Friday, August 28, 2009

Surprised my Hubby

Yesterday we had to go to the store. First we went to Kmart because it was next to the grocery store. We both did our own shopping and he showed me an outfit he was about to get. Cowboys everything lol. After he paid and left, I rushed to the men's department and found the exact same thing in my size (well as close as I could get). After I put my things in the back of the van, I found him in the grocery store and helped him get the rest of our food.
On the way home, I told him not to look in my bags because I got something sexy and wanted to surprise him. Of course, you could imagine what he was thinking so I just smiled so he would continue to believe that lol. When we got home, we put things away, then I said I needed to use the bathroom. He began to prepare the grill so he could cook some hamburgers.
When he walked into the kitchen, I came out wearing the outfit I bought and holding his outfit in front of me so he couldn't see what I was wearing. I asked him to put his clothes on and then pulled them aside so he could see what I had on. The look on his face was priceless.
It was really hard keeping this secret from him without blirting it out on the way home. He was talking about how his shirt was too small and that after we washed it a couple times it would be mine. I even made a mistake by asking if the shorts he got were the ones that had the same pattern as his pants (he bought shorts too) but he didn't catch it lol. He loved his surprise though and was really happy that I did it!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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