Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love This Job!

Can anyone guess what this city is? It is Cincinnati, Ohio. You know I was actually born in Ohio. Its not something I normally talk about because I feel that I am a hoosier and not a buckeye lol. But yes, I was really born in Van Wert, Ohio.

This was the first time I was ever in Cincy (as they call it there lol). Boy, do they have some hills lol. I walked around the downtown a litle talking to people and introduced my books to a few of them. They were all very excited to meet a published author. Most people are like that, they look at authors as celebrities which is totally cool because I still not used to that. I like the reaction when I tell people I'm published!

Ok, I will wait to tell you where I'm heading after this city but for now, I have some people to talk to about these books. In the next city, I will be heading to some book stores and see how it goes there! I'm excited about that and will hopefully make some deals on some booksignings. If not, at least I tried and that's the main thing.

I'm getting out of my normal routine and getting out there in the world to meet my future and present fans! I love meeting them! You can't be a writer without those fans, good or bad! And if no one is reading than why write. I want to be read so here I go! Wish me luch on this journey!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Inspiration and Support

I have been a very lucky person. I was able to find someone who brings inspiration to me everyday of my life for the rest of my life. This same person also gives me 100% support. Yes, I am talking about my wonderful husband. Tomorrow will be 12 years of married bliss!

We didn't have everyday bliss. There were days when we had an arguement over something stupid (don't all marriages have those lol) and there were days when nothing could go right. We have come a long way in our marriage. We have overcome homelessness, friends who have stabbed us in the back, weather disasters, personal problems, and more yet we have bounced back every single time, together.

We have seen those brighter days where we can't seem to get any happier, then one day comes along and we do get happier! We have a blessed relationship and I wanted to share that with all of you. This weekend, I will not talk about my writing here. This is an annaversary break from that lol! I just wanted to share my happiness with my fans and friends!

12 years is a long time to be married to one person. How about being married for 50 or 75? We have friends who made it that far! They don't know how lucky they are getting to those annaversaries! So, I would like to thank those people for inspiring us to deal with each other on those bad days and living in wonderland on the good ones. For those who have problems with their spouses, look to each other and smile. Now talk. It takes only one person to make a relationship bad but it takes both to make it good. Remember, you love each other. Take it from there!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes You have to rewrite that story...

I began writing my favorite story when I was only 12 years old. To me it was a great story. Lot of action, growth, fighting between good and evil, and so much more. Years went be with rejection after rejection. I had written other stories and didn't send them in so I started thinking I should give it a try to see which story was accepted first. Then 2 books were published. I've rewritten my story over and over again. Now I am in the process of rewriting it one last time.

Over the years, many stories have come out. Some of these stories are very close to the one I had written. I grew attached to those stories knowing I had written something just as good as those others. Charmed is a good story. Harry Potter is too. I always thought how funny it was seeing how close these stories were to mine. I'm still laughing it up.

Since I have now seen those shows (didn't mention them all lol) I am using what I know so they are not so close as they were before. My story was unique at one time and I felt really good knowing that. It will go back to being different again. Peterson Estate is a good story and it can be a great story.

A lot of people say that an author's first book is seldomly published. I think this is due to the writer's improvement in writing. If we all went back and took what we learned and worked on those first stories, they can still be published. We cannot give up on ourselves. We can't let others give up on us either. Keep writing. Don't let others tell you, you don't have what it takes to write (or finish) a great book. You do have what it takes, just believe in yourself. Sometimes you have to rewrite that story to make it the greatest story you have ever written!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, June 13, 2008

Laptop vs. Desktop

Which is better? Laptop or desktop?

I have gone from writing long-hand to writing on a desktop to writing on a laptop. Which do I prefer? You guessed it, a laptop.

Laptops are so much easier for many reasons. First, they are more compact. Because of the size, they move easier which means you can write almost anywhere you couldn't with a desktop. Second, they are lighter so carrying them is more simple which again means you can write almost anywhere.

I really like the idea that I can go anywhere with my computer. I can sit at the park and write if I so choose to. I can sit in my bed and relax while I write. I can have internet anywhere I have my computer. Those annoying wires aren't getting in my way! Don't you hate those darn things getting in your way?

When I was writing in long-hand, it meant I was wasting all that paper. Then I still had to type it up so I could send it to publishers. Having a computer whether its a laptop or a desktop saves time, energy, paper, and pens. It also saves the pain associated with writing things down for so long. I have arthritus in both wrists so typing really helps, less pain!

So which do you really prefer? Now days, laptops are getting more affordable which means more and more people are using them. Let me know, respond and lets see what the world prefers. Thank you! Have a great day!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vegas was great!

Well, I'm back in Indiana again! Vegas was a lot of fun and I hope to go there again some day! Here is one of my pics in Vegas. I'm standing by the 4 Queens Casino and Hotel just downtown at the Freemont Experience. It was a little chilly that day but not as cold as Indiana lol. I felt sorry for those at home but I was happier being out of winter for the time being.

This sure was a city that never slept. It seemed like there were more people out late than during the day. Of course, it was still busy during the day too. I did get a chance to visit a few places on the "strip" as its called. I rode a few of the city's buses including the Deuce which is a two level bus. I sat on the top right in front and it was really cool! Its a totally different experience so if you ever visit the city, give it a try.

I did a lot of work while I was there. I told several people about my books, making friends in the process. So many people never met an author before so I felt good being that author! I also came up with new ideas which I'm in the process of working on now. I'm keeping them a secret for the time being so keep an eye out! I really hope I hear from publishers soon, I'm getting to like the process of getting new books out there for you. Meanwhile, don't forget I do have 2 books that you can read. Both books are available online! You can learn more through my website at so go check that out! Enjoy the summer and see you soon!

Amber Rigby Grosjean