Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Wow, time is really flying by! Christmas is only a week away! Actually, it is only 5 days away! As we hurry to the stores for last minute shopping, we double-check our lists to make sure we haven't forgotten anyone. And then slap our heads when we realize we did and run back to the store to see if we can find something. Doesn't that sound familiar? This is the most hectic time of year for everyone including those stores. Things run out all the time because hot items sell so quickly. And then when we have those items on our lists, we have to settle for the next thing and hope those stores have 'em. Transformers are a big hit this year. Pirates are too from the movie Pirates of the Carribean. I haven't seen the latest yet but I plan on it sense I enjoyed the first one, yeah I know there are 2 new ones--got to see them both lol.

While you are out there shopping, please remember to drive carefully and take your time. In some areas, the roads are slick and dangerous. I wouldn't want to see anyone getting hurt this time of year. It just wouldn't be right. This is a time for happiness, sharing, being with people you love, memories worth charishing, singing, wishing people good tidings, and so much more! With that in mind, I would like to wish everyone a happy Merry Christmas!
Now for the new year! Have you made your new year resolutions? I have! I think I have said it before but I can't remember lol. My memory flies away from me a lot lol. Anyway, I plan on writing another 2 books in the year 2008 and hopefully get them published! I plan on marketing all my books even harder than before, getting in more book signings. I plan on bringing a great newsletter to my readers. I plan on having great topics to share on here in my blog. I would love to make a lot of new friends. You can never have too many of those! I plan on getting interviews in more public places than the internet (got to have those). I don't even know what else I can add here.
What about all of you? What are your goals for the year 2008? Reply back and let others know. Come on, don't be shy. Have fun with it! See you next week!

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