Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You Know Me, Always Changing the Look!

Yep, I figured it was time for another change! This time, its a bit closer to the Spring touch. I only hope you like this new change lol. Two of my children like these colors so I thought I'd cater to them for my fresh look for the new season!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! I'm busy working on the next newsletter and working on my new seminar over at Writing 4 All on the Ning Network. It ties with my other writing site although the two looks are quite different lol. A good friend of mine designed the background which part of is at the top of this page lol. I wanted to tie them together a little. She does such good work!!!

Anyway, I'm still waiting for Peterson Estate to be released. I hate waiting but those printers sure do like to take their time lol. The publisher wants to make sure everything looks okay before they agree on the date so it should be in its final stage before it comes to the release. Then you all will get a change to see if for yourselves. I do hope you enjoy it. I know I do!!! This is truly my favorite book and once you read it, you will understand why!

And you will see how twisted my imagination is if you don't already lol. You can do so much with magic, its not even funny. Sometimes, I wished I could do the things those characters can do. I know life would be easier, right? Just kidding lol.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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