Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st Installment: Writing Tips

In celebration of being included in a book, I decided to have a series of writing posts....In this post, I would like to give a few tips on writing for those who are just starting out and need a little encouragement and tips.

  • Always write in your own pace. There is no rule on how to write in general. Be yourself, write the way you feel comfortable, and never sell yourself short. Work hard and set your own schedule and just keep writing. Reading always helps. If you write Romance, read a lot of romance to learn how its done. Do not copy that author, find your own voice using that author only as a guide. A lot of writers, use part of themselves in their books. That will come to you. Your experiences, your thoughts, and your own abilities will shine through on their own. Its quite fascinating how that happens!
  • Don't try to rush through the process. When its time to edit, edit slowly making sure you get all the errors (there will be some, no one is perfect). Don't worry about the editing process until you're at that point. Wear one hat at a time. Be the writer first, write your story. Once the last word has been produced, go through it and just read it. Do not read from the screen, print it out and read it. Don't make corrections yet, just read as if you're reading it for the first time. Now when that's over, put on the editing hat and begin editing from page one. Eventually, you will be able to wear more than one hat at a time (reader and editor) but as you're beginning, try one at a time to get a feel of things. When you're ready, move forward and try to read and edit at the same time. Do what works for you in the end.
  • Do lots of research. Even fictional stories need some truth in them. If you have doctors in your story, make sure what they do in the story is logical. Same goes for any other profession in the story, make sure its logical. Keep your character's actions true to their personalities and who they are. And remember, no one is perfect so create some flaws with your character too. An easy way to learn about people is by watching them. Go to a place where that's possible and just watch them, listen to their conversations, and be silent. Don't let on that's what you're doing though lol. Read books that help in this process as well. Libraries are filled with different subjects on professions. Find the profession you want and study it. Once you understand that profession, you will learn what kind of people who would work in that profession.
  • And remember, writing can be very stressful, like any other job out there. Get a membership at your local fitness place. Or take a jog through your local park. Do what ever it is that helps you release your own stress. Mine is singing lol so that's what I do when I can. Writing is physical and mental so stay healthy on both ends. And be sure to drink plenty of water.

Ok, that's enough to get you started. I will return with more tips for you. If you need more, now, please check my writing site at

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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