Friday, August 7, 2009

3rd Set: 4th Installment: Pub./Agent Tips

Whether you're trying to find a publisher or an agent, you always need to remember you're a professional. Once you become a published author, you will be a professional writer so get into practice now.

  • Don't use fancy type (font) or paper. Don't use perfume and don't send gifts. They hate that and will reject you on the spot.
  • Always double space lines. Publishers and agents read all day long, their eyes do get sore after a while, keeping it double spaced helps keep their eyes from going bad.
  • Make sure your first paragraph is enough to make them read more. There must be something that catches their eye.
  • Publishers and agents are looking for reasons to reject writers. It is your job to prevent that from happening. Give them reasons to keep you, not reject you.
  • Wait 3 to 6 weeks before assuming anything if you don't hear back by that time. If you don't hear back by 6 weeks, send them an email saying if they have any questions or need more information, you can have it back to them asap. Do not ask about your manuscript. Give them your title and name with a professional letter but nothing more. Don't bug them. Remember, they read all day and will be swamped with other manuscripts. It is possible that they haven't gotten to yours yet so don't give them anymore reasons to say no thank you to you.
  • If they read your work and ask you to make changes, minor or major, you must ask yourself how important it is to make those changes. How do you feel about making them? If you become someone who is hard to work with (someone who doesn't make any changes), word gets around quick and other publishers will refuse you but on the other hand, sometimes it is good to stick your guns. Your story is yours. Anything that will benefit your story is worth doing. Just remember, publishers are about making sales. If they feel your story is worth making some changes, consider them at least. Good things come to those who compromise!

Ok, absorb this information. Good luck in your search and I truly hope you find that publisher or agent that does you some good! In the next installments, I will be talking about marketing so don't miss that! And be sure to visit my websites! Thank you!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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