Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cursed Blood is now hardback!

Its every writer's dream--to see their book in hardcover, well I've got some news for you! Cursed Blood now has that hardcover! For you book lovers out there who've got to have hardback, its now your chance to get Cursed Blood for your own collection! Available only through the publisher, sold at the same price as the softcover! Just go to their site and type in the title and go...

I'm very excited to be sharing this news and can't wait to see what this book will look like! I've got my copy coming. I've never seen any of my books in a hardcover so this will be a sight! I'm probably going to be ordering more copies but I wanted to see it first. I know the quality is going to be the same, wonderful! I just can't keep this in!

So many people enjoyed this book which is why I wrote the sequel! If you're one of those people who enjoyed my first book, please read Spawn of the Curse. It finishes off the story well, I think but don't just take my word for it--judge it for yourself and read a copy.

Thank you so much!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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