Monday, November 30, 2009

An Update to Share!

Yes, I have gone blond again lol. That's my first update!

Another update is that my first round of edits is almost complete with my new publisher! I'm very excited about this!

I have joined another online site where there's a section all about me and my work. Its been placed there so people may ask me questions about my writing and future books. Please pay it a visit. Here's the link!

In March 2010, I will be having a writing seminar! It will be held on this site as well! The direct link will be placed here as well as other places when the time comes so please keep an eye out for that! If you ever wanted to write a novel but didn't know where to start or what to write about, this is the seminar for you! I will be discussing it in an upcoming newsletter so keep an eye out for that as well! Remember, my issues come out on the first of every month!

Don't forget about my other books; Cursed Blood, Stolen Identity, and Spawn of the Curse! You can get them online. Amazon is the most popular. Thank you!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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