Sunday, December 1, 2013

Count Down to Christmas

Well its officially Christmas Season so with that being said, Merry Christmas!!!!

Now its time to rush and get our gifts for the people we love or like a whole lot, even like just a little lol. This is the time of year where people tend to smile a little more and care more. I wish it was a year around thing but for some its not. Its also a time of year where we spend a lot of money, whether we want to or not. For those who do watch their spending, keep your eyes out for the big sales. They'll be here and there and I'm sure you'll get that one gift you're wanting for the right price. Just hang in there.

I really enjoy this time of the month because its gives me an excuse to get things for people. When I have the money that is lol. I love watching movies because they're great for putting me in the mood. Singing songs does it too. There are so many of either to choose from. I don't like snow all that much anyway but I still like seeing it in pictures or on TV. Don't like the cold lol. If I could have my way, it would snow and still be warm but that wouldn't work so well, would it? So I guess I just have to take the cold like everyone else. Or move to the warmer states lol.

We have 24 more days left to the big Day. The most important day of the year. Well, one of two. This is the day when a very important Man was born. Everyone turned His mother down while she was in labor, telling her there was no room for her. So Jesus was born in a manger, a barn with all the animals. On this day, a star shined so bright that it led three men to the special birthplace of our Savior. They worshiped Him with the finest gifts they knew. That's how the giving of gifts on Christmas began. So while you're wrapping gifts to give to your loved ones, remember someone else and wrap your heart so He has a gift to open as well.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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