Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4th Set: 4th Installment: Marketing Tips

Marketing your books can be very rewarding. When you're out there, sharing your books with the rest of the world, sometimes you do meet someone who actually read your book. And when that person comes up to you and tells you something about that book that you didn't even know was in it, you become really suprised. This really happened to me with my first book, Cursed Blood. She was telling me about the relationship between Jack and Donna and then said that at first she thought there was going to be something between J and Donna (Jack's father). I was totally surprised to hear that but it was nice hearing her interprentation.
Whether the people are right or wrong, how they react to each story is from their personal lives, the way they interact with others. It really is a beautiful thing to meet someone who took something from your story and took it to heart. Embrace these moments, talk to these people. Enjoy their presence as they are yours. Offer to sign their book too. Something like that will be more cherished to them than anything else and will be remembered when your next book comes out.
When writing more than one book, just remember you do improve your skills so keep it up and never let it down. This should be done like breathing--never ending. The pay may not be great but the rewards are worth more than money! Don't forget--never pass at a chance to share your book(s) with someone else. Giving away free copies can also help, just don't go overboard with that lol. And choose wisely when giving away free copies too. If someone praises you, they will tell others about your book, making more sales. One free book could lead to 5 purchases so you never know. And one of those people could end up writing a review!
Besides the physical world, there is the Internet so make it your friend. Join writing groups, chat rooms, and other social places where you can freely talk to others about your books. Add your website URL to everything; signiture in your email and blog, add it to your profile in all your sites you belong to, and more. If you can find a place to put, do it. Even visit other websites and remark what you think about them (positive remark) and add your URL to that as well. Go to the websites that have the same books as you write though, that way you will get visiters following those links.
Remember to have fun. This may be a job but its also your life. Enjoy the process, love the process, and flow with the process!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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