Friday, May 1, 2009

Newsletter--May 2009

As you know, today is the first! That means, my newsletter was due to come out today. It has been sent out. If you missed it, a copy of the issue will be added to my website on the free downloads page. Keep an eye out for that! It should be added in the next couple days. I want to give my subscribers a chance to see their copies first lol.
Also, on my website is the message board. So far, there isn't any action there but it could be something great! And it's not just for my fans--writers are welcome to pay it a visit and talk about their books, promote them if you want! It's all free!
Something else that's free? I offer space on my newsletter if you would like to advertise something like any announcements (getting another book published, opening a new store, something on sale, anything writing or nonwriting related) or you just want to show off your book or have a booksigning coming up! You supply the art work though lol. Just email me and we can discuss things in detail. The deadline is mid-month to give me time to add it to that month's issue. If there isn't room, I will make room! I can add as many pages as I need! I do my own newsletter so I control everything that goes into it lol.
So here's my email
Ok, see you soon!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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