Monday, February 22, 2010

Newest Book Coming in March!


This is just a sample of the cover. They put the wrong name in so the publisher is making those changes and then sending it off to the printer! But this will be the full jacket when it is finished, other than the bottom part where I changed the name.
Once the cover is finished and the editing part is finished, it will take 2 weeks for the sample copy to be done. This is the part where they will check to make sure it printed properly. They are shooting for a release date in March 2010! So now March will be even more special for me because it is also the month of my birthday!!!!!

Peterson Estate is a great book for adults and young adults. It is filled with enchantment and twists. Emily Peterson is a witch but she's more than that. She's the Great Witch who's birth was foretold centuries before she was born. She must protect her family from the evil that comes from her own home before she can protect the world and save it from that same evil. But will she be able to face this evil when she finds out who's behind it? Someone in her own family will betray her? Who will it be? And will good conquer evil this time?

I'm very excited for this book to be coming out. I've been waiting for this day for over 10 years! I finally got it perfect. Learn about a boy who can read within his first few months of his life! Learn about a boy with no name who befriended an Indian before he died. Learn what happened to the Indians who owned the land before the castle was built there by a man who bought a fallen castle from a far away land and rebuilt it exactly how it was before without ever seeing how it before it collapsed. Also learn about the two sisters who once owned that same castle before Emily's family bought it. Keep in mind that this book is fantasy lol.

I have bonded with these characters. Emily, Tabetha, Jill, Mandy, Aunt Jane, Alex, Alicia, Mike, Jim, and more. I think you will too. They are very memorable, especially Emily. A temporary excerpt has been placed on my website. It will be replaced with a new excerpt sometime in March before the book is released. Please enjoy! The release date will be known very soon!!!!!
Thank you!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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