Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tomorrow is Christmas!

Time to trim the tree and get everything ready for the parties you'll have tomorrow! Time to set the table the prepare for the great feast with family and friends. Time to set presents under the tree for when morning comes. And its time to enjoy the blessings that come with the holiday!!! Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 More Days Till Christmas!

When I was little, my sister and I used to make up more days for Christmas. Yesterday was Christmas Eve Eve's Adam. Today is Christmas Eve's Eve. We always tried to convince our parents to let us open one present early since they were special days too. Of course, every year, they just laughed and said you know you have to wait until Christmas Day. I didn't like hearing that lol. Seeing those gifts under the tree made me soooo anxious.

I have out grown that since I was a child but I still get a little anxious. There's even snow outside now. It can stay until December 26, then it has to go lol. I don't hate snow, its just too cold and I don't like being cold lol. Anyway, you all have a great Christmas on this Christmas Eve's Eve! Maybe you can convince someone to open one present today lol. You can at least try lol.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 More Days Till Christmas!

With 5 days left before the special day arrives, from now until the day before is classified as "last minute shopping"! Don't wait until the day before though because all the great gifts are sure to be picked over. Remember, the best gift of all is the one that keeps on giving--books can be read over and over again. And they can be shared amongst friends to boot!

If you haven't started already, you need to decorate your home to show how festive you are esp. if you're having guests over lol. Don't forget your tree. As you see, this one was decorated in blue and silver. Oh by the way, Go Cowboys! They won again last night lol.

But anyway, just remember be safe and be friendly. This time of year even though it is stressful, you're suppose to be jolly lol. Yeah, I know its hard when there's bills piling up, no jobs, and very little to be thankful for. But seriously, you have each other and you have your health. So please enjoy what you have and don't worry about what you don't. With the new year coming, you can begin working on what you don't have but for now just be happy. I love you all!! Merry Christmas!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Authors - enter to win 100 free post cards from!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you for the wonderful welcome, Amber!

Just wanted to pop in real quick like and thank you Amber for the very nice welcome! I'm glad to be here. Guess we'll find out now who's really more long-winded (LOL).

While here, I guess I should let everyone know that I've written a Christian Inspirational Trilogy series, so Amber and I do not write in exactly the same genre. However, I'm moving on now to mysteries and suspense, which are actually my favorite to read and have been for years.

I'm working on the first of 5 novels, though I'm not sure yet if they'll wind up being a series or not. Writing a series, especially as a new author at the time, was a wee bit overwhelming. Though I love a challenge, I'll be the first to admit that last one was the most difficult. however, it wound up being the best of the three, or so I'm told (blogs are a wonderful place to brag, by the way - grin)

So I will try to pop in occasionally and help Amber keep everyone updated on we're up to and I guess I'll start this first post off with a little q & a thing. Feel free to comment and ask me questions and I'll be happy to answer as best I can.

Thank you so much for inviting me to join you here, Amber. I think it'll be a blast! Okay folks, you got me! Yes, I'm an old fogie. I guess I should've said it'll be AWESOME!

Anywho, will be back soon to check on Amber and see what kinds of questions I'll have to try to weasel my way thru.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A New Author Here

As you can see a new author has been added to this blog. Cindy is a full time author like I am. She has more experience than I do though so please help me welcome her to this blog! She has her own blogs as well and she asked me to contribute to them so now there's more chances to see what I have to say lol. Please follow us so you don't miss a single word.

And don't forget, you can still sign up for my newsletter. And if that's not enough for you, Cindy has one as well! She is beginning to have a new way to share her newsletter so sign up with both of ours to see how we're sharing our special news with our readers!

Welcome, Cindy!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Again!

Starting in January, I will be doing something different in my newsletters! Besides my normal interview with a new author, I will be sharing members in spotlight between Mind's Eye and Writing 4 All on Ning. If you haven't checked out these two sites, please do so. They are very addictive lol.

I enjoy making friends and helping others with writing so please stop by and let's learn together lol.

The great thing about learning is that you get to improve your writing which makes it better for your stories and getting published. If you haven't been published yet, don't panic because it will happen. You just have to keep trying! Remember dreams really do come true!

Another thing that will be happening is that I will be blogging with other writers too! So keep an eye on this blog and others if you want to see what we're blogging about! Its all about having fun and making new friends!

Happy Holidays!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Holidays

Well, its that time again! Yep, Christmas is quickly approaching us! Just a few weeks before the day comes! Have you gotten ready for it yet? I hope you have!

Speaking of Christmas, my latest issue has been added to my website so if you enjoy reading, take a look at that. On this page you will find all of my newsletters. There are 12 total. Next year, I will be starting all over again with Jan and when that happens, I will replace this year's issues with those so read them while you have the chance. And don't forget, you're welcome to sign up at any time. From my homepage or the events page is the sign up box. I never pass out your information. When you do sign up, the newsletters come straight to your email!

Ok, back to the holidays lol. This tree was from a couple years ago but its still my favorite lol. Yes, its the color of our favorite team which is the Dallas Cowboys! Blue is also my favorite color and silver does look good with it which are both colors from our wedding!

You don't have to use the traditional colors when decorating for Christmas. Design is something I know about. I watch a lot of HGTV lol. Interior design was something I thought about getting into for a while so I did study it and still am because its a hobby of mine. This is the time of year when you can be creative! Go with something that reflects you. It will feel more like home that way!

Are you a single guy but your family wants you to get into the season? That's fine. You can make it work just as easily as the women can! Even if you're decorating your tree with miniature tools. If that's you, go for it. If you love sports as much as my man does, you'll have fun decorating your tree with sports stuff! Anything works, seriously. Just be as creative as you want. If you don't want a tree, there's other ways to make your home festive. Decorate the table, the walls, or anywhere else you'd like. In any color!

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, November 30, 2009

An Update to Share!

Yes, I have gone blond again lol. That's my first update!

Another update is that my first round of edits is almost complete with my new publisher! I'm very excited about this!

I have joined another online site where there's a section all about me and my work. Its been placed there so people may ask me questions about my writing and future books. Please pay it a visit. Here's the link!

In March 2010, I will be having a writing seminar! It will be held on this site as well! The direct link will be placed here as well as other places when the time comes so please keep an eye out for that! If you ever wanted to write a novel but didn't know where to start or what to write about, this is the seminar for you! I will be discussing it in an upcoming newsletter so keep an eye out for that as well! Remember, my issues come out on the first of every month!

Don't forget about my other books; Cursed Blood, Stolen Identity, and Spawn of the Curse! You can get them online. Amazon is the most popular. Thank you!!!!

Happy Holidays!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Blood-Red Pencil

The Blood-Red Pencil

Writers were asked to submit questions to the editor and my question was selected with a few others! Check out this blog to see the answer to my question--What is the best way to send manuscripts--email or snail mail?

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Friends Forever

True friends remain great friends through hardship and good times. Sometimes they don't see eye-to-eye on some things but they don't let those disagreements break their bonds. They grow together, taking their knowledge and passing it on to others.

I made this video for my friends. This isn't all of them as I have too many to fill this video. Of course, I will make more as time allows. I just wanted to share this with others. Please come check out Mind's Eye and see why I care about these people so much!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Please Help

Pictured here is a little fund raiser for heat for families for this winter. It is actually located on the homepage for Mind's Eye.

The fund raiser is called "Hope for The Holidays" and its to help bring heat to families' homes for the winter. We hope to make a difference in people's lives by keeping them warm this year.

We're not asking you to join Mind's Eye although that is welcomed. We're just asking for a little modest donation (even if its just $1--more is better though).

Right now, we have just a little over $300 but that isn't enough for one family. Please, have a heart and give something of yourself to someone truly in need.

Here's the link to Mind's Eye. You will find the donation area on the homepage on the right. We do accept Paypal or any major credit card and we will not share your information with anyone for any reason. In fact, we won't even see your information, except your name unless you want it confidential lol.

I would like to thank you for anything you may help with. God bless you!!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Enjoy your Halloween everyone!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pet Peeves

I know everyone has something that they just hate about how things work in life. For me, its no exception. I really hate it when people talk on their cell phones while driving. Most of the time, they don't pay attention to what's important--the road. I've come close to getting into accidents because the other driver was on the phone. Thank God, I was paying attention.

Another pet peeve is when you tell someone something in trust and that person takes that information to someone who has to gossip, knowing that this person gossips. Its like this person is asking for the information given to them in trust to be spread around to who knows who.

Normally, I am a person who can get along with anyone, for any reason. I'm easily pleased because I care about people. Sometimes, that does get me into trouble lol because I open up to the wrong people. I've helped people who stab me in the back for no apparent reasons. For some it was something simple like 10$ for gas, which one person turned around and got a free ride and took that money and played pool with it. For some, it was giving an extra plate of food because he or she was hungry, or letting them use the shower because their water wasn't turned on. That's another pet peeve.

People who take advantage is a really big pet peeve of mine. No, I'm not a taxi driver. No, I'm not a cigarette store that allows credit. No, I'm not a bank with a free withdrawal. No, I'm not a grocery store. And it does go on.

I know saying "no" can be a problem in the beginning because you can't tell who's going to stab you in the back, and who's going to begin taking advantage. It's a live and learn kind of thing. But it does drive me nuts at times. You can't turn everyone away because of one or two people although it does make it easier. I'm not that kind of person lol. I do know when to say no though, at times. People I don't know for example, aren't getting very far with me because I simply don't know them. Yeah, I can give someone a little helping hand if I don't know them but it really depends on the need and if I have it.

Ok, there's more pet peeves but I don't want to make this too long that no one's going to read it lol. What are your pet peeves? Care to share?

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cold, Cold Weather

The weather man says we're below our normal for this time of year and I tend to agree. Today it was cooold. I'm not ready for this lol. I have been getting a few things here and there for winter, but I'm not happy with my wardrobe yet. I hate cold weather, with a passion. It's bad enough that I get cold easily lol, now the weather is changing and I'm cold all the time.
You know my feet are so cold that I can actually cool a can of pop, and that's during the summer lol. Seriously, they are that cold. I guess I just have thin blood. If my top half is warm, I'm usually good. So I layer it on when I can. I keep socks on, unless I'm taking a shower or changing them and the shoes stay on most of the day as well. That usuaslly helps lol. Then I have my normal clothing which consists of jeans and my shirt plus a sweater over that (you know the button down kind or one with a zipper lol). And if I'm still cold, I have a small blanket handy to wrap around my body. I've been seen going outside with that blanket wrapped around me like a dress lol. Yeah, I've done that a time or two. Hey if it keeps you warm, why not lol.
Ok, hopefully this cold weather now doesn't mean a really bad cold winter. We had a cool summer this year already so I really don't want to have more cold, freezing, days this winter. If we do, I need more clothes lol. I need some thicker clothes lol. Ok, enough complaining about the weather. I hope you're where its warm, people. All nestled inside keeping cozy! Or its summer in your parts of the woods lol.
See you all again soon!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, October 5, 2009

Real Life Stuff...

Ok, it doesn't look like the economy has changed. Jobs are still limited. The ones that are still around are between laying people off or shortening hours. Bills are getting higher and piling up by truck loads. It really makes you wish you lived in a time when things were simple.

You kept warm by a fireplace which you built with your own hands. Your house is small with just a few room inside and built by the whole family working together pouring love into each pounding of the nail. Food is homegrown. If you didn't need something, you went without any cares because you have everything you need anyway. Reading books pass the time in which you use laterns radiate light. Children play with homemade toys but don't complain because they don't know any better. Baseball is a cherished event spent during the summers with the family and friends. Walking is more than enough to get around because places aren't far when you need to go somewhere. And on a good day, you take your time because the soft breeze whistling through the trees is enjoyable. Clothes are sewn by hand and fit comfortably....

It does sound like Little House on the Prairy, don't it lol. But is true, life back then was nothing like it is now. Yes, they didn't have the great things we have today which is why we pay the price we do. Sometimes I do wish I could live back then and then I remember a few things...

I can't live without Internet lol. So that's a bad idea. Being without a computer wouldn't do me any good either. And I really need a phone lol. So I better stay here in the now and keep up with the hassles of life so I'm able to keep the things I have and hope I can afford more. We just have to learn something. Our lives may appear different now than it was back then but we really aren't and we don't have to be. We have our friends and family and we can still help each other like they did so many years ago. So if you're able to lend a helping hand to those who need it, please do. If you own a business and know people need jobs, let them work. Even if it isn't long, let them work. If you have a house that's empty, let someone who needs a home stay there. Be a friend!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, October 2, 2009

Moon's Eye Magazine

Ok, here's some information about the magazine I will be working for. Its from Mind's Eye and this site is all about art, whether in the written form or in the form of artwork, and does include cooking, singing, and so on. The magazine is professional and displays those works of art.

We have open submissions with a deadline of Nov. 15, 2009. This is the first edition so its special for us! If you're interested in seeing your name in print alongside your own work, please send your work to

Here's the guidelines:
Your name, address, email and word count should be on the top right corner of first page. The story should be double-spaced with .25" indent and 1" margins. Short stories should not pass 7,000 words and novel excerpts no longer than 10,000 words in any genre. Poems need to be under 100 lines. If you are sending a poem, tell us how many lines it is instead of word count.

Art includes sketching, painting, sculptures, etc.

Send as attachment. You're also welcome to include a short bio and/or brief explanation to art or story being used. If you have a website, include that as well.

And since this is a real magazine, done in a professional manner, if you own a business and would like help advertising, please email me and I will get you in touch with the propper people on this matter. Thank you!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank you to my friends!

I would like to send out a big thank you to my friends at Mind's Eye! I have chosen my picture for the back of Peterson Estate's book! I'm very excited about this book being accepted and hope more people will have the chance to enjoy it! I know I have! The characters in this book have a special place in my heart because they have been with me for so long! Anyway, here's the pic! Be sure to look for it on the back of the book lol. But don't skimp out on what's inside the book lol. I will be changing the excerpt soon so be sure to look for it on my website!

Thank you!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, September 25, 2009

Can you help me decide?

Ok, I'm stuck lol. With my newest and favorite book getting published, I have to decide which pitcure to use for the back. I have a little time to decide and was hoping to ask my fans and friends to help me. These are my fav. pictures and of course, I could always take more lol. Which one do you like best? I'm all ears right now and do have just a little time to decide. Please, I need your help lol.
Thank you!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Book Coming Soon!

It should be sometime in 2010 but not sure on the date just yet but Peterson Estate is getting published!!!!!! Don't have the cover yet but once I get that, I will be showing it off and adding it to my website so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Peterson Estate is about a young woman named Emily Peterson. When her aunt dies, Emily's world falls apart. She's not the normal woman she thought she was--she's something more! And she has inherited a castle! Its not a normal castle either--its haunted and the woman wants Emily out! But since Emily isn't budging, the evil woman (ghost) joins forces with someone you wouldn't believe. Of course, you would have to read the book to see who that is lol.

This story is about discovering who you really are. Emily sure didn't know and just when she thinks something is one way, she learns something else about her family. Besides being a witch, Emily learns more. Her family has secrets that go beyond the grave....

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, September 7, 2009

Cursed Blood is still available for those who've missed it

This is the first book I published, a couple years now. It's still available online for those who want to read it. A little about the book...

Donna is not an ordinary woman. When she was conceived, a demon was present in the room. Demons are evil, we know that. This demon is no exception. Starting with Donna's birth anyone who is around her on her birthday, dies. Her mother was the first victim to the curse. The curse doesn't care who anyone is, it attacks on the same day no matter where Donna is.

She's tried running from herself, hoping she can save inocent people. Donna's heart is big despite of the evil that runs through her veins. She cares about the people who meet their fate because of her. Because of this curse, she has lost everyone she's ever cared about--her mother, father, friends, and even lovers. As time passes, she builds a wall around her heart. When she meets Jack, an FBI agent, she begins to trust him. Will the wall come crumbling down?

Can the FBI save her or will the cure they promise be the only thing that can destroy her? They say love conquers all. Is that really true? Can love bring Jack and Donna together and give them a happy ending or will love be the end of Jack?


Ok, I can't ruin it for you. Actually, I really could but I won't because I want you to enjoy this book. Seriously, I do. I enjoyed writing it, even through the bad parts (without knowing the outcome, mind you). This book is based on a nightmare which I had and it was inspired by my real life. So read the book to see what I was about. Yes, I'm twisted but that's not it lol. Enjoy!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Newsletter Has Been Sent Out

The newsletter for September has been sent to my subscribers' emails today. As always, it will be made available on my website in a few days. This is totally free and can even be printed out if you'd like.

For those who'd like extra promoting, my newsletter has spots open for advertising. It doesn't have to relate to writing. Just send me an email for the details. Writers who want an interview are welcome to visit my website at and just look for the page that's titled Free Promotions for the questions. That website can also be found on Ning now. So if you're a writer, please check that out. It doesn't matter if you're not published yet. Let us help you get there! The link for the Ning site is on the page with my popular links so check those out!

Thank you!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, August 28, 2009

Surprised my Hubby

Yesterday we had to go to the store. First we went to Kmart because it was next to the grocery store. We both did our own shopping and he showed me an outfit he was about to get. Cowboys everything lol. After he paid and left, I rushed to the men's department and found the exact same thing in my size (well as close as I could get). After I put my things in the back of the van, I found him in the grocery store and helped him get the rest of our food.
On the way home, I told him not to look in my bags because I got something sexy and wanted to surprise him. Of course, you could imagine what he was thinking so I just smiled so he would continue to believe that lol. When we got home, we put things away, then I said I needed to use the bathroom. He began to prepare the grill so he could cook some hamburgers.
When he walked into the kitchen, I came out wearing the outfit I bought and holding his outfit in front of me so he couldn't see what I was wearing. I asked him to put his clothes on and then pulled them aside so he could see what I had on. The look on his face was priceless.
It was really hard keeping this secret from him without blirting it out on the way home. He was talking about how his shirt was too small and that after we washed it a couple times it would be mine. I even made a mistake by asking if the shorts he got were the ones that had the same pattern as his pants (he bought shorts too) but he didn't catch it lol. He loved his surprise though and was really happy that I did it!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Many Hats

In order for a writer to succeed in the business, he or she has to wear a lot of different hats. One for writing in general (the actual act of writing), one for editing, one for research, one for marketing, and one to hide it all in (there's more on top of these lol). These aren't really hats that you can see though. And many writers wear their hats together at the same time lol. Unlike some jobs where you can quit at the end of the day and go home, writers are writers 24/7. We can't quit at the end of the day and go home, we're still writers lol. Even in our sleep, many writers continue to work pondering or dreaming which can lead to a new book or get us out of the strut we're in at the time.
As many hats there are, I have even more than some writers may have. And some may have even more than me lol. I write in many different genres so with each genre, add another hat. Some people ask me if I get confused when I bounce back and forth between my different stories. The answer is no, I don't. This is why. When I write a story, I litterally put myself in the characters' shoes. I will read the last paragraph or page and then continue on writing as if I hadn't stopped before. Since nothing is planned, I am new to the story as it progresses unless I am wearing the editor hat in which I've already been through the story so now I'm just improving it.
Because every writer works differently, I suggest you don't copy me but instead find your perfectly fitted hat(s). Some writers prefer to write one book at a time, then edit, then write more. Some prefer editing while writing one book at a time. And then there are some like me whether they edit at the same time or afterwards like I do. All hats come in different sizes. Some for children, some for young adult, some for adult, and some that can be worn in multiple sizes. And as your writing grows, more things get stuffed into the hats where they are stored (your brain actually lol). So there's another hat for the writer--the learning hat. This is the only hat that will grow with you as you write. Practice is the best way to learn and grow as a writer. Reading too which is another hat lol. I can go on about these different hats we all wear as writers lol.
If you are just starting out, please learn all the basics about writing, and all the hats you should have. Reading books on writing can help, talking to other writers will too. And what works for one writer may not work for another. So as you write, keep learning and stick with what works for you. If you don't find the perfect fitting hat on the first try, keep trying! You will eventually get it as long as you never give up. Remember, dreams really really do come true!!!!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spawn of the Curse is now e-book!

My third book, Spawn of the Curse is now an e-book! It can be easily downloaded and enjoyed in a matter of seconds on your own computer or i-pod. Just go to Amazon where it is available for $5.00. It was just released a few days ago!
Remember, this is the sequel to Cursed Blood which is also available in paperback (and hardcover through publisher only). If you would like to read an excerpt before buying the book, you can check that out at my website. Each book has its own page on my site so take your time reviewing the books.
I am in the process of working on more books at this time and I'm in the process of waiting for a publisher on one of those books. I'm hoping I've found the right publisher but if not, the search will continue. I will let you know when I know. Also, don't forget, you're welcome to sign up for my newsletter. The next issue is due to be released to emails on September 1, 2009.
So, have a great week and see you again soon.
Amber Rigby Grosjean
And for those writers looking for more information.......

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writing Job

A few days ago, I was approached by a photographer from Italy. He wanted to know if I would write a book for him using his pictures. He originally had a deal with another author who had to back out due to scheduling issues and told him to go ahead and find another author. So he approached me. He sent me the story that the first author had started and I began to read it. After seeing the set up for the story I asked the photographer how many of his photos he was planning on using in the story because he was wanting to show case them along-side the erotic story. I also looked at the pictures he was planning to use and they were a story in itself, full coverage during sex scenes.

He told me he wanted to use as many of the 1700+ pictures he could. That completly threw me off. The pictures weren't bad but to put that many with a story wouldn't be a good balance. He also told me he had connections with some movie people and they were already discussing a movie deal once the book was out, which was premature, if you ask me.

I decided to turn this person down because it didn't feel right. I didn't want to put my name on something like that. He understood and said he would move to his next writer. It makes you wonder if it would've been a scam or something. If this ever happens to you, think it over hard before making any decisions. Do your research, check to see if this person has a website and then research some more. Cover all your basis.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Writing Frustrations

There's a lot of things around us that can cause us to become frustrated. A traffic light that doesn't seem to want to change when you're late for work. A traffic jam in the middle of a hot day and you're A/C doesn't work. And more....

What people don't understand, there's frustrations during the writing process as well. You can't think of the write words at a crucial time in the story. You lost a file that's important. You were rejected a hundreth time from a publisher. The list can go on. Believe me, every writer goes through the same process of writing a book, whether it becomes a best seller or not. Even King has been frustrated a time or two. The best thing to do is just try to work through it and calm down.

Writing can take its toll on the human body. As you begin to write, take care of your body to avoid the side affects of writing your book. When getting a membership at a local club is out of the question to get in shape, there's things you can do around the house that will help. You can even jog around the block. Cleaning house can help get your mind off things. For the guys, working on your car or something else you find enjoyable can work. Being fit, mentally and physical can help the stress level coming in from writing.

Besides excercising and doing activities you enjoy, there's way to keep the stress down. Taking your time and having fun with it is another. If you truly enjoy writing, the experience will be more enjoyable during the good scenes that just roll from the mind. It takes a lot of practice to get to that point. You will still get frustrated at times. And when that happens, just walk away for a few minutes. Go wash the dishes, take a long soaking bath or shower, take a ride to the market, call a good friend you haven't spoken to in a while and talk about things other than writing. Free your mind....

Now go back to your work, read the last page, and just begin typing. Don't think about the area where you had problems with, just write. Chances are, you were thinking too much about it. Let you mind take control. Our brain may be fighting you, ignore it lol. There are two sides in our brain, the logical side, and the side where our imagination is. They are always battling each other. Don't listen to the logical side when writing fiction. Yeah, people don't fly unless their in an airplane, you know that and your brain may be fighting you on it. Just write and ignore that logical side of your brain that's telling you that.

Make sure you breathe and drink a lot of fluids too. Slow deep breaths always help. Remember to stay calm and work through the frustrations. You can do it. Just keep writing and don't let anything stop you because dreams really do come true! I'm living proof of that. If I can do it, so can you. Just believe in yourself and don't give up. Its a bumpy ride but its worth it in the end, seriously it really is!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

4th Set: 4th Installment: Marketing Tips

Marketing your books can be very rewarding. When you're out there, sharing your books with the rest of the world, sometimes you do meet someone who actually read your book. And when that person comes up to you and tells you something about that book that you didn't even know was in it, you become really suprised. This really happened to me with my first book, Cursed Blood. She was telling me about the relationship between Jack and Donna and then said that at first she thought there was going to be something between J and Donna (Jack's father). I was totally surprised to hear that but it was nice hearing her interprentation.
Whether the people are right or wrong, how they react to each story is from their personal lives, the way they interact with others. It really is a beautiful thing to meet someone who took something from your story and took it to heart. Embrace these moments, talk to these people. Enjoy their presence as they are yours. Offer to sign their book too. Something like that will be more cherished to them than anything else and will be remembered when your next book comes out.
When writing more than one book, just remember you do improve your skills so keep it up and never let it down. This should be done like breathing--never ending. The pay may not be great but the rewards are worth more than money! Don't forget--never pass at a chance to share your book(s) with someone else. Giving away free copies can also help, just don't go overboard with that lol. And choose wisely when giving away free copies too. If someone praises you, they will tell others about your book, making more sales. One free book could lead to 5 purchases so you never know. And one of those people could end up writing a review!
Besides the physical world, there is the Internet so make it your friend. Join writing groups, chat rooms, and other social places where you can freely talk to others about your books. Add your website URL to everything; signiture in your email and blog, add it to your profile in all your sites you belong to, and more. If you can find a place to put, do it. Even visit other websites and remark what you think about them (positive remark) and add your URL to that as well. Go to the websites that have the same books as you write though, that way you will get visiters following those links.
Remember to have fun. This may be a job but its also your life. Enjoy the process, love the process, and flow with the process!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, August 10, 2009

4th Set: 3rd Installment: Marketing Tips

For those who have a small budget, marketing can feel almost impossible at times. I know the feeling. But there's hope! If you have a printer and have access to a printer, there's things you can do on your own! Here's some things, plus you can use your imagination and find more ways! If you do, please share with us here!!!

  • Make your own business cards. Using your own computer and printer saves times and money plus now you can use both sides of the cards! You can the cover of your book or even your own picture. You can make any design you want. Granted, the quality isn't going to be perfect like the ones are in those stores you order from but you're saving money and that's important with these times!

  • Clothing can be made or at least the design on them lol. Again, using your computer and printer with an iron and those iron-on transfers, you can put the cover of your book on countless of things including bags!

  • Make your book a magnet. You can get shiny or flat appearance magnets and they are safe to be around your computer. Load it like paper, one sheet at a time and print your picture straight onto the magent sheet as you would paper! Cut it out and add it to your fridge. They make great gifts for people who have the book and for book signings!

  • Same goes for stickers. And the great thing about stickers is the ideas can go further. Add a special touch for your book by adding a sticker that goes inside it that says "This Book Belongs To" with a line to add the name.

Just as I did here--------------->
I used one of the characters from the cover to add to it for an extra look! You can do that too right on your computer!

There are many ways to do it yourself and this is a short list. Bookmarks can be added to it as well! And the list can keep going. You are only limited by what your computer can do and your knowledge to make it work. Good luck and keep your mind open!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, August 9, 2009

4th Set: 2nd Installment: Marketing Tips

It doesn't matter who a writer publishes with, marketing is something a writer must always do in order to increase his/her own sales. It doesn't matter what genres this writer works in or what audience intended to read these books; marketing should never be avoided. You should never count on someone else to do this job. It is part of being a writer just as writing the book is, and editing the book is. Learn as much as you can before you even publish your first book so you're prepared for the new battle and can beat each task.

  • Never pass up a chance to spread the word about your book.
  • Use every tool at your disposal including family and friends. Even make new friends along the way.
  • Learn as you go. Be creative! Read books on marketing.
  • Visit other websites and learn how their sites work and create your own website that stands out.
  • Have business cards and be eagar to pass them out at a moment's notice.
  • Keep extra copies of books on hand in case someone wants to purchase a copy from you and be sure to sign it for them while they watch (ask them for the spelling of their name, even if its a common name). Sarah, Sara; common name with more than one way to spell it! And always keep your books clean and bent-free!
  • Always be friendly and professional when around others. People remember cruel people even more and that isn't a good thing. Sometimes using comedy can help! They may remember the joke, therefore remembering you in one way or another!
  • Get family from other cities to pass out flyers or business cards in their areas (be sure to give them copies of your book too).
  • People who buy your books are how you are paid so always respect them and be sure to thank them!
  • Booksignings are a good way to get noticed! Even book readings help!
  • Getting your book inside actual stores are good too! It gets the book where people can actually flip through the pages before they buy it, helping you in the long run!

I don't want to give you too much so this is enough for now. Two more installments of this topic coming up! And then who knows what I will talk about! You have to keep coming back if you want to read more lol! Thank you!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, August 8, 2009

4th Set: 1st Installment: Marketing Tips

To me, maketing is the most difficult in the writing business. Sure you can hire someone, but not everyone has the finances to do that. Most of us starting out, have small budgets so how do we get more bang for the buck? By doing it ourselves.

I had to learn the hard way but you don't have to. Before you get your first book published, begin learning how to market that book now. First things first, who's your target? In any form of advertising, you need a target, marketing your book is no exception.

  1. Your audience is your target. Where do these people hang out? What are their ages, their likes and dislikes? What kinds of things are they into?
  2. When marketing, use this information to guide you so you get your information in the right hands at the right places in the right time. For instance...Is your book in a religious nature? Churches would be a great place to target your readers. With all the religions there are, you can narrow it down even more or go with all of them but narrowing it down even more will be more beneficial. There's Catholics, Christian, Budism, and more. What does your book fit more?
  3. Include fun ways to introduce your book to the crowd. One writer made coloring pages for her young readers of children books. She had her own characters made into those coloring pages for the book signings. It was a good way to interact and it did get the children and parents involved.
  4. Be creative and use your friends. Make clothing items, have tablets with the book cover, bookmarks, stickers, magnets, mugs, and more. The more people see your name and cover, the more they will remember it.

Ok, this is enough for now. More tomorrow!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, August 7, 2009

3rd Set: 4th Installment: Pub./Agent Tips

Whether you're trying to find a publisher or an agent, you always need to remember you're a professional. Once you become a published author, you will be a professional writer so get into practice now.

  • Don't use fancy type (font) or paper. Don't use perfume and don't send gifts. They hate that and will reject you on the spot.
  • Always double space lines. Publishers and agents read all day long, their eyes do get sore after a while, keeping it double spaced helps keep their eyes from going bad.
  • Make sure your first paragraph is enough to make them read more. There must be something that catches their eye.
  • Publishers and agents are looking for reasons to reject writers. It is your job to prevent that from happening. Give them reasons to keep you, not reject you.
  • Wait 3 to 6 weeks before assuming anything if you don't hear back by that time. If you don't hear back by 6 weeks, send them an email saying if they have any questions or need more information, you can have it back to them asap. Do not ask about your manuscript. Give them your title and name with a professional letter but nothing more. Don't bug them. Remember, they read all day and will be swamped with other manuscripts. It is possible that they haven't gotten to yours yet so don't give them anymore reasons to say no thank you to you.
  • If they read your work and ask you to make changes, minor or major, you must ask yourself how important it is to make those changes. How do you feel about making them? If you become someone who is hard to work with (someone who doesn't make any changes), word gets around quick and other publishers will refuse you but on the other hand, sometimes it is good to stick your guns. Your story is yours. Anything that will benefit your story is worth doing. Just remember, publishers are about making sales. If they feel your story is worth making some changes, consider them at least. Good things come to those who compromise!

Ok, absorb this information. Good luck in your search and I truly hope you find that publisher or agent that does you some good! In the next installments, I will be talking about marketing so don't miss that! And be sure to visit my websites! Thank you!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, August 6, 2009

3rd Set: 3rd Installment: Pub./Agent Tips

With all the writers coming into this profession, it seems publishers are becoming smaller and harder to get into with our writing. Some are taking the self-publishing route while others are fighting to become published. Does this make us any less published than those who are signed with a publisher? Some say yes while others say no.

Look at the music industry. There are more and more artists coming out and making their own music, putting it on CD themselves and distributing it themselves. Does that make them any less performers? No it doesn't. In this day in age, its beginning to become more acceptable to be self-published. Just remember this--if you decide to take this route, there's more work to be done on your end if you want your book to succeed. You have to edit the book or hire an editor (this may not be cheap). You have to design the cover or hire someone to do this (again, won't be cheap). Then you have to do all the marketing on top of this unless again you hire someone else to do this. Of course, in any form of publishing, you should always market your books!

There is no shame in having your book self-published. If your book is good, it isn't going to matter how its published. Its all in the marketing, how well you're salesperson because once your book is published, that's what you are. Just remember to be a professional at all times!

Now if you decide to publish with a traditional publisher as many writers before have done in the past and will continue long after you're gone, than just remember this: its not personal. Tell yourself after each rejection and you will be okay. I'm serious, if you keep working hard, keep learning from your mistakes, keep editing to make your story perfect, and keep writing; you will get published either traditionally or yourself.

Either way, you're not going to become rich over night. This is one profession you do it because you enjoy it. Write your book, publish it, then sell it. More about marketing later....

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3rd Set: 2nd Installment: Pub./Agent Tips

Agents: Some writers say we need them, some writers say we don't. Whether we need an agent is up to the writer himself or herself. Personally, I don't have one but would love to have someone to represent me. This is why.

First, an agent knows the business inside and out. He or she knows who's looking for what types of books. Second, an agent is educated to know what works for those stories and can help polish your story if it isn't perfect. If the agent doesn't know personally, he or she can direct the author to the right people for editing needs and may even have people like that on staff. Third, the agent can do more than assisting the writing in finding the right publisher. He or she can also find the best deal and handle the process once you sign the contract. The relationship doesn't end there. There's over seas deals, movie deals, and more.

An agent makes 10-15% of your funds from the book so he or she doesn't make anything unless you do. Some may say there's an annual fee for copies, phone calls, other office supplies but run away from these agents. This kind of deal gives the agent another motive to work for you--money. The agents who only charge commision strive to get you published! That's all the motive they need. Yes, sometimes a ligitamate agent will come along and ask for extra fees (non-upfront fees) that may cover some expenses like postage and phone calls, etc. But they will not ask for anything on a yearly basis or be up-front so if they are, please run as fast as you can.

As a writer, you will have relationship with the agent. This is professional. There will be phone calls made between the two of you. Your approval will be needed at times for different things. And as long as you are in this relationship, whenever you make money on your book so will your agent. Contracts are drawn up and will specify yours and theirs responsibilities. Checks from publishers and others will go to them and then the agent will draw a new check payable to you, taking out their comission of course.

Other reasons for choosing an agent..... Some publishers may only go through agents. Publishers will state this on their website under guidlines or through other means such as Writer's Market and other books (or search engines online). That's why its important to read those. Agents have guidelines as well so be sure to read them! Agents may also be able to get you (the writer) a bigger deal than you can on your own. Like I said, they know the business inside and out.

Good luck in your search for an agent. If you choose not to have an agent, the door is still open to many wonderful publishers. The hunt is on. Remember, dreams really do come true; all you have to do is believe!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, August 3, 2009

3rd Set: 1st Installment: Publishers/Agents Tips

The two are together because the same rules apply pretty much to both areas.

The first thing a writer should do when looking for a publisher is to make sure the publisher is right for the story you're trying to publish. That means research. There's plenty of places to find publishers and agents. You can find a link to preditors and editors on my writing site under references--

  • Check out the website for each publisher/agent you're interested in.
  • Read their guidelines thoroughly and make sure its a fit.
  • What other stories do they publish? Do they want your genre? Is your story a cross-genre which is a story in more than one genres? Do they accept stories like that?
  • Never send them a full manuscript unless they ask for it. Send a query first. Be professional and give them your experience. What qualifies you to write this book? Add a full synopsis and 3 chapters (don't have to be the first three). This will be spelled out in the guidelines so follow what they request.
  • Some publishers may check out your website, but not all. This is rare but it does happen. Be sure to include your URL in your signiture just in case. Make sure your website is professional looking. And include excerpts from your books (even the ones not published--not full story, just a chapter or two--not first chapters though).
  • Just like your story, be sure your query letter is free from mistakes. Double check everything in it and the synopsis. Sometimes, this is the only thing they will look at and make a decision based on this so make it good, the best you can. Sell yourself and your story. Make them want more.

Ok, this is enough for now. More tips later. Remember, my writing website has more tips so be sure to check it out! Thank you and good luck!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Second Set: 4th Installment: Editing Tips

First of all, my newsletter has been sent out to emails. If you didn't get one sent to your email, it will be added to my website in a few days. This is totally free so check it out sometime. Now with my usual blog.....

As you wear the editing cap, remember you're not perfect. Errors will be made, that's almost a garuantee. Even the top authors have to edit, there's no escaping it. The most important rule--take your time. Its not a race, it will get done when the story is finished. Seriously.

  • Double check spelling (do not count on the program you use, many words have multiple spellings plus you may have meant to say ball when you actually said call. Little things like that sneak passed people all the time. That's why it's important to take your time!
  • Double check all ending marks to make you used the correct one (. ! ? " "). And those that require 2 like quotation marks, make sure there are 2 of them.
  • Make sure you use the right names through out the story. When I wrote Cursed Blood, Donna's father was named Dwainne and the a few pages later, the same man was given a different name, it snuck passed me--pay attention. Readers will be.
  • Don't use too much information--let the reader use his/her imagination on some things so they will want to turn that page. But don't leave important details out. Check these things. It's easier to remove things than it is to add them.
  • You are your worst critique! You will always find something else to fix. If you're just adding to the story instead of tightning it, its time to take a long break from it and let someone read it over for their opinion. Try using someone who would be a potential reader. Don't forget Beta Readers on this too (I mentioned them in the last post). You will be harder on yourself more than anyone else is.
  • Learn to have tough skin. There will always be someone who doesn't like something. Don't try to please everyone. If you like it, there will be someone else who will too. Don't try to mold your book to the likings of one person. Always listen to your gut in the end. If their idea works, use it. If not, tell them thank you but you would like to keep it as is (what ever the suggestion). Be honest and always say thank you.
  • The more you write, the better you will become so write. Same goes for editing. Keep a thesaurus and learn new words so you're not repeating yourself.
  • Again, watch for repetition--how many "walk" do you use, in any form like walked, walking, walks. That's repitition in any form. Substitute "walk" for any words. If you can leave it out without taking away from the story, do that. If you can combine 2 sentences to avoid using that second or third word, do it. If you can replace it with another word that describes how he walked, do it. He inched toward the bed means he walked slowly without using walk at all. Inch is a good example for something like that. I never even thought of using that word until Stolen Identity was published lol. All because of the editor! I used "moved" to much and that was a way to describe how someone "moved".
  • Never settle for "good enough". You're better than that. Strive to be the best you can be, in anything you do, writing or editing (or anything else in life).

Ok, that's it for editing. For more, please check out my website at


Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2nd Set: 3rd Installment: Editing Tips

When you are in the editing process and have had several rounds, you may feel its time to send it off to a publisher. Stop. Have you had a second or third pair of eyes look it over? Using a fresh pair of eyes who have never seen your story before can be beneficial to you and your story.

Beta Readers are writers or nonwriters who read your story with the intent of editing or critique your piece. Do not take this personal, no matter the outcome. Beta Readers are not there to say anything about you. They are merely there for help with your writing, your story. If you don't agree with their suggestions, you don't have to change anything. This is practice though because when you get your story published, you will go through this process with their editor with more details and rounds. And of course, you still have the final say on those changes. I will discuss this later though lol.
If you can choose someone, go with someone you can trust. This is your story, your baby; you should trust that the person reading and critiquing your story is someone you trust in their word to be honest. It doesn't have to be another writer but they should have an understanding in the language. They should know the difference between nouns and pronouns kind of language. Some writers ask to trade stories, you edit theirs while they edit yours and that's fine. It will give you practice.
If that's the case, don't try to change the story itself. Rather work on sentence structure and the elements that make up the story. Tighten how the story is told. If you don't like the story itself, that's fine but be honest about it. Work on the writing itself.
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2nd Set: 2nd Installment: Editing Tips

Before you sit down to edit (or stand), you should really step back for a minimum of a few days. A couple weeks is better to distance yourself from the story you just finished writing. It is very important to take everything out of your memory at this point because it may stand in the way of seeing what's actually on the page. Believe me, I've been to this point too many times. I know how the mind can play tricks on you, making you think the story is perfect.

The truth is, your story is far from perfect when its first written. And to you at this point, it's hard to feel other wise. That is why its important to step back for a little while. Work on another project for a little while. Finishing a second project before editing the first may give you enough time to "forget" so when you look at it for the beginning of the editing process, may actually help you. Now you're ready to sit down (or stand lol) and work on your editing job. Again, print it out so you don't hurt your eyes. Let yourself go and make changes directly to the piece as I said before in the last post. Again, at this point you're the only one who will see this so don't worry about making a mess on the pages.

When editing, you can work in many different ways. You can work straight through from page one to the last page as you did when you wrote it. You can work in sections, perfecting each page before moving to the next. And you can work each scene until its perfect. Do what works best for you. Every writer is different.

While editing, look at the sentence structure; nouns, adverbes, adjetives, etc. Do you have a lot of words ending in -ing? Avoid that as often as possible. You also want to avoid using a lot of short sentences. Sometimes, that's fine and works better using one short and a few long. If two sentences can be joined and sounds better, join them. Don't use a lot of he, she, we, you, I. Those can be avoided by joining sentences sometimes. The same goes for the character's name. Not all the time though so play around with it until it "sounds" right when reading it aloud. Check how many times you use the same word in the same paragraph, the same page. The thesaurus is your best friend, use it to find new words to mean the same thing. Also check for multiple sentences that say the same things with different words. If you already said someone died, you don't have to repeat it. Readers usually have a good memory.

Remember, sometimes its ok to leave something out for the reader to figure out on their own. It makes them want to read more to find the answer. Keeping the story in one POV (point of view) can help. You don't know what's happening in the next room but you're hearing noises. What are those noises? How is the character feeling while he's hearing those noises? It adds suspense, pulling the reader into the story a little more.

If you have to use more than one POV, check to make sure they aren't bouncing everywhere on the page. Keep it organized. One POV per paragraph or page, or even chapter. By using more than one, you can confuse the reader. If you're confused whose mind you're in so will the reader.

Tighten your story by making each sentence flow to the next without stopping to ask "did I miss something?".

More on the next post.....

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, July 27, 2009

2nd Set: 1st Installment: Editing Tips

I went through 4 installments of writing tips, each of them being different. Now I want to help with editing. Again, I will have about 4 parts for this. Hopefully, this can help you create a best seller!

  • There's no contest so take your time. This process is harder than just writing the book because you are looking for mistakes and ways to tighten the story. Look for repetition, words that have multiple meanings but spelled wrong, markings at the end of the sentence, etc. Expect to have multiple rounds of editing. There is no marked limit so do what it takes in your own speed. It will get done when you're done.
  • No one edits the same so work how you feel more comfortable.
  • Don't read your work off the computer screen. This may hurt your eyes after a while. You can't write if you lose your eye sight so take care of your eyes. (Some writers have written being blind but its rare). Print your work, then edit.
  • Pay no attention to your mess. You're the only one who will see this so go ahead and make your changes directly to the work using pen, marker, pencil, or whatever you prefer. A publisher will never see this so don't focus on appearance just yet. Save that for the last round when its all complete.
  • You will get better with practice but reading other books will help. Also hiring someone to assist you in editing may help. Do research to find someone who's right for you and your wallet.
  • Join writing groups or critique groups.
  • Read out loud. You catch more mistakes this way. If you don't normally studder and you do, then something may be wrong. Missing words are caught better this way as well.

Ok, that's enough for now. If you want to learn more, please check out my website at

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, July 26, 2009

4th Installment: Writing Tips

As an author, there are rules of conduct, some are by personal preference, some are obvious, and the others should always be followed. Keep this mind as you write so you always remain ready for that letter that says "Manuscript Accepted"

  • You are a professional. Talk, write, act as a professional. This includes dressing. When you're behind closed doors, alone, and busy at writing, keep your mind at a professional level too. Get into practice now so when you begin to deal with publishers, the way you act isn't the reason for your book to be turned down. They should focus on your writing, not you.
  • Writers are experts in one field or another. Remember this as you study the subject you're writing about. If you're not an expert about something, find something you're passionate about and learn it.
  • Trust yourself and your writing. If something doesn't feel right, then 9 out of 10 times, it needs work. Learn to understand these feelings about your writing.
  • Writers are hard workers. There are many things a writer does that doesn't get paid for. Yeah, you do get something, but its only from when your book sells. Everything is paid in the knowing of the job well done--pride. Get into practice now. Study marketing books now before your book becomes published. If you happen to have money, hiring a PR (public relations) may help. Don't depend on others to do your work. No matter who you publish with, there will be some work on your end to get your book noticed. Publishers only invest in books they know will sell. If you're new, they don't know if your book will sell so advertising on their end is almost nil.
  • Writers persevere. No matter how many times a book is rejected, a writer must keep moving forward and not give up. Before sending out manuscripts, you need to know who's publishing what. Do your research and find compatible publishers for the genre you're writing. And if there's another story that's similar to yours that was recently published, they will turn yours down every time--remember that. And just because one publisher does turn it down, it doesn't mean you have to stop sending them your work. It may be because your book needs more work. Learn and keep going. Same goes for radio stations, newspapers, book stores, magazines; for marketing.
  • You are your own boss. Writers don't have someone to tell them when to write, when to edit, when to research, when to read, when to market, etc. Writing is a business, plain and simple. As a writer, you need to push yourself to succeed. There's no one out there who can do that job for you. When you're feeling sick, you still need to write. When everyone else is having fun, you need to be writing. If you slacked off in another job, do you think you'd still have that job? Think that way, as a writer and keep writing.

I really don't want to scare you. I just want you to know the facts. The pay may not be the greatest but the rewards are. Meeting your fans is priceless. Signing the book you wrote, is priceless. Hearing someone tell another person how great your book is, is priceless. Getting your book made into a movie, well nothing beats that lol. It is worth the pain in getting your book written. And when you see your book on a shelf in the store, you begin to see so much more than you had before. The day will come for you! Just keep writing and never give up!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, July 25, 2009

3rd Installment: Writing Tips

Here's another list of tips that you may or may not find usefull. It really depends on what you already know about writing. Again, there's more helpful tips about the writing career including editing tips on my website at

  • Ideas are a dime a dozen and you can't "own" an idea. Because everyone is different with their own experiences, each idea will be shared differently. With that said, if someone else has the same idea, don't let it bother you. Tell your story to the best of your ability. There is no bad idea. You're not going to please everyone. As long as you enjoy telling your story, someone else will too. Keep that positive attitude and keep writing.
  • Don't ever let anyone tell you, you're not good enough to write your story. There's always going to be obstacles that will stop you from writing. Push through them. You will become a better writer but you have to keep moving forward.
  • Find "your" place to write in. Everyone has their own personal space where they write better. If your imagination flows better in the tub while soaking in bubbles, go for it. If you write better in a bar with someone singing karaoke in the corner, go for it. If you need complete silence, that's great too. Find your own space and stick to it. By keeping a "writing only" space, others will see you're busy while you're there and there may be less chances of you being bothered.
  • The same goes for time. If you truly want to be a writer, you have to make time. Keeping a schedule may help. Only do "writing" things on the time you have set for that time. That includes research, sending out query letters, editing, and even reading. Don't make excuses why you can't write because there's "no time". Even five minutes a day is better than nothing. You can actually get a lot of writing done in five minutes. I've done it many times.
  • There's always going to be someone who can write better. Improve your writing by writing. Take courses, join writing groups, meet other writers. Its time to begin acting like a professional because once you're published, you are a professional. Each book you write, will be better than the last one you wrote and many readers know that. Experience is the key so make your experience and keep writing.

Remember this, you are a writer. Whether you chose it, or it chose you; that's who you are. No matter how long it takes to get that book published, its worth the pain when you meet your fans! Keep that with you while you write, edit, and slave over your work to make it the best you can make it. It will happen only if you believe in yourself.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, July 24, 2009

2nd Installment: Writing Tips

Ok, they say write what you know. Yeah, it's easy to write a book about something you know inside and out, front and back but as a writer, challanging yourself is a good way to keep your mind alert which again, keeps it healthy. So if you don't write what you know, how to write about it? Easy, you do a lot of research.

Find something you would be interested in and always wanted to try but never thought you could or never had the time before. Read books about it. Actually try it. Let's say its bungee jumping (this is just an example lol).

Start off slow and get your hands on as many books as you can. Familiarize yourself with the terms and equipment. Then go watch people do their jump. Once you know the process, actually go have your own jump. Now you're writing about something you know.

If it isn't something that simple, like something that's fictional, then use your imagination. That's why you have one lol. And if that still isn't it, talk to people who have experienced it for themselves. Read more books. Watch it on TV. Whatever it takes to learn what it is, do it. If it's possible, that is.

As a writer, always try new things, even if you don't plan on writing it someday. You never know when you will have a character that needs to know it. The human brain can absorb a whole lot of information so fill it up. Become an expert in as many fields as you can by reading a lot of books on different subjects. Grow a passion for learning new things. Include the family and friends in new adventures which can make it more fun. And remember, you don't have to go to school to become an expert. Reading books, talking to people, experiencing it for yourself can give you the same knowledge as schools for a whole lot cheaper and in your own time. You're not learning to become a professional at it, you're learning to better educate yourself for your writing. You don't need a diploma for that (in that field, that is lol). Don't quit school though.

If you want a certificate that says you know what you know and have the time and funds for it, by all means go for it. By taking that route, you gain more power over your career giving you more options to make a financial future to add to your writing.

So write what you know and learn what you don't know so you open the door to more writing! Learn, write, grow!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st Installment: Writing Tips

In celebration of being included in a book, I decided to have a series of writing posts....In this post, I would like to give a few tips on writing for those who are just starting out and need a little encouragement and tips.

  • Always write in your own pace. There is no rule on how to write in general. Be yourself, write the way you feel comfortable, and never sell yourself short. Work hard and set your own schedule and just keep writing. Reading always helps. If you write Romance, read a lot of romance to learn how its done. Do not copy that author, find your own voice using that author only as a guide. A lot of writers, use part of themselves in their books. That will come to you. Your experiences, your thoughts, and your own abilities will shine through on their own. Its quite fascinating how that happens!
  • Don't try to rush through the process. When its time to edit, edit slowly making sure you get all the errors (there will be some, no one is perfect). Don't worry about the editing process until you're at that point. Wear one hat at a time. Be the writer first, write your story. Once the last word has been produced, go through it and just read it. Do not read from the screen, print it out and read it. Don't make corrections yet, just read as if you're reading it for the first time. Now when that's over, put on the editing hat and begin editing from page one. Eventually, you will be able to wear more than one hat at a time (reader and editor) but as you're beginning, try one at a time to get a feel of things. When you're ready, move forward and try to read and edit at the same time. Do what works for you in the end.
  • Do lots of research. Even fictional stories need some truth in them. If you have doctors in your story, make sure what they do in the story is logical. Same goes for any other profession in the story, make sure its logical. Keep your character's actions true to their personalities and who they are. And remember, no one is perfect so create some flaws with your character too. An easy way to learn about people is by watching them. Go to a place where that's possible and just watch them, listen to their conversations, and be silent. Don't let on that's what you're doing though lol. Read books that help in this process as well. Libraries are filled with different subjects on professions. Find the profession you want and study it. Once you understand that profession, you will learn what kind of people who would work in that profession.
  • And remember, writing can be very stressful, like any other job out there. Get a membership at your local fitness place. Or take a jog through your local park. Do what ever it is that helps you release your own stress. Mine is singing lol so that's what I do when I can. Writing is physical and mental so stay healthy on both ends. And be sure to drink plenty of water.

Ok, that's enough to get you started. I will return with more tips for you. If you need more, now, please check my writing site at

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Announcement!

Don't know if you ever heard of this book or not but this blog has been mentioned in it! It is located under Writer Friendly Blogs! This book is an e-book only so everything in it is linkable which means people can find this blog with a click of a button and that means more people can find my website!

I'm just so excited I had to share it with everyone! I was told through email about this exciting news which I will be sharing in my next newsletter! Included in the next issue will have the link to the author's website! That way if you want your own copy for marketing ideas and knowledge, you can learn right from your own computer. I may even get my own copy! Who knows. Ok, that's enough for now. I just had to share my news lol.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Quick Announcement!

Cursed Blood is available at a reduced price through my publisher until July 24, 2009. The new price is 6.99 for the paperback. Hardback is still available also at its regular price of 21.99.

If you pick up a copy, I hope you enjoy this book and don't forget the sequel is available online through Amazon! Spawn of the Curse is the title of that book!

Thank you!!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cursed Blood: Hardcover

Well, its official! Cursed Blood is now available as hardcover. I finally got my copy and it looks great! I felt like I was seeing my book for the first time, all over again. Its been out for a couple years now so this is really exciting! For now, its only available through the publisher which is Publish America. It does cost a little more than the paperback but they usually do. The company is also talking about making their books available in large print. I will let you know if that happens if you have a hard time seeing the regular print! The link to the publisher can be found on my website, on Cursed Blood's page.

Thank you!!!!!!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello, hello!

It looks like a nice day today so I thought I would send a little note just to say hello! This was the wallpaper for my computer for a few days lol. I took this picture one sunny day just outside my front door. A tree kept getting in the way so I had 4 attempts until I finally got this picture. What do you think? If you can save pics off this blog, go ahead and take this one for your computer! Great for rainy days lol.

Ok, I've updated my website again. Remember, add my toolbar so you can get quick updates at a moment's notice. You also have access to my website with one click, my news page, this blog, Ning network (my site), 2 message boards (one I own), grouply, myspace, twitter, and more; all with one click directly from the toolbar. Plus, I've added chat, games, and Fox news. And you can get the weather for your area. I'm still looking for things to add and you can add your own stuff to it. Also, I've added my newsletter to the download's page so if you haven't read July's issue, you can now.

Well, the funeral is over now. They are still showing the highlights of it for those who couldn't see it yesterday. It was very touching when Jackson's daughter spoke. I think it was the first time she ever had in public like that. She's 11 years old so she's the same age as my oldest daughter, well almost. Faythe is a year older. She's taller than me, did you know that? My own daughter stands taller than 5'2 which is how tall I am. I think she's about 5'4 just looking at her. She takes after her daddy lol. His whole family is tall!

Yeah, the king of pop will be missed but he will live on through his music. He did do a lot for the music community. As a man, I'm not sure if I like him or not but I did like his music. He could sing and perform. 30 years from now, we'll still be talking about him just like Elvis. Speaking of which, do you hear about Elvis? He put in a transfer! Guess there's only room for one king lol.

Ok, that's enough for this blog today. I'll be posting again soon! Thank you and enjoy the sunny day!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, July 6, 2009

Get a New Toolbar!

Hello again! I just added a new toolbar to my website for those interested! Its easier to get to my site if you're one of those people keeping track of me lol. I'm still working on it but here's what's included...

Web Search using Google
Link to my website including the News page
Link to this blog
My message board plus another message where I'm at a lot
Ning Network

Plus you can add your own "stuff" to the toolbar. It is downloaded with its own uninstall unit so if you don't like it, you can easily remove it from your computer. I found it from Conduit which is totally free and it doesn't replace the one you already have, it just adds a new layer. I like it and I hope you will like it too!

Here's the link!

Thank you!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, July 5, 2009

As July 4th Comes to an End...

Officially the holiday is over but many will continue to celebrate all week long lol. I don't know about anyone else, but I played it safe this year. I didn't drink any alcohol, just pop. A little Mountain Dew and a whole lot of Pepsi lol. Oh, and just a little water lol. I've never cared for city water but I drink a little so I don't repeat what happened last summer. I wouldn't want to scare my husband again lol.

Anyways, yesterday I spent a little time with old friends and made new ones. That was nice seeing old familiar faces after a year or so. I did miss them so I enjoyed their company! Now that its all over, the cleanup will begin. I'm sure there will be a lot of debris on the ground from fireworks. And I bet there probably was a fire or two, and possibly a few injuries. If not where I'm at, then some place else. I'm sorry for those mishaps and I hope everything will be ok.

As the rest of the city catches up on their sleep, I stayed up watching a movie and worked on my projects a little plus did some other work online. That's including this blog lol. I wanted to keep everyone updated during the holiday weekend. Like I said, mine was good. I hope yours was too!

Amber Rigby Grosjean