Monday, August 10, 2009

4th Set: 3rd Installment: Marketing Tips

For those who have a small budget, marketing can feel almost impossible at times. I know the feeling. But there's hope! If you have a printer and have access to a printer, there's things you can do on your own! Here's some things, plus you can use your imagination and find more ways! If you do, please share with us here!!!

  • Make your own business cards. Using your own computer and printer saves times and money plus now you can use both sides of the cards! You can the cover of your book or even your own picture. You can make any design you want. Granted, the quality isn't going to be perfect like the ones are in those stores you order from but you're saving money and that's important with these times!

  • Clothing can be made or at least the design on them lol. Again, using your computer and printer with an iron and those iron-on transfers, you can put the cover of your book on countless of things including bags!

  • Make your book a magnet. You can get shiny or flat appearance magnets and they are safe to be around your computer. Load it like paper, one sheet at a time and print your picture straight onto the magent sheet as you would paper! Cut it out and add it to your fridge. They make great gifts for people who have the book and for book signings!

  • Same goes for stickers. And the great thing about stickers is the ideas can go further. Add a special touch for your book by adding a sticker that goes inside it that says "This Book Belongs To" with a line to add the name.

Just as I did here--------------->
I used one of the characters from the cover to add to it for an extra look! You can do that too right on your computer!

There are many ways to do it yourself and this is a short list. Bookmarks can be added to it as well! And the list can keep going. You are only limited by what your computer can do and your knowledge to make it work. Good luck and keep your mind open!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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