Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Scare Last Week

If you notice in this picture, I was in the hospital the other day. Don't worry, I'm ok. I was downtown in the summer heat and I gave my husband a little scare...

I passed out! From what I was told afterwords, I starting shaking and then I began to collapse. My husband used his body to guide me so I wouldn't get hurt. Wasn't that nice of him? He skinned his knees because of that but I was all right. I don't remember any of it lol. He tried everything to wake me up, called my name and slapped my face. I couldn't feel it lol.

When I came to, about 40 seconds later, a group of people were standing over me pouring water on me to cool me down. Someone in the crowd said the ambulance was coming. While I was down for the count lol, my hubby had asked someone to call 9-1-1 which 3 people called at the same time and asked if someone had the water. A couple people tried to get water from the vendor but the dumb guy wouldn't give it away so these people paid for it--yes, I said paid for it. And they didn't ask for the money back either! That was nice of them! My hubby also used his body to shelter me from the sun since it was just after noon which the medic said was the right thing to do!

I was all right after a little while but we decided to go to the hospital anyway to be checked just in case. Everything came back from the lab saying I was healthy as a horse, well not literally lol. I was just dehydrated and affected by the heat. I also have a condition that causes me to get dizzy so that played a role as well. I just hadn't passed out since I was a child, well until now!

So this summer or any summer from now on, please drink a lot of fluids! Soda does not help. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Drink water or even Gatorade if you don't like water. Water is the best though! Now he keeps an extra eye on me to make sure I do drink those fluids. Gotta love the man! He does take good care of me. Please do the same for yourself! Be healthy and stay cool. Don't go out unless you really have to and even then, dress correctly.

Have a great and safe summer!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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