Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jack from Cursed Blood

Jack Green was an only child raised by his father who was an FBI agent. His father brought the case home so he could study it a little and Jack saw the file. Ever since that day, he knew he wanted to be like his father, helping people through the Bureau. As soon Jack graduated from his training, he asked for the case by name, taking over for his father when he retired. He was infactuated by a woman he had never met nor seen.

Jack continued the search for Donna, hoping he would be able to help her, not knowing the secrets she held. All he knew was what he was told, that he carried a cure.

He was a gentleman and was sincere when he told Donna he wanted to help her the day they finally met. It was during the time they were together at the military base when his feelings came through. Then he offered to stay with her on her birthday, sacrificing his own life to see if this cure would work. Was he ignorant in thinking that he could save her? Or will he die like all the others before him?

When I was writing this book, I never realized how much of my own life would shine through. Seriously, it was interesting to see how much Jack Green resembled my own husband. I always thought my real life was cursed and my husband helped me realize that I was in fact not cursed. I guess that was what influenced the nightmare that inspired this story. I was running from myself and then my eyes were wide opened for the first time in my life. It really is true; writers do put a piece of them into their work! I guess it is a way to live forever! I have found the fountain of youth lol.

Check out Cursed Blood for yourself and see if Jack saves the woman he loves or if she causes his own death. The cure could also be the only thing that could destroy Donna, who knows. I'm not giving away the ending lol. Read an excerpt from my website and then check out the book. For those in Fort Wayne and Muncie, Indiana; you could check out the book at the library too!

Thank you!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

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