Thursday, December 6, 2007

Another Week Closer to X-Mas!

Well, we are another week closer to the big day. Are you decorating your homes yet? I began shortly after Halloween lol. Yea, that was early but we were in the mood for it so we began early. We have our tree up which you got to see in my last posting. Haven't started baking yet. I figured we would do that next week or so to make the cookies last till Christmas. I love baking cookies, esp. this time of year lol.

Mother of the Dragons is still being worked on. These things do take time but I enjoy visiting others worlds. In the first newsletter of the year, I will discuss this new book. Hopefully by then I will be finished working on it and going to the next book, Till Death do us Part, which was the same book I started writing before Mother of the Dragons. I wasn't happy with the way it was going so I took a break on it to work on this book. Writers do that from time to time. Some writers work on many books like I used to all at the same time. Other writers only write one book at a time from beginning to end. That's including editing them as well.
Tonight, my husband and I moved my office back into the spare bedroom. It turned out we wouldn't need that room after all. He and I both agreed that I needed my extra space for all my writing supplies. I tend to have things gathered up in areas that appeared to be a clutter lol. It's not messy but it was all crammed together so it looked like it was. Now I can reorganize my space and keep it looking nice. But when it does get to the point where my creativity does appear messy, we can just close the door and forget about it! I have always liked that anyway. If you can create a space that is seperate from your everyday living all the better for you. Granted, you're a writer 24-7 but having a room that can be used just for writing will get people in your family used to your writing habits and know when a good time to bug you is. This will "teach" them your schedule. When you are in your special space, they know to leave to alone so you can write! Don't rent a space outside the home because you would use up that extra time driving instead of writing and you need all the time you can muster up. I went into more on this topic on my writing site at so if you are a writer, check that out. More information will be added as time passes so be sure to keep returning! While you're there, check out my official site too. Its under the button called Amber Rigby Grosjean.
Well that is enough for now. I will see you next week when I discuss more things for your pleasing eyes! Have a great weekend!
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