will be coming out soon. Its right on Labor Day, September 1. If you haven't signed up yet, you're more than welcome to do that while you're here. The sign up box is right at the side of the page. Simply put in your email and click on sign up. You'll receive a copy on the first of every month. Each issue is different. I enjoy sharing my issues with you. And you're welcome to share them with others.

Its been a busy month for me. I saw previews for a movie that kind of upset me though. I'm working on a story that has the same idea as the movie. There is a but coming lol. My story isn't a love story so it'll be quite different. Seeing the preview got me thinking though. I believe there will be a little rewriting to do because I really don't want all the same similarities going on between my story and that story. I won't tell you what they are because I don't want to spoil the story. You'll have to see what it is for yourself.

Sometimes a story is revealed to the writer in surprising ways. And when there are holes in the story, he or she fills them in, in ways that make the story feel whole. But sometimes the holes aren't filled right. The writer has to keep going back until the story is right from beginning to end. Then and only then can it be considered finished. That's just what happened with my story. All I have to do is edit what I have and refill those holes so the story is just right. Then I can send it to publishers. Boy, will I be glad when that's done lol. Its been too long since I've had something published.

So that's what happening with me. See you in a few days with my author of the month!

Amber Rigby Grosjean                            

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August's Author of the month: Antoinne Evans

Check out this new author! Here’s the link to his website…..

Antoinne is the author of a book titled “Welcome Back to Self”. This book is about this life and his forefathers. He also co-wrote the book Beginning with Ground Zero Blues (a collection of tales).

The most difficult book he ever wrote remains unpublished at this time. It’s a children’s book he calls The Beast of Burdens. He was sick for the most part during the writing of this book plus he had to teach himself to envision how life would look through the animal’s eyes so he saw himself as the biggest obstacle. He was afraid that a “ruthless” publisher would get a hold of this book after he died so he kept the story to himself. His second book, Welcome Back to Self was published with Publish America which he admits was a mistake because they “stole” much of his royalties. Other than that, he feels writing is fun and he feels writing is the most honorable thing he has ever done.

The easiest book to write was The Beast of Burdens. He had a nephew who died at a very young age (15) and he was able to see all the sketches Antoinne had done for the book leaving Antoinne feeling that he had achieved much more than by getting it published.

Antoinne began writing when he was 7 years old, starting with a heartfelt story explaining why whales sometimes beach themselves. Just as some humans lose the will to live when they lose someone close to them, a whale may deliberately beach themselves from a broken heart.  Antoinne was raised by a single parent so his neighbor became a father figure to him, inspiring him to write. His motivation? He says everyone has a story to tell. He tells his story not only by the written word but also through his conquests and defeats. He is writing a new book about encouraging young people in the ghetto, in honor of his cousin who was murdered in Milwaukee in 2010……...

For new writers out there, Antoinne says this, “Get ready for the rain when the sun quits shining. Always share your good fortune with others and if you don't like our President just remember it took 400 years for him to get there.”

Antoinne’s favorite book?  “Aasop's Fables was a collection of fables that was orally passed on for several thousand years. Aasop was a slave that overcame the stigma
of being a slave just like I am struggling to overcome being labeled Black.”
In his own words.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Open Invite to Published Writers/Publishers/Poets

For those interested, this is an open invite for "artists" to be included in my monthly newsletter.

About the newsletter. On each month, on the first, I send out a newsletter several pages long via emails. The issue is in PDF format and can be printed out. It is free and its free to be included in a issue. I'm looking for someone who is published (those title(s) will be shared with my subscribers). Writers, poets, song writers, etc. Also publishers and agents are welcome because some of the subscribers are writers as well. I have a list of questions already made up so if you're interested in being included in an upcoming issue, send me an email at for the request. Insert "Newsletter Invite" in the subject line.

Important factors to include in your email (with the questionnaire once completed) are....Your pen name, title of all books published, genre, link to your website and/or blog, and your email addy. Once its your turn to be included (I go in order they are received), I'll send you a copy to confirm. I don't want anything being wrong with your information. The idea is to help promote your work or company. As a published author, I know how difficult it is to spread the word about the books. We all could use a little help. Even the big names have help in one way or the other. Yeah, when you tell a friend that so-and-so's book was great, you're helping that author promote the book! I love word of mouth promoting!

If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask. Thank you!!!

If you'd prefer, here's an online form for the newsletter.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Little Update before newsletter comes out......

Well I've decided to go back to having brown hair lol. Guess you'll never know how I'm going to look from month to month lol. I'd just like to remind you that the end of the month has arrived. You know what that means, right? Yep, the first of the month will sure follow! That means yet another newsletter!! I've added something new for you to enjoy for this issue! Of course, I'll still be adding the author here sometime next week or whenever I have some extra free time. For those who have a subscription, you don't have to wait, you'll be able to see it on the first!

Summer has been really hot. Of course, you already know that. I've been catching a few stories on the news about the weather. Fires going on everywhere it seems. I heard Chicago has a fewer crimes going on up to this point this year, compared to last year at this time. I read it in a newspaper somewhere and couldn't believe it. 177 deaths due to crime! I'm really sorry for all those families and friends who are mourning for them. I also heard (unrelated to the weather lol) that my favorite store, Dollar Tree, has bought out Family Dollar (my second favorite store lol). The name will stay the same though but I thought it was cool to see it. Yellow Stone has been in the news due to the fires. I even met someone who had seen part of it before they left. It was before the roads were closed down so I guess it wasn't that bad, then. I heard it was started from someone driving in an area (at least one part of the park). Don't know how true it is but then again, it was on the news so it has to have some merit lol.

I've been busy working on the rewrite for Cursed Blood. I'm not sure how much I want to change just yet. I just want to make it better than it was. Give you a good thrill when you read it. Keep you on the edge of your seat. I love suspense, especially when it comes to a good horror story. Not sure on the romance part. Of course, that's what set it apart from other horror stories, I think. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts about it. If you haven't read the original, its available on Amazon lol! And the sequel Spawn of the Curse is free to download for a limited time so check it out as well! And if you like either one, just add a small review letting others know. No harm in that lol.

Other than that, I can't wait to see you on the first! If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do that on this page here on my blog. Its located on the right side of the page. Just enter your email address and press enter. Its that easy. I thank you, for those who do. If you decide to leave, same process just make sure its on the right line. For those who leave, I'm really sorry to see you go and thank you for the time to remained. So with that, I'd like to say see ya later. Enjoy!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, July 4, 2014

July's Author of the Month, James Lawless

James is the author of Peeling Oranges, For Love of Anna, The Avenue, Clearing the Tangled Wood, Find Penelope, Knowing Women, and Rus in Urbe.

You can find him and his books at

His easiest book to write was The Avenue because the images just flowed. The hardest book for him to write was Clearing the Tangled Wood because it involved so much research. He began writing when he was 12 years old when his father bought him a journal. His mother inspired him to become a writer as she read him many stories growing up. He also enjoyed hearing the stories his mother and aunt shared while the men were all at work. His motivation? As he calls it, a condition that leaves him unfulfilled if he doesn’t write.
James overcame three things in his life. He had asthma as a child. The premature death of his mother. And nearly losing his son.

One of his favorite books is the diaries of Virginia Wolf for the insights into the sacrificial day to day craft of writing. James’ advice to new writers is just one comment…”Its not a hobby.”

Sunday, June 1, 2014

June's Author of the Month, Holli Castillo

Holli has written three books in her Crescent  City Mystery Series (Gumbo Justice, Jambalaya Justice, and Chocolate City Justice [coming soon]).  She has also written an award winning screenplay called Angel Trap. This is an author who uses her real life for inspiration in her stories. Her husband was the model for “Big Who” and her deaf cat co-starred in her books. She has worked in many places including waitressing, stage manager, acrobat teacher, and has a law degree. She was raised in New Orleans where she lives now with her husband, two children, dog, and 2 deaf cats. And the stories take place in New Orleans, mentioning real events like Hurricane Katrina!

You can check out her website at………


Gritty, Raw, And Engaging, [a review for one of her books]
August 31, 2009
Tough, streetwise, and smart - with an even smarter mouth - Ryan Murphy is not a prosecutor to be trifled with; of course, if you were a peace-loving citizen in the crime-infested, drug-riddled Big Easy, you wouldn't want your law enforcement officials to be any other way. So, tasked with the duty of prosecuting a series of brutal crimes, Ryan uses her incomparable grit and wits to ensure that the incorrigible criminals behind them never again see the light of day.
There's only one problem: before she can see each case through to complete prosecution, the bad guys all end up dead. Even more confounding for Ryan: each killing is mysteriously linked to her - which is the absolute last thing she needs while striving to fast-track her own career. As the sinister events unfold - ultimately placing her own life at risk - Ryan, despite how slick and savvy she's become, must kick her game to an even higher level if she's to outwit a twisted killer who seems destined to remain one step ahead of her.
The initial installment in the Crescent City Mystery Series, Gumbo Justice is, hands down, the real thing. Herself a public defender and former New Orleans prosecutor, Holli Castillo infuses her compelling tale with such authenticity and unique energy that even those who have never visited the Big Easy will undoubtedly finish the book feeling as though they've lived there forever. Furthermore, her perfectly crafted characters and gripping storyline push the narrative along at break-neck pace, making the 200+ pages breeze by and leaving you craving for more as the story - regrettably - such, hopefully installment #2 is just around the corner...
Gritty, raw, engaging - and with an absolutely delicious closing twist - Gumbo Justice is a highly entertaining instant classic from an emerging literary star fast on the rise. Kudos to Castillo for crafting such an ingenious, unique thriller, and be on the lookout for more from this promising new talent.

Friday, May 2, 2014

May's Author Choice: Deanna Jewel

First of all, you can check Deanna’s website at

Deanna is the author of No Turning Back, Whispers at Ghost Point (sequel to No Turning Back), Never Surrender, and Unleash Your Inner Strength. She is a romance writer. Her newest book, Final Surrender (sequel to Never Surrender) will be released soon!

The most difficult book Deanna wrote was No Turning Back because it was the first novel she ever completed. It was published second due to the extended editing. She says the editing process took longer than the actual writing of the book.

The easiest book she wrote was actually her second book (published first), Never Surrender, because she simply wrote the movie that played in her head as the characters played out the parts.

She began writing back in 1991 when she injured her back. She was down for a few months and had many stories in her mind. She had nothing else to do so she let them escape onto the page. Great authors like Johanna Lindsay, Virginia Henley, Rosemary Rogers, Kathleen Woodiwiss all inspired her to become a writer in the historical romance genre. The story teller in her motivates her to write and so far she says many people have enjoyed what she’s created.

What challenges have you [Deanna] overcome in life? Doesn't have to relate to writing. “I've always told myself there is nothing in life I can't accomplish if I set my mind to it and I raised my daughters with that instilled in them. Our mind is a powerful tool but if we doubt ourselves on what we can accomplish, we've already put up the block to what we can really do! Think great things and great things WILL happen! That's The Secret!” This was directly from Deanna’s own words.

Deanna couldn’t name just one book as a favorite. She says she enjoys all historical romances. Shanna written by Kathleen Woodiwiss did come to her mind though.

An added note for writers. Deanna says to reread her comment about challenges and then adds that you attract what you think. Why think small?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Next Issue: Mother's Day Newsletter

Next month is Mother's Day and the newsletter issue will be devoted to that. I'm mentioning it now because I'd like to add a little something from my readers to their mothers. If you'd like a special message for the women in your life, email me at and I'll include it in the issue. Please send it to me by the 20th so I have time to place it in there.

On another note, Easter is coming soon! I hope everyone has a great day celebrating the holiday. Jesus has risen! We should be thankful for that! I know I am!


I'm working on a new book called Between Life and Death. I'm thinking its a good title. I'm stuck on it though because its nearly not long enough, even though the story is pretty much finished. Of course, I think I need to do something with the ending so its not just any ending lol. Through editing, I need to work on it so there's more obstacles for the main character. She's stuck in a town that appears abandoned and everything is pointing to a special day that happened five years earlier. But what does she have to do with what happened on that day? And why are her friends disappearing? That's all I can really say lol. Of course, some things may change in the story since I know how its going to end now. Sometimes, knowing is good, sometimes I don't like knowing lol. I think that's what keeps me going. The surprise at the end is always worth waiting for, for me. I can't wait to share it with the all of you! But you'll have to wait!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, April 6, 2014

April's Author Choice: TL Cooper

T L Cooper is the author of All She Ever Wanted; and 4 books of poetry Strength in Silhouette, Love in Silhouette, Reflections in Silhouette, Memory in Silhouette. Her books are available through Amazon among other places.

You can check out her full website at

T L Cooper began telling stories when she was just on her grandfather’s knee. Her father had been complaining about a groundhog in his barn and her grandfather offered to kill it. She made up a story about why he couldn’t. Her grandfather asked questions to encourage her to turn it into a story rather than just a statement. He would get her to tell the stories of the groundhog to their family and friends to entertain them.

She is motivated to write by the need to use words to influence the world for the better. She prefers to write fiction because she believes a good story is more motivating in most instances than the dry facts. Her goal is to reach a wider audience by writing fiction than she could through nonfiction.

Her most recent book is called Red. It has been pushed to be released until later this year! More about this book……. In Cooper’s own words….

Police suspect Marissa Sterling killed her husband and her young children in a fictional small Kentucky town south of Louisville. Marissa suffers a mental breakdown in which an entity “red” blocks her memories and keeps her silent. Rookie Detective Azalea Kavanaugh refuses to accept the case as “open and shut” and teams up with Bryce Thorne, a reporter, to find the truth. The investigation is complicated as the secrets Marissa has spent her life protecting are revealed and Detective Kavanaugh must face her own past when mysterious packages about her own parents’ deaths start showing up.

T L. Cooper’s advice to new writers?  Read, talk to other writers, and trust your instincts.  Listen to what others have to say, but always stay true to your vision.

Cooper grew up on a farm in Tollesboro, Kentucky. She began writing when she was around 8.

She attended Eastern Kentucky University where she studied Corrections and Juvenile Services and earned a Bachelor of Science. She traveled the world to study cultures.

Other books by this author include It’ll Never Happen Again, and Connection which are both electronic books. You can download them on Amazon.

One review of many from her books ( this one is for Connection)…….

“What I like about this neatly written story of Tl's is her attention to detail. She has a way of putting you in the same room with the characters, almost as if you are a character yourself witnessing what is going on. This story is about connecting. Another thing that Tl does well is put vague, hard-to-define emotions into words.”  This review came from Tammy Ruggles in 2012. 

Besides Red coming out this year sometime, TL Cooper also has two other books coming out soon. One book is untitled at the moment and is a book of short stories. The other one is Vulnerability in Silhouette: Poems.


 Thank you!!!