Friday, June 26, 2009

Website Has Been Updated!

Hello again! I've updated my website again today. I've added a new feature. Now you can see the website before going there! Just hover over the link and see what it looks like! If you would like to have this feature, click on the link on the bottom of the box that pops up! I've also added the word count for the books I am working on so you can see where I'm at in my goal. I got it from

My next newsletter is getting ready to be released. It has a whole new look to it this coming month. July 1, 2009 is the scheduled released date for that. It will be coming to emails for those who have subscribed. It is free! Its a little late to advertise in this issue but if you want to advertise something in the next issue email me and I will discuss the details with you! That is also free. My email is

I hope everyone is surviving this heat. Please remember, it isn't safe to stay outside all day, under the sun. But if you have to, drink plenty of water and other fluids. Remember what happened to me last summer? That's right, I passed out. I have low blood pressure (hypertension) plus I suffered from dehydration and I was over heated. And I really wasn't outside all that long. It feels hotter this summer already so be careful. I know I have been. I'm actually drinking water lol. I never really did like city water but I'm drinking it. I still have my dizzy spells but that's not related to the heat although sometimes it doesn't help. Its something I've gotten used to over the years.

Ok, that's enough this time around. Here's my website if you want to subscribe to my newsletter or check out my new updates! Thanks again!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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