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   Today 3/4/14

A few more people have subscribed to my newsletters and to those people (and who are already there) I say thank you! This month is my birthday month! In this issue for March, I went with a St. Patrick's Day theme so you'll see some green and some flowers lol. I've already posted this month's Author which I hope you enjoyed. Check out her books!

Next month is April first, and no its not a Fool's Day issue. Easter is the theme, as you may have guessed. Its not too early to sign up for it, or for any issues for that matter. If you sign up this month, I'll send you March's issue right away! And if you'd like to check out any earlier issues, just let me know. I can go back as far as Jan 2013. I try to keep a copy of all my issues for that reason lol. Thank you very much everyone!!!!

 Posted on 10-13-13
My newsletters are still going strong. This month, I went with a scary theme for Halloween. Ghosts and bats lol. Okay, so its not so scary but the information is still interesting. Its not too late to subscribe. Even if its the last day of the month, if you want the current issue and get the next issue on the first, let me know.

November 1 is scheduled to be my next issue. I can hardly wait to share it with you. Thanksgiving is a factor of the theme with this one. I think that's one thing you can expect from me. When the holidays come up, they are featured lol. But I've done something new for this issue, something you can have some fun with. Its not all about writing in November. I don't think December will be either which is why a special issue will be coming out on the first of the year! So if you haven't subscribed yet, please please do so now so you won't miss that issue. Thank you!!!!!

Posted on 6/14/13

Since I've went back to making my newsletters, I've been trying some new things. I'm hoping to get people to participate with me on them. I've added a whole section called, "Something to Think About". Each month I'll come up with something to make you think, maybe even react. I hope some of my topics aren't too controversial but then again if it makes you think then maybe I've done my job. I know its not related to writing in any way but these are things I've pondered at one time or another so it is related to me I guess lol.

And of course, I've added a section here to my blog that gives you a sneak peak of my newsletters. You get two whole pages to check out. I have a total of 9 pages in my newsletter. Of course, some months I may include extra pages. Those are the special editions lol.

Every month I will be including an interview with another writer. That is something I've done since day one and I've enjoyed it fully. It is a hard job to get noticed with everything us writers have to compete with. Besides competing with each other, we have to fight other things to get your attention. There's the computer with all the bells and whistles it has to offer. By the way, you can download books and read them on your computer too. There's television and all our favorite shows and movies. And even the radio can steal you away from our books. Shopping, working, parties, school, and so much more take your attention from our books. I take pleasure out of introducing new writers to you. People, otherwise you'd never know about and hopefully you'll be turned towards one of their books as well.

Also in each newsletter I throw in a book that I've actually read! Yes, I read now. Not as often as I'd like but I have read a few books here and there. I actually sat down and read all of the Twilight Saga books. It took me a little time but I did read those big books. I don't think I'll read anything that's longer though lol. It does reveal a little more about me, the things I like or don't like.

And as always (since day one) I include a section on writing because its who I am. I do have a lot of writers who subscribe to my newsletters but that's not why I added that section. I wanted to open the world of writing to those who don't write so they can see writing isn't as easy as putting a pen to paper. Okay, sometimes it can be easy but its not as easy as you may think lol. There's more to it than just writing something on paper, or typing.

And of course, I throw in some extra things into each issue to make each month different. The layout is always different and I try to change up the theme of my issues as well. If you would like to subscribe, I've added a little section on here to do that. If you're a writer and have a book published (even if its self-published), I'd love to include you in one of my newsletters. Send me an email and I'll get back with you with a full set of questions for one of my issues. Please include your name, or pen name if its different, your website or blog, and the title(s) of the book(s) you have published and I'll send you questions that relate to you.

Thank you!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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