Thursday, August 27, 2009

Many Hats

In order for a writer to succeed in the business, he or she has to wear a lot of different hats. One for writing in general (the actual act of writing), one for editing, one for research, one for marketing, and one to hide it all in (there's more on top of these lol). These aren't really hats that you can see though. And many writers wear their hats together at the same time lol. Unlike some jobs where you can quit at the end of the day and go home, writers are writers 24/7. We can't quit at the end of the day and go home, we're still writers lol. Even in our sleep, many writers continue to work pondering or dreaming which can lead to a new book or get us out of the strut we're in at the time.
As many hats there are, I have even more than some writers may have. And some may have even more than me lol. I write in many different genres so with each genre, add another hat. Some people ask me if I get confused when I bounce back and forth between my different stories. The answer is no, I don't. This is why. When I write a story, I litterally put myself in the characters' shoes. I will read the last paragraph or page and then continue on writing as if I hadn't stopped before. Since nothing is planned, I am new to the story as it progresses unless I am wearing the editor hat in which I've already been through the story so now I'm just improving it.
Because every writer works differently, I suggest you don't copy me but instead find your perfectly fitted hat(s). Some writers prefer to write one book at a time, then edit, then write more. Some prefer editing while writing one book at a time. And then there are some like me whether they edit at the same time or afterwards like I do. All hats come in different sizes. Some for children, some for young adult, some for adult, and some that can be worn in multiple sizes. And as your writing grows, more things get stuffed into the hats where they are stored (your brain actually lol). So there's another hat for the writer--the learning hat. This is the only hat that will grow with you as you write. Practice is the best way to learn and grow as a writer. Reading too which is another hat lol. I can go on about these different hats we all wear as writers lol.
If you are just starting out, please learn all the basics about writing, and all the hats you should have. Reading books on writing can help, talking to other writers will too. And what works for one writer may not work for another. So as you write, keep learning and stick with what works for you. If you don't find the perfect fitting hat on the first try, keep trying! You will eventually get it as long as you never give up. Remember, dreams really really do come true!!!!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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