Monday, December 9, 2013

Just saying Hello

We're already 9 days into the month. Here's a little something to help you get ready for the holidays. Its not a little ornament, just something you can hang from a tree. A giant tree that is lol. Looks like it got stuck in the ground, don't it? Well maybe it did, maybe it didn't lol. Use your imagination. It would have to have come from a really big tree. This thing was bigger than my whole body lol. 

Maybe it came from a tree in Gulliver's Travels. That would have been a sight to see. I finally saw the movie and it was really cool. Its one of those movies I'd see again. I remember the story from when I was a kid so seeing the movie in today's time was really cool. 

So have you been decorating your tree yet? I hope you're enjoying the season so far! See you again soon!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Count Down to Christmas

Well its officially Christmas Season so with that being said, Merry Christmas!!!!

Now its time to rush and get our gifts for the people we love or like a whole lot, even like just a little lol. This is the time of year where people tend to smile a little more and care more. I wish it was a year around thing but for some its not. Its also a time of year where we spend a lot of money, whether we want to or not. For those who do watch their spending, keep your eyes out for the big sales. They'll be here and there and I'm sure you'll get that one gift you're wanting for the right price. Just hang in there.

I really enjoy this time of the month because its gives me an excuse to get things for people. When I have the money that is lol. I love watching movies because they're great for putting me in the mood. Singing songs does it too. There are so many of either to choose from. I don't like snow all that much anyway but I still like seeing it in pictures or on TV. Don't like the cold lol. If I could have my way, it would snow and still be warm but that wouldn't work so well, would it? So I guess I just have to take the cold like everyone else. Or move to the warmer states lol.

We have 24 more days left to the big Day. The most important day of the year. Well, one of two. This is the day when a very important Man was born. Everyone turned His mother down while she was in labor, telling her there was no room for her. So Jesus was born in a manger, a barn with all the animals. On this day, a star shined so bright that it led three men to the special birthplace of our Savior. They worshiped Him with the finest gifts they knew. That's how the giving of gifts on Christmas began. So while you're wrapping gifts to give to your loved ones, remember someone else and wrap your heart so He has a gift to open as well.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting Ready for the Holidays?

Yep, its that time again! Snow will be coming soon, for some its already here! But that's not what I wanted to talk about this time around. Nope. Its holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving. For those who already received my newsletter know that lol. If you want this month's copy please let me know. I have plenty to go around, for free. No need to link back or anything. Just enjoy!

This is the time of year where people begin to feel a little more generous. A little more caring, thoughtful of others. Its really sad because we should be like that all year around, not just during November and December. Give a little love everyday because you never know, it could be the last. You want to be remembered as a good person, right? I'm not telling you how to live your life, you're going to do what you want no matter what I say. Its just an idea, something to think about.

Anyway, the stores are all packed with goodies, something new for the holidays. I remember growing up, every Christmas we'd get a new ornament for the tree. Traditions are great for this time of the year. Some are passed down from generation to generation. Its not much but it means a lot to each person in the family. Memories made and cherished from years to pass.

Gathering around the table one or two times a year to hold hands during that special prayer. Talking to one another during the hot meal, complimenting each other on the great recipes made to share. Opening our minds to each other, sharing our new year's resolutions. And then we forget them when the new year comes around lol. Sometimes, we don't forget and push ourselves to commit to them because of that special promise like to lose that weight, or clean out the garage, or finish that written book.

Yep, its that time of year again. If its not too early, I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! May you enjoy your time with your family and friends, make new memories with them and cherish the old.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Started New Book plus New Updates

Well I've started yet another book. This one is called "The Death Retreat". Its a retreat for adults on an island that isn't owned by anyone. Each couple answered an ad with a RSVP. No phones allowed nor will they work. One by one (well two by two), people are murdered. No one seems to notice until..........

I haven't gotten that far. Some of the characters seem to want this book erotica but I don't know if I want it in that genre so I figured I'd finish writing the rough draft and then read it over to see if it should go either way. I've got a long way to go at the moment so we'll just have to see. I do know one thing, someone's gotta survive but I don't know who or why. And I'm not even sure the motive just yet. In time, it will be revealed to me, when the motive is ready to come to me, that is. But anyway, I just wanted to share this so far.

Another thing. My oldest daughter has decided to write a book too. I think that is just sooooo cool. I can't wait to read what she's created. Maybe I could help her out and make it the best she can make it so it can be published. That would be so awesome. I'm talking about editing, of course. I don't want her to change her ideas, just make them better. That's what writers do. They absorb people's opinions about their works and then make changing on how they choose will work. If she doesn't want my opinion, I'll be happy too. Just knowing she wants to be like me, make me feel so good. I'm a very happy Mom right now!!!!! My youngest wants to be a teacher when she grows up which is also very very cool. I'm proud of all my babies!!

I'm working on another issue for my newsletter. The next one coming out will be on November 1, 2013. If you haven't signed up yet, its not too late. I'd love to have you. You can never have too many friends or fans!

Another book that's in the process of going through my mind is a battle between aliens and one young lady. A magical septor has landed on Earth. Who ever possesses this object with life in itself inherits the power it holds within. She must protect it at all costs, even if it means becoming the septor itself. Can she withstand the power or will it consume her? That's all I got so far. It came from a dream and I think it was very interesting to say the least.

A. R. Grosjean

Monday, September 16, 2013

Calling All Writers......

I'm getting close to the end of my list of published authors to add to my newsletter issues so I'm asking all published authors/poets and even song writers (inspired by my own daughter) to come on and let's get you interviewed. I'll devote an entire page or two, to you and your work. If it doesn't take an entire page, that's fine, I just want to make sure there's enough space for your work.

Send me an email at for your interview. Please let me know your pen name and title(s) of your work. That is the ones that are published at the time you've sent the email. If something is in the works of being published, that counts. Let me know the release date as soon as you can though. Any links to your websites or blogs would be great so I can study your works as well. It may help with more questions if I need them.

If you know of any published writers too, send them my way. There's no cost for this. I know how hard it is to find new readers so we can use all the help we can get as writers. And I don't mind sharing my readers and fans with you. After all, if we can read more than one book, so can all of those other people lol.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you!!!!!

A. R. Grosjean