Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ok Something Kind of Funny...

Here's two of our 3 pets. The white rat is Stuart and he has a brother named Jerry. Yes, we named them after cartoon characters lol. We had them first. Billy (my hubby) went to the store to get some food for them but couldn't find anything for them so he bought a packet of cat food (treat snack) until we could get to the pet store. On the way home, the kitten pictured followed him home. She was covered in burs so we gave her a bath and pulled out the tiny burs. She was purring the whole time (except for the bath part lol)
And now she's made her home with us. She likes the rats as long as they're in the cage lol. Billy had Stuart out and she ran from him lol. She's just a baby so that's all right.
I just thought it was cute how we were adopted!

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