Monday, September 7, 2009

Cursed Blood is still available for those who've missed it

This is the first book I published, a couple years now. It's still available online for those who want to read it. A little about the book...

Donna is not an ordinary woman. When she was conceived, a demon was present in the room. Demons are evil, we know that. This demon is no exception. Starting with Donna's birth anyone who is around her on her birthday, dies. Her mother was the first victim to the curse. The curse doesn't care who anyone is, it attacks on the same day no matter where Donna is.

She's tried running from herself, hoping she can save inocent people. Donna's heart is big despite of the evil that runs through her veins. She cares about the people who meet their fate because of her. Because of this curse, she has lost everyone she's ever cared about--her mother, father, friends, and even lovers. As time passes, she builds a wall around her heart. When she meets Jack, an FBI agent, she begins to trust him. Will the wall come crumbling down?

Can the FBI save her or will the cure they promise be the only thing that can destroy her? They say love conquers all. Is that really true? Can love bring Jack and Donna together and give them a happy ending or will love be the end of Jack?


Ok, I can't ruin it for you. Actually, I really could but I won't because I want you to enjoy this book. Seriously, I do. I enjoyed writing it, even through the bad parts (without knowing the outcome, mind you). This book is based on a nightmare which I had and it was inspired by my real life. So read the book to see what I was about. Yes, I'm twisted but that's not it lol. Enjoy!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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