Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello, hello!

It looks like a nice day today so I thought I would send a little note just to say hello! This was the wallpaper for my computer for a few days lol. I took this picture one sunny day just outside my front door. A tree kept getting in the way so I had 4 attempts until I finally got this picture. What do you think? If you can save pics off this blog, go ahead and take this one for your computer! Great for rainy days lol.

Ok, I've updated my website again. Remember, add my toolbar so you can get quick updates at a moment's notice. You also have access to my website with one click, my news page, this blog, Ning network (my site), 2 message boards (one I own), grouply, myspace, twitter, and more; all with one click directly from the toolbar. Plus, I've added chat, games, and Fox news. And you can get the weather for your area. I'm still looking for things to add and you can add your own stuff to it. Also, I've added my newsletter to the download's page so if you haven't read July's issue, you can now.

Well, the funeral is over now. They are still showing the highlights of it for those who couldn't see it yesterday. It was very touching when Jackson's daughter spoke. I think it was the first time she ever had in public like that. She's 11 years old so she's the same age as my oldest daughter, well almost. Faythe is a year older. She's taller than me, did you know that? My own daughter stands taller than 5'2 which is how tall I am. I think she's about 5'4 just looking at her. She takes after her daddy lol. His whole family is tall!

Yeah, the king of pop will be missed but he will live on through his music. He did do a lot for the music community. As a man, I'm not sure if I like him or not but I did like his music. He could sing and perform. 30 years from now, we'll still be talking about him just like Elvis. Speaking of which, do you hear about Elvis? He put in a transfer! Guess there's only room for one king lol.

Ok, that's enough for this blog today. I'll be posting again soon! Thank you and enjoy the sunny day!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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