Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Been Awhile lol

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry its been so long since I've blogged lol. Been terribly busy (you know private stuff lol). Anyway, I'm slowly getting things back on track but its going to take a little while longer before things get to be normal again. Life--you can't hate it all the time but you sure can't love it all the time either. Doesn't that just drive you nuts?

Ok, so I'm actually doing something new now! Guess what? I'm actually reading!!!! Yes, I have a list of books that I have read and enjoyed. I will eventually add that list here (forgot to bring it with me lol). I really miss hanging out with all of you and hopefully soon I will be able to do that again.

So as you may already know, my website is down and I'm really sorry about that. As a temporary one, I'm building a new "blog" here which will be a substitute until one gets redone for me. My information will be there. I'm also changing my pen name to just A.R. Grosjean to make it a little shorter. There's this new book I'm getting ready to start on, have to do the research for it first, but it will be a great story about a train. Will have suspense and thiller to it! Of course, adults and young adults will enjoy this one but I have to get to writing it first. Then I can tell you what its about! I have a feeling this one will be the next best seller!!!! We can only hope, right?


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