Monday, March 25, 2013

I'm ready for Spring!

Happy Easter!

This is an old picture of me and my husband but I wanted to share it in hopes it brings warmer weather and soon lol. Of course, not much has changed since this picture was taken. My hair, I think is the only difference. It was taken before my first book came out when we lived in a trailer park in Muncie, Indiana. The trailer park isn't there anymore but the memories linger on in my mind. A few months later, Cursed Blood was accepted, my hair was longer and I went back to having brown hair for a while. Its back to blonde again now lol.

My newsletter will be coming out soon. For some reason, I was thinking Easter was in April so now you know what a part of my next issue looks like lol. The banner and one of the pages has this background lol. But that's the only hint you'll be getting! If you want to see the newsletter for yourself, please subscribe and I'll send you a free issue straight to your inbox (email).

I just wanted to get you ready for spring, the weather will soon follow (I hope!).

Happy Easter everyone!!

A. R. Grosjean

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