Sunday, August 9, 2009

4th Set: 2nd Installment: Marketing Tips

It doesn't matter who a writer publishes with, marketing is something a writer must always do in order to increase his/her own sales. It doesn't matter what genres this writer works in or what audience intended to read these books; marketing should never be avoided. You should never count on someone else to do this job. It is part of being a writer just as writing the book is, and editing the book is. Learn as much as you can before you even publish your first book so you're prepared for the new battle and can beat each task.

  • Never pass up a chance to spread the word about your book.
  • Use every tool at your disposal including family and friends. Even make new friends along the way.
  • Learn as you go. Be creative! Read books on marketing.
  • Visit other websites and learn how their sites work and create your own website that stands out.
  • Have business cards and be eagar to pass them out at a moment's notice.
  • Keep extra copies of books on hand in case someone wants to purchase a copy from you and be sure to sign it for them while they watch (ask them for the spelling of their name, even if its a common name). Sarah, Sara; common name with more than one way to spell it! And always keep your books clean and bent-free!
  • Always be friendly and professional when around others. People remember cruel people even more and that isn't a good thing. Sometimes using comedy can help! They may remember the joke, therefore remembering you in one way or another!
  • Get family from other cities to pass out flyers or business cards in their areas (be sure to give them copies of your book too).
  • People who buy your books are how you are paid so always respect them and be sure to thank them!
  • Booksignings are a good way to get noticed! Even book readings help!
  • Getting your book inside actual stores are good too! It gets the book where people can actually flip through the pages before they buy it, helping you in the long run!

I don't want to give you too much so this is enough for now. Two more installments of this topic coming up! And then who knows what I will talk about! You have to keep coming back if you want to read more lol! Thank you!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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