Thursday, May 27, 2010

An Exciting Adventure Awaits!

As you may already know, I am the creator for a site being held on Ning (its pictured above). Well, due to some changes (Ning is charging creators to keep sites going), and with a little (or a lot lol) of help, I am making some major changes with this group and keeping it on the network! This is how the site looked going into the spring season. The new look is coming very soon!

Besides the new look, there are other things being changed and added to the site! I've created our own toolbar, you know one of those things that sits at the top of the Internet Browser like IE or Firefox. And the toolbar was free so now I can share it with my members for free! I'm a member for other sites on Ning as well and have those sites on the toolbar as well. These sites share many members so it makes it easier for them to keep tags on everything without bookmarking each site! Also on the toolbar, I've included Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Preditor & Editor which is a great site for writers looking for publishers and agents, and more! There's even the weather! And of course, our site is also linked on the toolbar!

Besides the toolbar, I have created a W4A on Facebook to help the members market their books they've published and to network there as well! It helps spread the word about their great accomplishments or find help getting to that big goal of becoming published! You know me, I'm all about helping people!! This is a huge step for me in doing just that!

And of course, once I begin the new look and have a paid site on Ning, I will be sending out newsletters as well. To help pay for the site, I will be asking for donations which will be very small so no one has to worry about breaking the bank. With the economy the way it is right, everyone needs a little help and we know how finances can be really tight which is why we're only asking for a donation on the site. A dollar here for one thing, a couple dollars for something else will go a long way and keep the site going so we can help more people! Nothing will ever go in our pockets, it will stay right on the site which makes it a non-profit deal.

Growing up I always wanted to save the world. I know now it was unrealistic but in a way, I still want to do that. Since I am a writer and learned things the hard way (by making mistakes lol), I learned that maybe saving the world was a bit of a stretch and now I just want to save those from making the same mistakes I've made. Its a lot different than I originally planned but its a start. More people happy means less people miserable so in a way I am doing what I dreamed, just on a different level lol. And at the same time, I can keep writing!!

I invite all writers, publishers, agents, editors, etc to the site. Let's see if helping others can become contagious!

Thank you everyone!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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