Thursday, August 6, 2009

3rd Set: 3rd Installment: Pub./Agent Tips

With all the writers coming into this profession, it seems publishers are becoming smaller and harder to get into with our writing. Some are taking the self-publishing route while others are fighting to become published. Does this make us any less published than those who are signed with a publisher? Some say yes while others say no.

Look at the music industry. There are more and more artists coming out and making their own music, putting it on CD themselves and distributing it themselves. Does that make them any less performers? No it doesn't. In this day in age, its beginning to become more acceptable to be self-published. Just remember this--if you decide to take this route, there's more work to be done on your end if you want your book to succeed. You have to edit the book or hire an editor (this may not be cheap). You have to design the cover or hire someone to do this (again, won't be cheap). Then you have to do all the marketing on top of this unless again you hire someone else to do this. Of course, in any form of publishing, you should always market your books!

There is no shame in having your book self-published. If your book is good, it isn't going to matter how its published. Its all in the marketing, how well you're salesperson because once your book is published, that's what you are. Just remember to be a professional at all times!

Now if you decide to publish with a traditional publisher as many writers before have done in the past and will continue long after you're gone, than just remember this: its not personal. Tell yourself after each rejection and you will be okay. I'm serious, if you keep working hard, keep learning from your mistakes, keep editing to make your story perfect, and keep writing; you will get published either traditionally or yourself.

Either way, you're not going to become rich over night. This is one profession you do it because you enjoy it. Write your book, publish it, then sell it. More about marketing later....

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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