Thursday, January 3, 2013

Lost and Found

A quite a few months ago, I was in a clothing bank, sorting through some clothes. I spotted a shirt I used to have in my own closet and memories flooded back to me from those days when I used to have this shirt. Low and behold the shelves opened up and I stepped into a room where all the things I had lost were waiting for me to find once again. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw all those things that I wished I hadn't lost. Someone had called my name and took me out of the trance I was in. I was mad because I was almost out of the room with an armful of clothes I missed lol.

That was when the book "Lost and Found" hit me. Could you imagine what you would do if you found a room like that? Oh my God, the possibilities! Well Kathy became obsessed with the room, just like I imagined I would if it really happened to me. I'm not a materialistic kind of person but when you lose an entire wardrobe because someone told you someone threw it out due to a flood, and then find out no they hadn't but you were suppose to go get it and that person was suppose to tell you that; you would be upset too. Yeah, it really happened and its in the book too! I put a lot of me into this one because over the years I have lost a lot of stuff, I mean a lot. You know, there really is a black hole in the back of the closet. I've had closets that literally swallowed some of my things. In this book, I was able to find those things and get some closer but it takes a very special man in this book to help me see that, well I mean Kathy lol.

I'm still working on this one but I'm having fun opening each box to see what else I can find. Not really. Its not all about this room, its also about a marriage that goes bad because of this obsession. No one believes Kathy that she found this magical room because she's the only one that sees it. When she pulls out things that shouldn't be there because they were destroyed, her husband believes but now he's against her for doing what she's doing--reclaiming lost items. In the real world, when you lose something, someone else finds it. Sometimes it saves their lives, sometimes it changes them, sometimes it fills in those empty gaps we sometimes get. By her reclaiming them, the item becomes lost to that person. Will Kathy break that balance? Will she even care? Will her obsession destroy her and her family?

I really don't know but I'm having fun finding out and I think you will too! I'm about 20K in so we'll see how it ends and then we'll see what the publishers think!

A.R. Grosjean

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