Friday, March 19, 2010

Are You Ready 4 Spring?

Time for swimming is almost upon us, unless you're inside with a warm pool lol. Oh, yes, spring is upon us! I'm sure you can smell it in the air. The sweet colors of green grass, leaves are blooming as we speak. The fresh scent of flowers are next! The days are already longer as the sun rises early and sets just a little late so we have more day to enjoy! The fish are begging to be caught. Picnics are waiting to be shared. The BBQ grill is sitting in the back yard, waiting to be fired up. And birds are practicing their songs! There's so much in the air waiting to be born for a new year!

Hopefully Mother Nature has something nice in store for us as we grow anxious to take out our shorts and store away our winter coats. Visits to the zoo will be nice with our loved ones. Going to the park just to smell the night air will be wonderful. A day at the beach is almost but a dream. But its almost real, just a little time more!

Some schools have already let their students go for Spring Break! That always means spring is near, if not already here. The warm wind kisses our cheeks welcoming us to the outdoors! Pretty soon the camper will share our company! Ok, I'm getting even more anxious with all this talk of spring.

Happy Spring everyone! I can't wait to share more!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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