Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Day On The Job

I have recieved my edits back from my editor and have been going over them. There's so much there but I would rather see the mistakes and fix them now rather than letting any one of my readers to see them. It's all a part of writing a book. It just doesn't get seen by all those non-writers out there. I just happen to know a few who have found it very interesting and are now thinking of giving it a try, writing a book I mean. All I can say is good luck and I mean that in a good way! I encourage anyone who wants to give it a try. If you're serious, you will do more than try; you will keep going until you have achieved what you set out to do and kept going!

For those who haven't read my blogs before, I do tend to talk about writing a lot. For this, I do apologize. I just love it! In fact, I stayed up all night just to get a big chunk of my work done. That is something I do ever so often. I wanted to get some extra editing done, you know see if I missed something that could be improved. Before editing was a time when I just added more sentences and now I can do so much more! There's the combining of two sentences that work together better than working alone. There's replacing over-worked words with others that mean the same thing. I'm still learning that one lol. Of course, I still need coaching because some of those things need to be shown to me before I see it myself. I can see some but I still consider myself new at this. I never went to school for writing with the exception of a couple classes in high school and they don't teach you editing which is something you really need if you want to become a writer.

Ok, now I bet you're asking about these pictures, right? Well, there isn't any snow on the ground in my area so I thought I would add a little memory from this winter so far. For those who have summer, I only have one thing to say..... You're so lucky!

Now back to writing lol. You don't need talent to become a writer anymore, you never really did in the first place. Look at how many celebrities who are getting published. I know all actors can't write but they have been doing it and their books are selling. Why? Because they have something to say and people who will listen (or read it lol). Their own names help them sell their word around the globe. It has nothing to do with talent, its hard work and knowing what you are talking about that does it. You have to have something to say. There needs to be a market for it too. How can you obtain this knowledge? By living! You write what you know which means you learn, make errors, learn some more, and then go write lol. I heard that writing is only 10% talent. If you did great in English class then you already have the fundamentals needed to write! If you know how to lie, then you already know a little about fiction. Yes, fiction means lying because fiction is something that isn't true. Non-fiction is also something you can write without knowing how to be a writer. Doctors write books all the time. Of course, some of these books do have something to do with medical stuff but that's what doctors know; they are writing what they know.

If you are a writer, I have a challange for you. Do you have a story in your heart that is tearing at you to tell someone? Do you have a special ability that hasn't been shared with the world yet? Stop making excuses about why you can't write. No time, have to do so much of the other things in life. A writer makes time. Even if its just 5 minutes, you can set time aside just for writing. You don't know what to write. Look to yourself, there's always ideas and sometimes they are close to home (so to speak lol). You are shy and don't think you can do it. I was shy once. I didn't let it stop me from fighting what I wanted. People say you can't do it. So what, prove to them you can. If I can do that so can you. Its not a job. Tell that to those who have made it a job. Writing isn't just writing books. There's Journalism too. And there are screen writers. You don't have the supplies. It only takes your mind and something to write on with your choice on writing tools like a pen or pencil. And libraries have computers if you don't have one at home. I mean stop the excuses, go to your special place and begin writing! It is the only way to ever get published! Sure you will get turned down by some but others will say, where have you been, your story is perfect! So pick up that pen or pencil or put those fingers to the keyboard and start writing! No more excuses!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

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