Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hello everyone! New Update!

Hello everyone, its Amber! How's everyone doing this summer? Hot? Just think, summer is only begun! I can't believe it either lol.

Anyways.........I just wanted to remind you that I have a new blog. Its a blog/website for now. At least until I decide to go with someone else lol. This way I can talk to my fans while giving them the information they need.

So if you don't mind, come on over and check it out. It has a cool background with a matching banner. I just added a page with Peterson Estate's excerpt so you can read a little about my latest book. Its a year old now (I just can't believe it lol).

If you're following this blog, please go ahead and follow that one because I'll be deleting this one pretty soon. I would love to get some ideas to add pages to the new one so it will always be fresh. And of course, there is already a reading list page so people can see how active I am with books that I've read. I'm reading a new one right now about a murderer whose going around killing people in culd-de-sacs (spelling is off there lol)

I'm hoping to start my newsletters back up in August too! That is if everything works out. I'm still working on that at this time but its looking promising. I'll be sending an email to everyone on my list as a reminder when I know for sure. If not, it will be soon! Thank you for being so patient!

See you soon!


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