Sunday, December 9, 2012

16 Days To Christmas

Just a little over 2 weeks before Christmas Day! I'm not going to count the days down on the blog but I just wanted to point it out to you lol. I'm very anxious to see if there will be any snow on that day. I'm sure there will be somewhere.

Between now and the day before, there's a lot to be done. All those last minute shopping days. Stores are so busy this time of year. Sales coming out of the wazoo, just to get your attention. And then you have to be smart because some sales are to just get you in the store, then they attract you to other stuff that you don't really need but the price looks like its on sale when it really isn't just because of the location in the store. You have to be smarter than the store and they're counting on you not to be.

I can't remember where I heard it or read it but I learned that some stores anticipate how the shopper moves around the store so they place certain things in certain places around that path to get your attention first. I actually thought that was interesting. I guess you're suppose to head to the right once you're inside the store. When I heard that, I started thinking......I don't always head in the same direction. Sometimes I go straight into the store, sometimes to the left and sometimes to the right. In that case, the person who thought this "map direction" would be completely wrong for me. That means the things they intended for me to see first may never be seen at all because I don't always see the entire store before leaving. And I'm sure that's true for most shoppers.

So while you go shopping, remember their stragedy to get you to buy more and remember your own. Stick to what you went there for and don't get sucked into the "sales" scheme. Be sure to know the right price for the item before assuming its on sale. Items on end caps aren't always sale items. That's a shopping trap right there for instance. They are placed there for easier targeting for shoppers in a hurry for deals. But then again, I know you're smarter than that, right?

In other words, be safe. And have a very Merry Christmas!!!! And a Happy New Year!!!


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