Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Economy

It really looks like we're heading back someplace we never thought we'd be. I mean the USA. Jobs are moving out of our country to places where it would cost less to run those companies. Other businesses are going bankrupt. More and more people are losing their jobs which means its getting harder each day to find jobs. We're going to be in a whole lot of trouble very soon. I think we're in trouble now. Those who really depend on their paychecks like most of us, are going to have a really hard time keeping payments up like electric, gas, phone, and more because the money flow will become less and less. Then those companies like the electric, gas, and phone will end up hurting too because no one will be able to afford to have them anymore. Except those people who are wealthy.

If you are one of those people and I know you're out there, there's help but you really have to know where to look. Start at your local Trustees Office. Then look for Catholic churches because they always have funds for people in need. And before it gets too late, start saving your money now. So when that time does happen, you're going to be ready for it. If you have a family, you need all the help you can get so don't be ashamed to ask for it. It doesn't make you a bad person if you ask for help! And no one will ever blame you when that time does come.

If you're not in that position, lucky you! Reach out for those people who are. Be a good person and help those who are less fortunate than you are. Being this close to Christmas, all help is needed and asked for. Put it in your heart to do something wonderful this year!

Happy Holidays to everyone! I hope you've been good and that Santa brings everything you asked for. I know I've been good and have only asked Santa for a couple things so hopefully I will find something good under my tree. I will have more updates soon. See ya after the new year!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hey All Out There in Cyberspace!

Ok, I need to update my blog lol so here I am once again! As an update, I need to tell you that my website is temporarily down. It sucks, I know but what can you do? Nothing execpt sit on your butt and wait, right? Anyway....

I just sent out my December's issue and I am excited about getting the first issue of the year started. I have no idea what to put in this newsletter issue. My newsletters will be sent from my personal email until my website comes back up. If you would like to subscribe just email me at amber_grosjean@hotmail.com and I will manually add you to the list. I will also be getting those authors on there so if you're an author, you can still be added so gather up some information like your name, the title of the books you have published, the genre, a link to your website, why you became a writer, what motivates you to keep writing, inspiration, and anything you would like to tell aspiring writers. Another note, I do free ads on my newsletters so if you have an announcement that you would like to share or selling something, please email me with that information. I don't know how long I will be doing that so get your ads to me right away.

I am still writing, just not as much lol. There's still a lot of things going on right now lol. Life would be so much easier if we didn't have to work so hard at it lol. Ideas are still flooding my mind so I am jotting those down so when my site goes back up, I will need to really update it for all of you! I can't wait for that.

Meanwhile, I am on Myspace so come join me there. I love playing those games like Mafia, Mobsters, Dragons, and more! Some of them, I am doing great but some of them I need more members so keep that in mind, will ya? All right, I have to get going. It's after 1 so I need to go to bed lol. Long day tomorrow!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Quick Note

Hey everyone! I'm still around. I just wanted to bring you up to date. I am now in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There's a few things going on in my life right now which is why I haven't been around. Hopefully soon that will change. I miss talking to my fans and friends! I will let you know as things go on so please keep coming back! I hope you all had a great Halloween this year and hope you have an even better Thanksgiving! Start getting ready for Christmas now before everything gets sold out! That's something that seems to happen every year to me lol.

On the writing note, I am still working on a couple of my stories that I actually finished writing. I can make them better so I am editing right now. Peterson Estate is being read by another writer and she's enjoying the story so far. Mother of the Dragons is also being edited. I also have 3 new stories to work on once I get to that point on the list. Those stories will be in my newsletter eventually so subscribe to that if you haven't already.

Cursed Blood is still being read. I was at the library the other day and I noticed one copy was checked out and the other one was being read in the library. Stolen Identity is also being enjoyed. I believe there are more people downloading their copy than they are getting the paperback. Either way is cool but if it were up to me, I'd get the paperback. There's nothing like holding a book you're reading but that's just me. This is an electronic age now so I think it would be nice if the rest of my books have that option so people can always have a chance to read my stories, in any form.

All right, that's enough for now. I hope to see you all again soon. Be good to each other and have a safe holiday!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Saturday, September 13, 2008

When Being Poor Can Hurt an Author

Being someone who doesn't have a whole lot of money, I can tell you that it takes money to make money esp when it comes to being an author. When a writer becomes published, the work does not stop there--it only gets more difficult even though it is very rewarding at the same time. Every author, doesn't matter how he/she is published, must market the books he/she wrote and had published.

Marketing can be easy for some or seem impossible for others. I'm somewhere in the middle. I've gotten the hang of it some what but without enough funds, we might as well not market at all. For free, we can surf the web and just tell people about our books but without money we can't make a website to send those people to. Free webs work but they are not professional and may scare people away from purchasing that book, not always but sometimes.

I love to write and can't think of anything better to do with my life so its something I will keep doing no matter what. If I keep getting published, great. If more and more people see my books, great! I just can't sit there and wait for someone to just happen to find my book though and neither can any other author out there. We must get out there and tell people. Show them our books, show them how proud we are to have written them. We must be enthusiastic about our work or it will be for nothing.

If you are writing a book now and do plan on getting it published someday, start saving your money now. Set up an account and only use it when that book gets published. Use that money for marketing only. This will help you in so many ways. Keep adding to it too because it will go fast.

After you get your website, there's other expenses to think about. How will you tell others about your book and site? Business cards? Buy about 200-300 at a time. Pass them out to everyone you have a chance to. Baseball cap with your website on it works great too. You can get one for under 30 bucks, its worth the money! You choose the color and everything! T-shirts work too. Those can be made yourself with an iron and an iron-on transfer or you can have one ordered for a more tailored look. Check on the price though cause I've never done that. Bags work too as well as....pens, pencils, matchbooks, tablets, mugs, underwear (yes those work too lol--use them as gifts), and the sky is the limit. Some things you can make yourself to save some money while others need to be ordered but when you make sales its worth it so just save your money now so you can have those things later!

If you are blessed enough to have your own computer with a color printer, great! Use it for your advantage. Ink can be bought using that savings too. Just keep a reciept for everything for taxes at the end of the year. Make flyers, bookmarks, postcards, etc. You can get the items at most business stores or even Wallmart. They come in pre-shaped sizes and all you have to do is fill it in using the code for the printer so it matches up when you print it out.

When you book is designed, save it so you can use the cover of your book to help market it. Once that cover is done, start the marketing process (before that is even better!)

Remember, poor writers can't do as much as people who are well planned ahead and save their money. The more you market that book, the more sales you will see. Never stop marketing or promoting that book. Never stop saving your money to go towards that and you should be all right. Now get out there and start making those sales!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hey You!!

Hello writers and fans of writers! You may be both so double welcome to you!

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I guess Halloween is the next holiday! I can't wait for that! What will I dress up as this year. For two back to back years I was a man. The first year, my hubby and I went to a local bar in Fort Wayne for karaoke and some woman actually hit on me, thinking I was a real man. Guess it was that good lol. I felt so nervous, I kept looking at Billy (my hubby) to be rescued lol. She even gave me her phone number. When it was my turn to sing, I used my real voice and watched her reaction. That was funny. She didn't talk to me the rest of the night, thank God!

I also dressed as a sexy ghost. I used an old bed sheet and made it into a two piece outfit. It looked cool. I was also a sexy vampire and used that black hairspray in my hair. Everyone loved the color on me which is why I dyed my hair black last winter. Bad mistake. Luckily my hair is blonde again and starting to grow out now. There was one more costume but I'd rather not say what it was, some may not understand lol. It was interesting though, that's all I can say. I don't think it was ever done so it got some attention lol.

Ok, back to this year. I hadn't thought about it for a while so I think I should start now. What would you suggest? Reply and let me know your thoughts and tell me what your costumes have been in the past. Let's talk about it and share some ideas with each other. Remember some children may stumble on this page so if its adult natured don't share lol. You can hint but that's all! I got some writing to do so I will talk with ya later.

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hello Everyone!

All right, can you guess where this building is located at? Do you know what this building even is? If you guessed Nashville, TN then you guessed right but what is this building?
I didn't see the inside during this trip but I wanted to. They were giving tours for the right price and I didn't want to pay what they were asking so I just took this picture so I could remember being there lol.
During my short trip to Nashville, I learned something that I wasn't expecting about this city. I always thought that people in this area would be neighborly, you know wave at you when you walked by (or drove by). I was raised that way being a country girl but it wasn't like that. Sure, some people did wave. Most people were actually rude to us (my husband and I). We got lost a few times and asked for directions. Most people just kept on walking, didn't even look at us. That gave me a very bad impression about the city. The music capital of the world wasn't as great as I thought it would be. So it turned out being a bad choice to market my books but I still enjoyed the site seeing, what site seeing we were able to do lol with being lost most of the time. But at least we were able to find the original Grande Ol Opry which was a site. Did you know this building was originally built as a church? I didn't know until I saw the building up close! That was nice!
I did see real "mountain" people when I was there. They were nice. When they all passed us, they smiled and said hi to us. They were dressed in older clothes like the ones I've seen on television. Not sure if they were really from the hills like my husband said they were but they sure appeared to be. I was too afraid to ask, didn't want to offend anyone. I'm not the type of person who likes to do that sort of thing, you know hurt someone's feelings or affend someone. It isn't me. With my past, I know what it's like so I avoid it as much as possible. Even if it means lying to someone or biting my tongue. I refuse to do it! So with winter slowly approaching, that may be my last trip for the year. I wonder where I'll go next year. Somewhere I've never been I imagine! It makes everything so worth while!!
Any ideas?
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to School! College!!

So what are we going to discuss this time? Gee, what is there? Ok, we know that school is slowly approaching. That can be really scary for those who are going for the first time--college that is. Even for kindergarteners, it can be a scary experience.

Thoughts run through your mind like will the other students like you and your style--yes, they will, some may not but that's life. You will make friends! Just be yourself! Other thoughts will be, will I like it? School is what you make of it. You're there to learn. If you chose your classes, there is a reason why you chose them. If it is to learn about something you already like, chances are you will like those classes. And what about those teachers? They're not there to be your friends. They are doing their jobs, help you learn. Whether you like them or they like you doesn't matter. Keep your eyes set on your goal and you will do great and your teachers will respect you for that.

Don't worry about what's in style, ladies. Be who you are and what ever you wear will be just fine. If you're into gothic, there will be others who are too and they will love your fashion. If you are into dressing glamorous, again, there will be others who do too. No matter what your style is, there will be others who agree with that style. Don't try to fit into one group, let that group fit you! Be your own person and others will follow!

Now we do have plenty of time before that first bell does ring. Do you have all your supplies? You got plenty of paper, pencils, pens, folders, something to carry it all in? Did you order your books for those classes you chose? Remember, you can always get slightly used books to save money. They may already be marked in but at least you'll know what's important to study that way lol. Have you decided where you'll be staying during the next four years? Will you have room mates?

If you know where you're staying, check out that area before school starts. Maybe there's places you can work for extra cash or even hang outs for after study time is over. You don't have to be stuck inside your new home after school is out. Make friends and on the weekends, party a little. Just don't party too hard! I've heard that the friends you make in college are the friends who stick with you for a lifetime!

College is a lot different than most highschools. Instead of have 7 or 8 classes being an hour each everyday, you will have maybe 3 classes one day with 2 or 3 hours long and 2 classes on another day that are longer. Each class will be different depending on the day it's held. This could mean shorter days or longer days depending on what you have chosen. It is always a good idea to know what you want to be when you graduate going in your Freshman year but if you don't, you can play around with different classes your first year until you figure it out. But the next year, you should have it figured out so you can get enough classes in to get ceritified for that career.

Ok, that's enough. Anyone else have something to say to those who are getting ready to head into school? No horror stories please lol!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Peterson Estate

I have recreated a world that has been with me since the beginning of my writing career. During this journey, I had some fun but at the same time, I was mourning the death of a couple chapters. It was a little hard to let go of those two chapters.

A few people were given the chance to read the story before any of those changes were made and they liked the story the way it was. I also read it to a couple children. While one hung on every word, one (a little girl) had nightmares from one of the scenes. She was a bit younger than her brother which told me her age group was too young for the story. That was when I knew it was for young adults.

Over the years, I had countless rejections from publishers who appeared they hadn't even read it. I was determined to get it published though. I put all my other stories on the back burner and planned on getting this story published first. When Cursed Blood and Stolen Identity were finally finished though, I changed my plan and put threw them both out to the sharks, happily surprised when they were accepted right away.

As time drifted by, I began to think about my original plans of writing for all age groups. Another couple months later, I decided I couldn't give up on this story. I had to work on it and make it fit what I am writing now. When the rewrite began, I felt happy about this decision and enjoyed the journey it took me down.

Now the rewrite is finished and I feel so relieved. I completely took out a couple chapters and I mentioned one of them. In the original story, those two chapters were in someone elses POV and they appeared too childish. Neither chapter really pushed the story along as the new story emerged.

There are still multiple plots pulling through the veins of the story but now there is one major plot that pulls it all together which it really didn't have before, not really. I mean it was there but it wasn't the focus of the story. Now it makes better sense and I'm glad I was able to make it happen. Peterson Estate took a few rejections and a major rewrite to make it what it is and I'm glad it happened this way. Now I just have to get it published! Back to the sharks it goes!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Little Scare Last Week

If you notice in this picture, I was in the hospital the other day. Don't worry, I'm ok. I was downtown in the summer heat and I gave my husband a little scare...

I passed out! From what I was told afterwords, I starting shaking and then I began to collapse. My husband used his body to guide me so I wouldn't get hurt. Wasn't that nice of him? He skinned his knees because of that but I was all right. I don't remember any of it lol. He tried everything to wake me up, called my name and slapped my face. I couldn't feel it lol.

When I came to, about 40 seconds later, a group of people were standing over me pouring water on me to cool me down. Someone in the crowd said the ambulance was coming. While I was down for the count lol, my hubby had asked someone to call 9-1-1 which 3 people called at the same time and asked if someone had the water. A couple people tried to get water from the vendor but the dumb guy wouldn't give it away so these people paid for it--yes, I said paid for it. And they didn't ask for the money back either! That was nice of them! My hubby also used his body to shelter me from the sun since it was just after noon which the medic said was the right thing to do!

I was all right after a little while but we decided to go to the hospital anyway to be checked just in case. Everything came back from the lab saying I was healthy as a horse, well not literally lol. I was just dehydrated and affected by the heat. I also have a condition that causes me to get dizzy so that played a role as well. I just hadn't passed out since I was a child, well until now!

So this summer or any summer from now on, please drink a lot of fluids! Soda does not help. In fact, it does quite the opposite. Drink water or even Gatorade if you don't like water. Water is the best though! Now he keeps an extra eye on me to make sure I do drink those fluids. Gotta love the man! He does take good care of me. Please do the same for yourself! Be healthy and stay cool. Don't go out unless you really have to and even then, dress correctly.

Have a great and safe summer!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, July 11, 2008

Hello One and All!

On another blog, a few writers and myself were asked to write a snippit about our favorite season in a unique way....as a short "story" or excerpt.
Of course, I chose Spring for many reasons. Besides the temperature being not too cold and not too hot, there is also the feeling of the world being re-born which can be very beautiful! Leaves form on the trees, flowers open their petals for the first time, and the birds sing sweet melodies outside our bedroom windows in the morning waking us up! Plus this is the time for those Lilac bushes which give a sweet aroma that I can never resist.

I love nature and always have. When I was little I used to take my mother's good sheets (she never really had any bad ones lol) and built my own tents in the front yard. Well, it wasn't really a front yard because I lived on a farm and the front of the house was sort of in the center of the property. I used to get yelled at all the time but continued because I enjoyed being outside so much. After I became an adult, I still enjoyed the camping and have gone a few times.
One place I did enjoy camping was at the Johnny Appleseed Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I spent an entire summer there enjoying what they had to offer. I had a tent, shower and laundery facility which wasn't the same thing as really roughing it but it was a little different than staying in a house.

You can't do certain things during the winter because, well its too cold lol. You can't go on a picnic, go camping, go fishing which I used to when I was a kid, can't really go biking, or any of those things. I also really love summer!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, July 4, 2008

Stolen Identity

This book is based on sex, lies, and murder. It is also based on the fact that a man takes the identity of another man, his identical twin brother. In real life, I really hope it isn't that easy for one man to do such a thing.

There are ways a person can protect their lives from being stolen by anyone. First of all, don't hide your keys somewhere outside. And if you must leave a set with someone you trust, have a password even if you're the one picking them up. This way, if you do have someone who looks like you, they can't steal your keys. Second, never throw anything away that has important information on it like your social security number. Shred your paper as much as you can or even burn it if possible. Third, if you feel you are being followed, call the police. In some states, there is a law that prohibits that. Sure, it can be coincidence but use your gutt feeling if there's too much coincidence.

Identity theft does happen but it doesn't have to happen to you. Be safe, protect your loved ones, and always stay alert. Be weary of companies who ask for your social security numbers too. If you ever become suspiscious about someone, please call the police right away!

Thank you!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why do I write?

Why do I write? Why does any author write? That is probably the most important question you could ask a writer. For me, it's who I am. I am nothing without it.

I enjoy creating new and interesting people in strange places and not so strange places with strange people. I enjoy seeing how these people work with others who are different. I've always been a dreamer and have lost myself in the worlds I dreamed about. I couldn't see my life being any other way. Sure I've tried other things in my life but writing is so much a part of me that I can't stop. Even when I'm not writing, I'm writing in my mind.

I sit there and watch people no matter where I go. I try to imagine who these people are, why they are argueing and who they could be talking about. Sometimes I listen to people talk and imagine they could be discussing something I know about and could write about. It helps me learn how real people associate with each other so my characters can become more real.

I also write because I wanted to be someone who was different and wanted people to see that. I wanted to be read by people who I never met or never knew. I wanted them to say, "I feel the same way." "I needed to escape for a little while." "I didn't know that." I wanted to be someone who people could admire because I did something that no one ever thought could. I wanted to stop being a failure.

Becoming a writer really saved my life. A year or so before the decision, I attempted suicide which thank God, it didn't work. I was hurting from the teasing and the laughing from my class mates and I was lost. I didn't know who I was or where my life was going and I just wanted to give up. I honostly thought God made a mistake when He created me. The day I found myself, I knew the path I was on was chosen for me. It was chosen for me, I tell you. Someone wanted me to live that life to mold me, shape me into the person I would become, the writer I would become.

The teasing eventually slowed down and then I moved away with my family taking me to a school where I learned how to become a better person without the teasing. I improved my writing taking classes about writing. I surrounded my life with it. This is my destiny and I refuse to let anyone take it away from me. It is the only thing in my life that has never changed or escaped from me.

Why do I write? Because I am a writer. What about you?

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Love This Job!

Can anyone guess what this city is? It is Cincinnati, Ohio. You know I was actually born in Ohio. Its not something I normally talk about because I feel that I am a hoosier and not a buckeye lol. But yes, I was really born in Van Wert, Ohio.

This was the first time I was ever in Cincy (as they call it there lol). Boy, do they have some hills lol. I walked around the downtown a litle talking to people and introduced my books to a few of them. They were all very excited to meet a published author. Most people are like that, they look at authors as celebrities which is totally cool because I still not used to that. I like the reaction when I tell people I'm published!

Ok, I will wait to tell you where I'm heading after this city but for now, I have some people to talk to about these books. In the next city, I will be heading to some book stores and see how it goes there! I'm excited about that and will hopefully make some deals on some booksignings. If not, at least I tried and that's the main thing.

I'm getting out of my normal routine and getting out there in the world to meet my future and present fans! I love meeting them! You can't be a writer without those fans, good or bad! And if no one is reading than why write. I want to be read so here I go! Wish me luch on this journey!

Amber Rigby Grosjean


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Inspiration and Support

I have been a very lucky person. I was able to find someone who brings inspiration to me everyday of my life for the rest of my life. This same person also gives me 100% support. Yes, I am talking about my wonderful husband. Tomorrow will be 12 years of married bliss!

We didn't have everyday bliss. There were days when we had an arguement over something stupid (don't all marriages have those lol) and there were days when nothing could go right. We have come a long way in our marriage. We have overcome homelessness, friends who have stabbed us in the back, weather disasters, personal problems, and more yet we have bounced back every single time, together.

We have seen those brighter days where we can't seem to get any happier, then one day comes along and we do get happier! We have a blessed relationship and I wanted to share that with all of you. This weekend, I will not talk about my writing here. This is an annaversary break from that lol! I just wanted to share my happiness with my fans and friends!

12 years is a long time to be married to one person. How about being married for 50 or 75? We have friends who made it that far! They don't know how lucky they are getting to those annaversaries! So, I would like to thank those people for inspiring us to deal with each other on those bad days and living in wonderland on the good ones. For those who have problems with their spouses, look to each other and smile. Now talk. It takes only one person to make a relationship bad but it takes both to make it good. Remember, you love each other. Take it from there!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes You have to rewrite that story...

I began writing my favorite story when I was only 12 years old. To me it was a great story. Lot of action, growth, fighting between good and evil, and so much more. Years went be with rejection after rejection. I had written other stories and didn't send them in so I started thinking I should give it a try to see which story was accepted first. Then 2 books were published. I've rewritten my story over and over again. Now I am in the process of rewriting it one last time.

Over the years, many stories have come out. Some of these stories are very close to the one I had written. I grew attached to those stories knowing I had written something just as good as those others. Charmed is a good story. Harry Potter is too. I always thought how funny it was seeing how close these stories were to mine. I'm still laughing it up.

Since I have now seen those shows (didn't mention them all lol) I am using what I know so they are not so close as they were before. My story was unique at one time and I felt really good knowing that. It will go back to being different again. Peterson Estate is a good story and it can be a great story.

A lot of people say that an author's first book is seldomly published. I think this is due to the writer's improvement in writing. If we all went back and took what we learned and worked on those first stories, they can still be published. We cannot give up on ourselves. We can't let others give up on us either. Keep writing. Don't let others tell you, you don't have what it takes to write (or finish) a great book. You do have what it takes, just believe in yourself. Sometimes you have to rewrite that story to make it the greatest story you have ever written!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, June 13, 2008

Laptop vs. Desktop

Which is better? Laptop or desktop?

I have gone from writing long-hand to writing on a desktop to writing on a laptop. Which do I prefer? You guessed it, a laptop.

Laptops are so much easier for many reasons. First, they are more compact. Because of the size, they move easier which means you can write almost anywhere you couldn't with a desktop. Second, they are lighter so carrying them is more simple which again means you can write almost anywhere.

I really like the idea that I can go anywhere with my computer. I can sit at the park and write if I so choose to. I can sit in my bed and relax while I write. I can have internet anywhere I have my computer. Those annoying wires aren't getting in my way! Don't you hate those darn things getting in your way?

When I was writing in long-hand, it meant I was wasting all that paper. Then I still had to type it up so I could send it to publishers. Having a computer whether its a laptop or a desktop saves time, energy, paper, and pens. It also saves the pain associated with writing things down for so long. I have arthritus in both wrists so typing really helps, less pain!

So which do you really prefer? Now days, laptops are getting more affordable which means more and more people are using them. Let me know, respond and lets see what the world prefers. Thank you! Have a great day!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vegas was great!

Well, I'm back in Indiana again! Vegas was a lot of fun and I hope to go there again some day! Here is one of my pics in Vegas. I'm standing by the 4 Queens Casino and Hotel just downtown at the Freemont Experience. It was a little chilly that day but not as cold as Indiana lol. I felt sorry for those at home but I was happier being out of winter for the time being.

This sure was a city that never slept. It seemed like there were more people out late than during the day. Of course, it was still busy during the day too. I did get a chance to visit a few places on the "strip" as its called. I rode a few of the city's buses including the Deuce which is a two level bus. I sat on the top right in front and it was really cool! Its a totally different experience so if you ever visit the city, give it a try.

I did a lot of work while I was there. I told several people about my books, making friends in the process. So many people never met an author before so I felt good being that author! I also came up with new ideas which I'm in the process of working on now. I'm keeping them a secret for the time being so keep an eye out! I really hope I hear from publishers soon, I'm getting to like the process of getting new books out there for you. Meanwhile, don't forget I do have 2 books that you can read. Both books are available online! You can learn more through my website at http://www.argrosjean.com so go check that out! Enjoy the summer and see you soon!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, April 25, 2008

An Update

Well it seems Stolen Identity is doing much better than I really thought lol. I assumed it would do good because of the genre it was written in but it is doing better! People are enjoying this new book! I can't be happier!

For a short time only, Cursed Blood is half off on the publisher's website which makes the cost less than $8 for the paperback. The sale ends on April 28. I love sales! Publish America is changing the price for their books after the full website sale goes away so I'm not even sure what the new price will be. I just heard about this so I hope it isn't too soon for you to go check it out.

I have slowed down my writing although I still am writing and coming up with new stories to write about. I just came up with a totally new idea which will be interesting to write but I will not reveal it just yet. I have so much on my back plate that needs to be taken care of first. When I will begin writing this new story is beyond me lol. Hopefully within the next year I will get to it. If not, it will give me something to do lol. There is a long list of stories that are waiting for my attention and I can't wait to get to each and every one of them! I am so thankful for paper so I can write my ideas down and keep them so I don't forget about them lol.

Don't forget to check out my website, it is still being updated. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask! You can either ask here or directly on my site. My life is almost an open book!

Thanks! Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, April 11, 2008


Hey everyone out there in cyberspace! How are you doing today? Well, I am doing great. My newest book, Stolen Identity is out and doing well. Cursed Blood is still getting around too! I'm getting more ideas as we speak and I'm loving it! I just wanted to post a new message to show everyone, I'm still around. Sorry I haven't been keeping my blogs on a regular basis.

I've been working, meeting new people in a new city. It's been fun too so I'm not complaining. I've got another month here and then back home I go. I think I have enough here to keep my plate full for a little while lol. Plus, I've been spreading the word about my 2 books so its been an interesting trip! I'm glad I came here!!

Ok, don't forget to check out my site, its beginning to be colorful! Check it out and you'll see! http://www.argrosjean.com Don't forget to check out the Amazon store and order your books!

Thank you!!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Easter

I just wanted to take a quick moment out of my busy day and wish everyone a very Happy Easter! Please take some time out of your own busy day and remember what this day means. I'm not a real religous person but I do have the Lord in my heart so this is a good day for me. He has risen!

On other news, Cursed Blood is still selling. If you haven't read it yet, please check it out. If you need to read an excerpt first you may read it on my website at http://www.argrosjean.com or you can look on google for more (read from the actual pages!). Stolen Identity has been selling since the day it was released. Remember, it is only for adults. Please no one under the age of 18 for this book.

Well, I have a book to go write so I will catch you all later! Happy Easter and enjoy the weekend!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, March 7, 2008

Stolen Identity has been released!

I am very excited to share this news but my second novella has been released! Stolen Identity is an erotica thriller so only adults may read this book. It will turn you on, so read carefully.

You may purchase this book in two forms, paperback or e-book, both from my publisher at http://www.amirapress.com or in other places like amazon. Amazon only has the e-book at this time but the paperback will be made available soon. And any local book store can order this book for you in either form so just ask any clerk for the information.

Remember ask for Stolen Identity by Amber Rigby Grosjean! I will keep you posted on the locations as they are made aware to me! Thank you so much! Now enjoy!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, February 22, 2008

Sorry for the Delay

Wow, it has been so busy around here! I've been editing like crazy, finally finished! Now the editor should be working on the formatting so it can be sent to the printer! I can hardly wait to see the final product and hold my book in my hands! I can hardly wait for you to start enjoying this story! There is so much to look forward to!

All right, there are a lot of changes. On my website, I am now going with new colors to go with upcoming holidays, starting with Valentines Day. My pages were red and pink. Now for St. Patrick's Day, the pages are green. I can't be pinched now! Well, actually I really could if I don't physically wear green but at least my site will be lol! I'm still writing, that will never stop. I enjoy this job! In fact, I don't think of it as a job, not really. This is something I have always wanted to do with my life, now I'm right in the middle of it! I'm lovin' it!

All right, check out my website if you haven't yet. If you're coming to this blog from my website, thank you for the visit. I hope you ordered a copy of Cursed Blood. It was fun writing it. But the nightmare which gave me the idea for the story wasn't all the fun so please enjoy the story for me. It makes it worthwhile that way lol. Ok, I have got to go do some writing now. Plus I have a newsletter to finish so I can get that out. Remember, it isn't too late to sign up for that! It will be out on the first. Then I will sit back and wait for my birthday to come. I will be partying for that! Can you guess how old I will be? Come on, respond! I dare ya!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, February 11, 2008

New Update!

Well, as you can see, I have changed my hair color. I'm not sure if I like this or not but here it is. The story is....

I dressed up as a vampire for halloween and everyone at the party told me how good I looked with black hair. It went to my husband's head and he started thinking. Now I have black hair lol. I don't know how long this will last which is why I haven't added them to my website yet. I figured I would play it out first and see what everyone thought about it. Do you like?

Ok, now on to business lol......

So the contest has started now. Been 10 days for that. I have just turned in my final edits for Stolen Identity and awaiting for further word from my editor. It shouldn't be too much longer now! Don't forget Stolen Identity is for adults only due to those naughty scenes. I recommend reading before hubby comes home lol! Then you ladies can attack (in a good way lol). Yes, this book will inspire you, turn you on! Hey guys, don't be left out, its for you too!

A publisher is now looking over Mother of the Dragons. I am very excited about that and have my fingers crossed that they like it. Please do the same for me! I would love to have a romance out for you!

I have had my first interview on podcast. It was early in the morning and I was nervous but I think it went well. It was done over the phone. I will put it on here as soon as I figure out how lol. Then you'll be able to hear it too! I already have and thought it sounded good! You can be the judge of that!

Ok, enough for now. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Final Edits!

I am now working on my final edits for Stolen Identity. After I turn this in to my editor, she will look over my new changes and pass it on to the proofreader who will then make sure words aren't missing and all words are spelled correctly then back to my editor again. This means I am almost finished with this before it goes to the printer! I am very excited about that and cannot wait until everyone gets to read this book.

My contest is now open for those who are interested in winning a free ebook of Stolen Identity. Just go to my website for the information for your chance to win! Thank you!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Need Help Marketing Books?

I found a website that gives helpful tips all about marketing books. You can find this website at http://www.bookmarketing.dovada.net.au/index.php and read through the many pages of articles, picking through the ones that will help you the most.

One of the articles I read was about going to the place where the audience of your books hang out at. This article made a lot of sense. Readers don't hang out a book stores. They visit them occasionally, buy the book or stay for the book club they belong to and go home (or where ever else they need to go). Readers have lives just like the writers who created those stories whether fictional or true. I mostly write stories that entertain. My readers are adults. Beyond that, I really don't know who my audience is.

As a writer, you really need to know who your audience is. Where they hang out is something you can use to help market your books. This is where you need to promote your books the most. I can't tell you where those places will be. It all depends on your books and who your audiences are. Even a cookbook needs to be thought over for the audience as there are so many different types of cookbooks in the world which means each one will have a different audience.

I started thinking about that. I enjoyed writing my books and still do so my audience will be something like me. Where do I hang out? Well, in different places. I like going to many different types of places. Knowing this, I could market my books in those types of places that I like to hang out in. But there are others who aren't like me that would enjoy some of my books so now I have to think more about them. And so do all other writers trying to promote their own books.

Each book I write will have a different audience since I write in more than one genre. Yes, I do write erotica. My audience will be adults who enjoy sex, reading about sex, or even watching it. With this in mind, I would promote this book in adult locations where other items can be found.

Children's books work the same way. Where do children hang out? Zoos, parks, museums, schools, and more places to count. Where do their parents hang out? Knowing that would help because parents buy those books. And don't just think physical places, online places are out there too. Its all on this website so check it out. Learn before your book goes to print and get a head start on the marketing so when your book comes out, people will know about it and want their own copy! Good luck to you and have fun with it! This is your life, live it!!

That's what I'm doing! I'm living the life I wanted and I am running with it!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Something New

Hello, everyone! I have done something new! I joined a group where I can write short stories in the genres I write. Of course, you must be 18 or older to view this because of the content but this gives you an idea of some of the books I write. Please enter at your own risk at this page!

Something else that's new is my website! I have added 2 pages! One page is a free download page where you can find my older newsletter issues just in case you missed one, starting with January 2008. You can either save it to your computer or just open it. Again, you're welcome to share it with anyone you'd like. The other new page is the extras page where I have added special things just for you! Right now there is a game on there you can play. I enjoy playing it! It is free!

My Feb. issue will be coming out very soon. On the first, I will send it to your emails, for those who have signed up. Toward the end of the month, you will be able to see it on the downloads page as well! March is my birthday so I am planning on a special issue to send out.

You may also notice that I've been writing more in these blogs. I will be doing this as often as I can instead of once a week to keep you updated! Have fun and enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Thank you!
Amber Rigby Grosjean


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jack from Cursed Blood

Jack Green was an only child raised by his father who was an FBI agent. His father brought the case home so he could study it a little and Jack saw the file. Ever since that day, he knew he wanted to be like his father, helping people through the Bureau. As soon Jack graduated from his training, he asked for the case by name, taking over for his father when he retired. He was infactuated by a woman he had never met nor seen.

Jack continued the search for Donna, hoping he would be able to help her, not knowing the secrets she held. All he knew was what he was told, that he carried a cure.

He was a gentleman and was sincere when he told Donna he wanted to help her the day they finally met. It was during the time they were together at the military base when his feelings came through. Then he offered to stay with her on her birthday, sacrificing his own life to see if this cure would work. Was he ignorant in thinking that he could save her? Or will he die like all the others before him?

When I was writing this book, I never realized how much of my own life would shine through. Seriously, it was interesting to see how much Jack Green resembled my own husband. I always thought my real life was cursed and my husband helped me realize that I was in fact not cursed. I guess that was what influenced the nightmare that inspired this story. I was running from myself and then my eyes were wide opened for the first time in my life. It really is true; writers do put a piece of them into their work! I guess it is a way to live forever! I have found the fountain of youth lol.

Check out Cursed Blood for yourself and see if Jack saves the woman he loves or if she causes his own death. The cure could also be the only thing that could destroy Donna, who knows. I'm not giving away the ending lol. Read an excerpt from my website and then check out the book. For those in Fort Wayne and Muncie, Indiana; you could check out the book at the library too!

Thank you!
Amber Rigby Grosjean

Monday, January 21, 2008

Donna from Cursed Blood

Donna is not an ordianary woman. She's lived life on the run. She isn't running from the law or from an abusive man. She is running from herself. At the moment of conception, something was present. A demon gave her something of himself. Her blood had become cursed.

With the first death during her birth, Donna's birthdays brought death to all who were near her. It caused her so much pain she wanted to die and tried several times but this curse would not let her go. Was it her destiny?

When a man confronted her about a cure, Donna was afraid and hesitant. Could this man be trusted? Could he be speaking the truth--that her years of running was finally over? Donna took a chance and went with the FBI agent to a place she had never been before, a military base closed off from the town where it was located. The name of the town was a mystery to Donna.

Before you read this book, I must tell you that Donna is forced to relive some of her memories. They are not memories that you would want to have. They are horrific. People died very painful deaths and she could not escape that. This story is about not giving up no matter how hard it seems to be. It is a story about letting people love you, letting them into your heart to ease the pain. It is a story about letting go of the past and moving on with your life.

Read the reviews and the comments of people who read this book. From the first page, this story is unique as it was based on a real nightmare that I had which was inspired by my real life. I hope you enjoy reading it! Thank you!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sex Outside the Marriage

Whether married or not, sex is something that can be enjoyable. All my life I have heard that waiting for marriage is the best and only option there is or should be. Sometimes I agree with that. I really agree with that when younger people are concerned. We are worth waiting for and should never be convinced other wise. As adults, it really changes, don't ask me why.

There are so many things out there that can seduce us into wanting sex outside of marriage. Even when we are married, some people seek others outside the marriage for more. Either way, it is all around us, taunting us. Do we give in to the temptation or do we ignore it? We must be strong if we wish to ignore it.

As I writer, I have been included with that temptation and I do apologize. If you are one who isn't strong and can't fight the temptation, don't pick up a book that has sex in it like erotica. Avoid it if possible. If you are strong, by all means, read as much as you can handle lol. It would be good for me and other erotica authors lol. For those who are married, enjoy the temptations and give in to them often.

Is it wrong? I can be as religious as the next person and I do believe in God. Morally, I do have to say it is wrong to have sex outside of marriage, meaning before getting married. Our lives have been chosen for us before we were even created, our partners were chosen for us, and out paths were layed out so that we would meet. Having sex before that should happen would take away some of the enjoyment we would've had. Now afterwards (I'm not talking about cheating here) is totally different. Couples who participate with other couples while being together isn't cheating. Whose to say if this is wrong. The world today is always changing. So are the rules.

What are your thoughts about this? I would like to hear your opinions if I could. If you are under the age of 18 please pass on this. Thank you!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stolen Identity: Adults Only!

To be released soon, Stolen Identity is an erotica thriller which was written for men or women above the age of 18. This story has multiple scenes that will arouse a few feelings as you read the pages. It took a long time to prepare this book from beginning in the privacy of my own home to the ending with the publisher, Amira Press. I can honestly say it was fun!

Matthew Peters was abused most of his life and when his abusive mother died, she didn't leave him without the knowledge of his adoption. This adoption set forth a journey that changed Matthew from his powerless life to a man who would murder his own brother and steal his identity. Many things had to happen for this to occur.

To begin, Matthew had to learn about his brother, follow him everywhere he went. The more he knew about John, the more he hated the fact that it was John's life and not his own. The twin brother had the perfect life. There was the former model who John claimed as his wife. There were three beautiful children who shared this couple's blood. There was the job of a successful ad agency. How Matthew wanted this life as his own and he wasn't going to stop until it was. If killing other people meant keeping his secret alive so be it. Matthew no longer valued human life since he was no longer Matthew Peters.

Someone's identity is being stolen all the time and its a shame that people do this. I didn't write this story to make you aware of this type of crime but to show you how serious it can be. People's lives were taken in order to make this crime happen. To protect yourself, never throw anything away that has important information on it like your social security number. Never hide your keys outside your home and if you happen to leave them with a friend or neighbor, have a password in case you come back for it. This way someone can't go in your place and just get the key and help themselves to your home. There are many things you can do to protect your identity. This is who you are and you can't get it back when its gone. Please, be careful.

I hope you enjoy this book! Snuggle up with your partner while you read it. Enjoy those sensual scenes and remember to enjoy them. Have a great weekend and I will see you next week with the next entry! Don't forget to read an excerpt from Stolen Identity! Thank you!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writing Frustrations

Ok, so you're a writer! Me too lol. And now you're stuck! So its happened a few times. Frustrating isn't it? Believe me, I know how bad it can be from time to time. I find myself avoiding the task at times because of it. Its not because I have the fear of rejection because I've beaten that fear! Its not because I don't think I'm any good because I know better! And its not because I don't have the time because I have lots of time. Sometimes its writers block that ailes me.

Yes, I did say writers block. I get that from time to time and it is so aggrevating at times. I know there's a story in there somewhere but it likes to run and hide from me. My stories are my children and they like to play the part which is soo frustrating it isn't even funny. Many great writers have that problem. They get going and create story after story, and then it happens out of no where. They can't write another word. What's the world coming to when a writer can't write?

The first thing any writer should do is back away and breathe. Stop pushing yourself so hard, it will come to you in time. Sometimes interviewing your characters as if they are real can help, sometimes not. Sometimes working on a totally different story can help, sometimes not. You can even stare at your story until your face turns red if you want to, sometimes that even helps. When nothing seems to work, step away! Take a walk. Go sing some karaoke like I do at times. Go out and do ordinary things. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in a while. Watch a movie. Live a little. Then go back to your story.

If you still can't press forward, you can try editing the story a little. Maybe your character doesn't like the way the story is moving along and he/she is demanding to work with you until you fix it. Yes, characters have control over your story lol. If you know your characters this much and they really feel like they are real, this can truly happen as if there are multiple personalities trapped inside your mind. Let them out. Let them take control and do their magic. After the story is finished, you can always edit things out or add things in to bring out a better story. Until then, let your characters have their way. Be those characters if possible, with limits of course lol.

If nothing seems to work, sit on that story for a few weeks or even months while you tackle another story. Don't quit on it, just take a break from it. By the time you return to it, your mind will be fresh and you will be able to carry on. Read that last sentence and keep going without second thought about it. Once you're past that spot keep going and don't panic, ever.

When you feel the burn, joining excercising programs can also help. Writing is more than a mental prosession. Keeping your body healthy is very important. If you can't afford to go to a gym, create your own. Run, jog, or walk a mile or a length you feel comfortable at. Do some excercises at home while watching your favorite show. Eat right too! Good luck and I hope those writers blocks don't happen very often. If they do, stay calm and keep writing! You'll get past it one way or another!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another Day On The Job

I have recieved my edits back from my editor and have been going over them. There's so much there but I would rather see the mistakes and fix them now rather than letting any one of my readers to see them. It's all a part of writing a book. It just doesn't get seen by all those non-writers out there. I just happen to know a few who have found it very interesting and are now thinking of giving it a try, writing a book I mean. All I can say is good luck and I mean that in a good way! I encourage anyone who wants to give it a try. If you're serious, you will do more than try; you will keep going until you have achieved what you set out to do and kept going!

For those who haven't read my blogs before, I do tend to talk about writing a lot. For this, I do apologize. I just love it! In fact, I stayed up all night just to get a big chunk of my work done. That is something I do ever so often. I wanted to get some extra editing done, you know see if I missed something that could be improved. Before editing was a time when I just added more sentences and now I can do so much more! There's the combining of two sentences that work together better than working alone. There's replacing over-worked words with others that mean the same thing. I'm still learning that one lol. Of course, I still need coaching because some of those things need to be shown to me before I see it myself. I can see some but I still consider myself new at this. I never went to school for writing with the exception of a couple classes in high school and they don't teach you editing which is something you really need if you want to become a writer.

Ok, now I bet you're asking about these pictures, right? Well, there isn't any snow on the ground in my area so I thought I would add a little memory from this winter so far. For those who have summer, I only have one thing to say..... You're so lucky!

Now back to writing lol. You don't need talent to become a writer anymore, you never really did in the first place. Look at how many celebrities who are getting published. I know all actors can't write but they have been doing it and their books are selling. Why? Because they have something to say and people who will listen (or read it lol). Their own names help them sell their word around the globe. It has nothing to do with talent, its hard work and knowing what you are talking about that does it. You have to have something to say. There needs to be a market for it too. How can you obtain this knowledge? By living! You write what you know which means you learn, make errors, learn some more, and then go write lol. I heard that writing is only 10% talent. If you did great in English class then you already have the fundamentals needed to write! If you know how to lie, then you already know a little about fiction. Yes, fiction means lying because fiction is something that isn't true. Non-fiction is also something you can write without knowing how to be a writer. Doctors write books all the time. Of course, some of these books do have something to do with medical stuff but that's what doctors know; they are writing what they know.

If you are a writer, I have a challange for you. Do you have a story in your heart that is tearing at you to tell someone? Do you have a special ability that hasn't been shared with the world yet? Stop making excuses about why you can't write. No time, have to do so much of the other things in life. A writer makes time. Even if its just 5 minutes, you can set time aside just for writing. You don't know what to write. Look to yourself, there's always ideas and sometimes they are close to home (so to speak lol). You are shy and don't think you can do it. I was shy once. I didn't let it stop me from fighting what I wanted. People say you can't do it. So what, prove to them you can. If I can do that so can you. Its not a job. Tell that to those who have made it a job. Writing isn't just writing books. There's Journalism too. And there are screen writers. You don't have the supplies. It only takes your mind and something to write on with your choice on writing tools like a pen or pencil. And libraries have computers if you don't have one at home. I mean stop the excuses, go to your special place and begin writing! It is the only way to ever get published! Sure you will get turned down by some but others will say, where have you been, your story is perfect! So pick up that pen or pencil or put those fingers to the keyboard and start writing! No more excuses!!

Amber Rigby Grosjean

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to everyone! I do hope your year is starting out very magical! As for me, it has so far in writing. My personal life, well, that's a different story lol. My car broke down as I was traveling, I only had 20 more miles to go and then it stalled. What luck. Now its being fixed lol.
Stolen Identity is almost finished being edited which means there isn't much more to go before people will get to read it. I am just so excited about that! Mother of the Dragons is almost finished being written which means publishers will get to see it very soon! Again, excitement overcomes me! Cursed Blood is still available and I am in the midst of talking to book stores for signings so please be patient with me as I work on that.
The first newsletter of the year has been sent out. If you would still like to have one, sign up, and the Feb. issue will be sent to your email! It is being put together now and will be worked on all the way up to the last day of the month to make sure everything is accurate for you! My readers are very important to me! Thank you!
This week, my blog is short because there is so much to do bringing in the new year! Get those resolutions planned and start making them come true! Stick to them! Writers, write your first first books. Until next week, have a great time!
Thank you!
Amber Rigby Grosjean