Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life part 2

You know it's really a shame when there's organizations out there still asking us for money to help people outside the US. What? They think the people here don't? Until the economy get's back where it should be, I think those organizations should change their plans to allow funds for people in dire need here at home. People are losing their homes because they're losing their jobs, becoming homeless with no hope of bouncing back.

And something else, that came to mind yesterday when I was walking home from Walmart. If all these stores that are still bringing in a big profit cut down just a little of that profit by lowering their prices even more, more people could afford to go to those stores. Even Walmart is hurting. Many of their stores are cutting out the night shift taking out the "open 24-7" which means more jobs either lost or hours cut down where these people need to find a second job or lose a home or a car which could mean losing the job and the home!

Plus, there's a lot of empty houses out there, some need work and some are just sitting there collecting dust and no one is making any money on them. The banks who own these homes should count their losses and let people use them or just sell them so cheap even a homeless person could afford it. That way, less people are living on the street!

I'm just tired of the rich getting richer and the poor losing every they own just to survive. Yeah, pictures can be replaced, clothes can be replaced, a new car can be bought later down the road when we can afford it; but why should a person have to sleep under the bridge because the shelters are too full or won't let a family in because they already went through the program.

When I was a kid, I wanted to save the world. What kid doesn't? And if I had the man power and the funds, I would try. Let's face it people, we can all do our part and give a little. Yes, car ownerships (you know those people who sell us new cars) are giving people a break by saying if you lose your job, we'll help you for 6 months with your payments, but that only helps those people who could afford those cars in the first place. What about us little people who can't even afford a rust bucket that's called a used car which barely runs. What about us people who can't afford the bus? Yeah, there's people like that and have to walk everywhere including their jobs which barely pay rent. These people are every where and the number is growing everyday.

We are heading into another depression, maybe worse than it was before my time. It was bad then but it's going to be even worse now because everything is priced much higher which means it's going to take much longer to bounce back, even longer for those who have nothing now because of the economy. And to make it worse, there's all these illegal imigrants who are taking the jobs away from Americans who have to pay our taxes or we go to jail.

Ok, I better shut up before I have a heart attack. I'm getting heated up over all of this and it doesn't seem to be getting better, even for us. I hate having nothing and surviving is becoming a day to day thing.


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Maryilee said...

Hi there. I found your blog via your AW profile. Can I just say I agree 100% with what you've written here? My husband has been unemployed since last July. This is a guy who has worked since he was about 14, (he's 47 now) so it's not like he's habitually unemployed. In fact, he started his own photography business about four years ago, but that is also something that is hard hit as people don't have the money to spend on professional photographs.

Meanwhile,I keep writing and hope one day I'll sell a book, but that dream is far off.