Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hello again, everyone! It's me, Amber. I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know how things are doing. I'm busy, that's for sure lol. My website is going well. In fact, last night I have updated the site again. I added my blog to the news page so if you're in a hurry to visit just one site, you can see everything including my blog lol. I know how much important time is, esp. with life being in the way lol.
Life is getting harder and harder every day. The economy is slowly getting worse. Hopefully Obama's plan will work and people will begin to get back to work and life will become simple again. That is always a good thing.
I don't know about your town but Fort Wayne has lost a lot of businesses due to the economy. Bars are shutting their doors because of the smoking ordanance. I guess more smokers drink lol. That didn't help the rest of the city. I just hope they all don't shut down.
What are your thoughts about all of this? I want to hear you. Talk to me people.

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MJ Goodnow said...

I would shut my doors too if I couldn't smoke in my own darn bar! LOL